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I was honestly unable to resist and help myself by commissioning -the ever darling and awesome- @soddingcloudgazer for another piece, this time of my Jharna Ryder with Suvi ;^;!!! Thank you IMMENSELY for this beautiful piece 💙!!!!


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I’ve been wanting to make this brief introduction to lychnomancy ever since I made my first post about the different forms of Pyromancy and after reaching the 400 follower milestone, I figured it was about time!

Now, admittedly, lychnomancy is not a very complex practice. It is a very basic form of divination involving three identical candles arranged in a triangle; you ask a question, light the candles, then focus on your query as you or someone else interprets the candle’s flames. 

If one flame burns brighter than the others, the answer is a positive one. Wavering or flickering flames indicated a journey, or that you may encounter obstacles. If your flame spirals upward, enemies are plotting against you. An uneven flame indicates danger. If sparks occur, caution is advised. It is considered very bad luck if all flames are extinguished at once, but I have never personally seen this occur and consider it rare!

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Despite being rather simplistic, I really do love this form of divination. It speaks to me on a level that I cannot describe and every time I read the flames to answer my own questions, it feels deeply personal. 

I’ve taken creative liberty with this practice to spice things up every once in a while. Sometimes I will take a crystal that represents my emotions, charge it with my thoughts and feelings, and place it in the center of the three candles just before lighting them, as a way of focusing. This way the fire is able to draw on the power of raw emotion. Other times I will include tarot, using a combination of a single card and the three flames to find the answer to my question. It feels more detailed and dynamic this way.

I love what fire represents. It is the energy of life. It is passionate, raw and untamed. Dangerous, necessary, creative, and destructive. It is the most lively of the elements, and it can do so much. It is no different in lychnomancy. When practicing, keep that in mind. A simple candle flame can be so many different things, and it’s important to be in touch with your emotions when you practice any sort of pyromancy. However, be sure to balance yourself out afterward. If you do get this involved with your divination you’ll start to feel burnt out, like a candle at the end of its wick. Take a moment, drink some water - to put out the flames inside, of course - and breathe. Use the other elements to ground yourself. Sit on the floor, breathe deeply, and have some water nearby.

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 As a special gift to all of my followers, I will be keeping my divination requests open throughout the month of May starting today, April 30th! I will be answering questions using the very basic form of lychnomancy as not to exert myself with constant, draining sessions. Feel free to send me an ask at any time ( anon or not! ) with any questions you may have, and I will answer it as soon as I am able!

Practice safely, my witchy friends~


One of the few people Poirot would trust his meticulously clean and tidy apartment with

Chapter 98 Thoughts

You would think the ending line for last chapter, “the curtain rises,” would imply that action happens at some point during the following chapter, but the literal curtain still has yet to rise. By the very end of this chapter, it continues to be teased for next time. Zeke even alludes to the exact same phrasing.

So supposedly the curtain won’t rise until next chapter. That didn’t make this chapter any less entertaining for me, though.

Plot points are being set into motion, some deathflags are raised (as usual), and I can’t properly begin to predict what next chapter will entail. 

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Alpha (Delta Sequel) Intro

Alpha: After the events of Delta, Reader and Bucky’s comfortable life is put to an halt when an unknown threat comes to New York. (If you haven’t read Delta, please read that here first.) 

A/N: Sorry this took so long, y’all! I had so many technical difficulties *screeching* 

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics. Swearing. Graphic details of sex. Alpha Bucky doing alpha stuff. Choking, Biting kinks. Marking kink. Sub!Reader. Mentions of past pregnancies. Mention of past abuse. (If you’re uncomfortable with any of these things, keep scrolling.) 

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Gekijo-ban Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale)       2016

Tomohiko Ito

Animation / Action / Adventure


Stars : 5/5

Huge fan of this saga and the movie was no disappointment. You do need to watch the anime to understand this and enjoy this to the fullest though. This time, our main characters are faced with a new threat, augmented reality. We get to see old and loved characters, but new villains and new friends. The animations is excellent, even better than the anime, full of detail, color, dynamic fights, interesting boss fights, etc. Exciting through and through with an epic battle and sweet ending. 

poorlionnotking  asked:

Thanks for all great the feedback! Speaking generally, what is the strengths/weakness of each type in relation to writing fiction? Personally, I struggle to see my strengths. I do struggle with chronic dissatisfaction. I'm trying to translate a dream/grab a cloud and make it solid. Usually I feel like I get it wrong. At times, I struggle to write cause I know I can't create the perfect the story in my head. It's better to keep it perfect, but that doesn't make me happy. Thanks again.

First, you need to remember this:

Perfect does not exist.

Perfect is an abstract concept.

Define “perfect.” If you do, it equates perfection TO YOU, but not to the rest of the world. Your idea of perfect differs from my idea of perfect. Perfect is an imaginary thing that is never quite you, that is just out of your reach, a goal so intangible that you can never succeed, an ideal which you cannot define – it’s just… perfect

Think about it. Can you write the perfect novel? What IS the perfect novel? A novel with no mistakes in it? Well, would that REALLY be perfect? What makes something perfect? Can you ever achieve it? Has anyone ever achieved it? In my opinion, no. You may think your favorite novel is perfect. It isn’t. There’s always some way for anything to be improved.

What happens is, in your striving for perfection, you spend about a thousand more hours making something 1%, 2%, 3% better… when the world, and everyone except the irrational little perfection demon on your shoulder would have been happy with 95% perfect. You can drive yourself insane, trying to live up to a standard that does not even exist.

I know this. I have done it. I have written, and written, and proof-read, and changed, and streamlined, and risked ruining something, because I was always trying harder for perfection, creating problems in my head where there were none on the page, being too ruthlessly critical of myself and my product. Other people read it and tell me, “This is good, but I got confused in paragraph six,” meanwhile I’m thinking, “The characters aren’t deep enough!” Or, “I liked this character, but could you weave him into the plot a little more?” whereas I was worried about the sentence structure in that part of the book.

I read a writing book once, from a very well-known / best-selling author who said she let several friends read a novel once and all of them complained about the exact same thing. She had a choice whether to try and fix it (which would mean hours and hours of work, tearing up and reconstructing chapters to fix it)… or to sell the book to a publisher. She sold it. They published it. And when the reviews first came out, she thought, “Oh, they’re all going to harp on that one flaw.”

None of them did. No one noticed it. No one commented. No one thought it was a big deal. That huge glaring “error” her friends noticed went unnoticed by the world – or at least, enough people for it to catch no air time. She could have spent another six to twelve months fixing that flaw… would it have been a better book? Maybe. But it proved to her that: the world is hard to please, the world really doesn’t care if you spend a thousand hours or twelve thousand hours on a book, and everyone is going to harp on something different, so … a book in your hand is better than a perfect, imaginary book in your head.

Are you an NF type by any chance? They struggle the hardest with wanting to live up to some perfect ‘ideal’ / imaginary potential which is not always grounded in reality. Their intuition feeds them all kinds of paranoid thoughts about their writing ability / plot construction / detail-focus / etc, that trust me, very few other people notice or care about. And the more research you do, the more you can feed those problems.

Here’s a few solutions:

Recognize perfect does not exist. This is a made-up thing by evil goblins to keep you from feeling good about what you write. Screw ‘em.

Do your best. Is it not good enough? Tough. If you did your best, no one can ask anything more of you – including yourself. Writing is a skill enhanced with time and practice. You will be a better writer in ten years than you are right now – but to BECOME that better writer, you have to write right now.

Consciously Improve. I read an excellent article once about how it takes a thousand hours of practice to become an expert at something – but a thousand hours does not mean practicing in general, it means practicing with intent. Let me give you an example: you notice as a writer that you tend to use a lot of adverbs instead of strong verbs. Practicing in general would be continuing to write, but using 10,000 adverbs – as usual. You are teaching yourself nothing, just repeating your old mistakes – and not becoming a better writer. Practicing with intent is continuing to write and training your brain to seek our and supply and use strong verbs instead of adverbs.

Do not seek advice from other perfectionists. Two unreasonable idealists do not make one realist. And do not put ideas into your proof / beta reader’s mind; they will go in looking for that flaw and reaffirm your concerns. Trust me, a fresh pair of eyes will find things wrong you did not think of, and may not consider what you’re worried about as a problem. If you have five beta readers, and they all say something different, you cannot make anything perfect by listening to all of them (unless they all have a point); but if five of them say the exact same thing (”Joe is a poorly developed character…”)… LISTEN.

Set reasonable standards for yourself that conform to good writing (such as: I will proof read it to catch any mistakes, I will not over-use adverbs, I will run it through a grammar checker to see if my sentence structure is good) … and then stick to them. Force yourself to stick to them.

Do not borrow trouble. Do not compare yourself to other writers. Do not envy other writers. Do not read other writers, while working on a project, if you have learned in the past that this triggers your fear / perfectionism and makes you overly hard on yourself. (This is why I read no fiction while writing novels; my Ne likes to play the comparison game and I always come up short.)

Okay, the strengths and weaknesses: (these are SUBJECTIVE… and remember, readers of your own type won’t consider them flaws)

NFs: [weaknesses] too much desire to be perfect / too unrealistic / high of standards which stalls the writing process, a lot of trouble adding in the right amount of description. [strengths] Intuitive understanding of emotional dynamics, able to write compelling characters with complex psychological motives.

NTs: [weaknesses] may have unrealistic / perfectionist tendencies / too high of self-standards, a lot of trouble adding in the right amount of description, and sometimes, flat or emotionless characters. [strengths] Often excellent satirists or comedic writers with zany world approaches and good at jarring the reader from their comfort zone.

SFs: [weaknesses] may use too much detail / descriptions / focus on things that do not drive the plot forward, be fussy about making their story ‘realistic’ and worry their ideas aren’t original enough. [strengths] Terrific at creating realistic, emotionally dynamic characters and world building in ways that make the world seem real (focus on describing actions / events, and noticing everyday things that intuitive writers tend to forget about).

STjs: [weaknesses] may become absorbed in making their stories logical / realistic and focus more on that than emotional connections or growth between characters; may forget to explain motives or clumsily handle emotions or fall into using too much description which slows the plot. [strengths] Excellent at creating realistic, complex, dynamic worlds full of details, often packed with action.

- ENFP Mod

First things first- I’m not a native English speaker, I suck hard at grammar and some additional things and -you know.. I’m a bit shaky articulating myself - read with this warning in mind and have fun!

Some time ago I happened to catch an episode of Flapjack on TV. Each time I see it I get more impressed by this show– each time it seems wilder and more vibrant than the last time – just the finest breed of unpredictable. And maaaan I love the location of this show. This filthy, moldy, contagious harbor, isolated in the eye of the dead sea but containing so much bursting life in its small belly. God I love the possibilities of this place – its so fun how it expands and shrinks according to the story, almost as if its it own independent character, it’s silent but it moves and talks and reacts and breathes. This makes it feel so much bigger and exiting – I could gawk  at this gorgeous art design forever, and I probably will, but I got caught of guard and distracted by the the end credits for a moment-

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from “Titantic”

Taurus Rising

Rose is often steady and calm in her interactions. There is a quiet nature to Rose, with not a trace of the emotional turmoil inside of her. Physically, Rose is appealingly curvy with plump lips. While Rose doesn’t like the upper class life she lives in, she does enjoy the perks. There’s often a need to establish comfort and beauty wherever she goes, for she often brings her paintings around with her.

Pisces Sun

Rose is a dreamer by heart. With her Pisces Sun, Rose actively seeks the grandness of the world because she feels like she can somewhat escape from her trapped life and identify herself. There is also an innocence to Rose, for she doesn’t usually think the worst of people. Rose is compassionate and considerate of others.

Sagittarius Moon

Rose feels emotionally nurtured when she is granted freedom. There is an active, emotional need for Rose to explore and discover. Throughout her conversations with Jack, what fascinates Rose is the interesting, novel things Jack has seen and done. Rose is also her happiest when she is exploring the ship with Jack and often tries to escape from those who don’t understand her emotionally.

Aries Mercury

Despite her calm demeanor, Rose has a sharp tongue. Her words are not always pleasant and are quite provocative to those who don’t expect it. Rose is also quick-minded and is a fast learner, for throughout the movie, she is forced to quickly adapt in the movie to survive. There is also a need to rebelliously study, for she dares to read and learn information that isn’t societally required for women due to societal standards.

Aquarius Venus

It is hard to keep Rose in a relationship, and it’s because Rose wants the best, and only the best in love. This is seen with her being detached with Calvert throughout the movie and being initially resistant to Jack as their romance blossomed. Rose requires frequent mental stimulation in her relationships, for she gets easily bored with the shallow details. The dynamics of her relationships are also erratic, but always exciting.

Virgo Mars

Rose can often be undermining when she is angry or frustrated, her words not only sharp, but also sharp in the right places. There is also an anxious energy to Rose, for it is often hard for her to loosen up and to relax. This is shown in the scene where she dances with Jack. Rose usually always goes for the realistic choice in problem solving, but is quick to adapt when she is forced to.

Tyler Joseph Imagine- Part 2

*present time*

Later that night, Tyler was tidying up the apartment while a balsam scented candle burned, when a knock sounded on his door. He took a deep breath to prepare for whatever nonsense was about to go down, and reminded himself that he needed to play nice, before opening the door.

Y/N greeted him with a smile and a box that looked like takeout in her hand.

“I brought dinner,” she declares, holding the bag up in the air.

Tyler rolls his eyes, “It’s like nine thirty, did you think I hadn’t already eaten?”

She lets her arm fall to her side and glares at him, “The polite response would have been ‘thank you’, but no, it’s fine, really, your manners are wonderful.”

She pushes herself inside then, not bothering to wait for an invitation.

“Speaking of manners,” Tyler scoffs.

She completely ignores him, “Well?” she says, turning to face Tyler with her hand on her hip.

“Well what?”

“Are you going to teach me how to be your girlfriend or what?”

“I shouldn’t have to teach you how to be a girlfriend—“  Tyler rolls his eyes heavily, all while following her into the living room.

“Not just a girlfriend, idiot.  You’re girlfriend.  I need the details.  God, have you even thought about this at all?  Oh, and where’s your phone?”

“Uh,” Tyler patted at his pockets before pulling his phone out.  

He handed it over to her without really thinking.

“Right,” she says, “Come on then, smile big.”

She opens her arm for Tyler to stand close, before slinging it around him and counting to three. Tyler smiled, and at the last second, Y/N turns her head and kissed him on the cheek. Tyler’s skin felt the remnants of her lips, the shock shooting through his whole body. What the fuck?

“There,” she turned the phone so Tyler could look at the screen. “That’s your new lock screen.  Put my number in, too. Use some emojis or whatever.”

“Do you do this a lot?” Tyler asks.

“Hmm?” she hums, not paying much attention as she grabs a seat and starts opening the box of takeout on Tyler’s table.

“The fake-dating thing, you’re suspiciously good at it.”

She laughs, “No, but my mind wanders a lot when at work.  I thought it’d be a good idea.”

She cracks open the styrofoam lid of the box and the smell of Chinese food fills the apartment.  “So, is there anything I should know about your family before I meet them?” She asks, leaning back against the kitchen chair.

“Like what?” Tyler asks.  He joins her at the table by scooting out his own chair.

She rolls her eyes, “Like, maybe their names, for a start.  Are your siblings older or younger than you?  What’s the family dynamic? Just details that a boyfriend would tell his girlfriend.”

Tyler bit his tongue at her sassy tone and hated the idea of her intrusive questioning. But he had to give it to her, those were all things that she would know if she really was Tyler’s girlfriend though, so he sighed and answered.

“Madison, Zack and Jay,” he told him. “Those are my siblings’ names.  Mad’s twenty-two, Zack’s twenty-six, and Jay’s eighteen. Madison and Zack are both married.  Madison’s husband’s name is Will, and Zack’s wife’s name is Tatum.”

“Big family,” she remarks in between bites.

Tyler nods.

“So you’re the oldest,” she states.  “What about your parents?”

“What about them?”

“Are they together?”

Tyler nods.

“Any nieces or nephews?”

Tyler shakes his head.

“Any grandparents?”

Tyler nods.

“Any pets?”

Tyler shakes his head.

It continues like this all night.  Interrogation questions.  Tyler’s exhausted when he finally lays his head on his pillow that night, but it doesn’t stop him from staying awake and pondering the plan over in his head for hours after.

Tyler had told his family the vague truth about how he and Y/N met— that she stole his parking space on the first day he moved in and that she lived next door. The truth ended there.

Y/N insisted that they have a story for how they got together, in case anyone asked, so the official lie was that Tyler asked Y/N out after the party at her apartment.

They also discussed the more intimate details of their supposed love life.  

“Have we told each other ‘I love you’ yet?” she asked, after Tyler told her enough information about his family and life back in Columbus to make their relationship credible.

Tyler sputtered.  “What?”

“We’re supposed to have been dating for about five months, right?” she asks, “that seems reasonable.”

“I guess…” Tyler admits.  He was beginning to think that Y/N was a secret undercover agent of some sort.

“Okay, so we’re on the ‘I love you’ basis,” she says, almost to herself.  

“How affectionate are you around your family?”

“Excuse me?”

“Keep up, Joseph!” she says, clearly frustrated that she has to keep explaining herself.  “Do we hug, do we kiss, do we hold hands?”

“I— I don’t know,” Tyler says honestly.

“Well what have you done in the past when you’ve brought a girl home?”

Tyler bites his lip but stays silent.  He grits his teeth but feels his cheeks growing hot with embarrassment.

She raises her eyebrows at his silence, but surprisingly doesn’t push.

“We’ll just try to be natural about it, okay?” she suggests.

That night, Tyler couldn’t sleep. Y/N had gone home a few hours ago, but Tyler’s head was still spinning with all the planning she’d put into this whole ordeal.  They’d be leaving for Columbus the next afternoon, and in some ways, Tyler couldn’t imagine pulling this off.  He’d spent a good portion of time wondering if Y/N was toying with him.  What if this whole thing was a way to prank Tyler and the second he brought her home she’d tell his family the truth?  

Tyler pushed that thought out of his mind, because in all honesty, he had no choice but to trust her at this point.

She showed up the next day with nothing but a duffel bag at her side.

“That’s all your bringing?” Tyler asks, shocked at how light it felt.

“Yeah, we’re gone for what? Four days?”

“I think I even packed more than you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she scoffs.

“Nothing, I just thought that girls always packed their entire wardrobe whenever they went anywhere.”

“That’s exaggeration and a stereotype,” she says, “want to throw a hyperbole in there, too?”

Tyler rolls his eyes before grabbing his own duffel bag.  He swings it over his shoulder before double checking the lock and shutting the door.  

“So how long’s the drive?” she asks on the way down to the car.  

“About five hours.”

She groans, and all Tyler can think is how much he agrees.  It’s bad enough being cooped up in a car for that long alone.  He can only imagine how much worse it will be with someone you’re not particularly fond of.  

“Do you get car sick?” Tyler asks.

“No, why?”

He shrugs nonchalantly, “I just don’t think I could stand getting puked on by you again.”

He tries not to notice the shade of red instantly casting over her face, he tries even harder not to notice how adorable it is.  

“I’m glad you’re not a Christmas-music-type-of-person,” she says about half an hour into the drive.  

Tyler had said little to nothing so far, but he finds himself laughing at her comment.

“I love Christmas music,” he counters.  That was an exaggeration.  Tyler kind of didn’t mind Christmas music.  He just really felt the need to disagree with everything she said.

“Well then I’m glad you’re not forcing me to listen to it,” she alters.  Tyler glances over to see her staring out the window.  She was fiddling with the ring on her finger as she gazed at the highway passing by.

“Why do you hate Christmas music so much?”

She just shrugs.

“You can’t be a Grinch around my family, okay?  They love the holidays and you can’t bring those negative, Scrooge vibes to Columbus.”

“Don’t worry, I brought my reindeer sweater,” she says, offering Tyler the slightest smile.

Tyler knew there was something up.  He could sense it by the sad tone to her voice.  He was used to snarky comebacks and constant defenses.  But instead, she sounded defeated.  Tyler knew there was a story behind her hatred, but he didn’t push.  

“Josh will probably stop by,” he says.  The silence was making him uncomfortable all of a sudden.

“Pink haired guy,” she says, still staring out the window.

“Yeah, he’s been my best friend for years now.  He knows about all of this, says he’ll play along.”

“Oh yeah?  And what’s he think of it?”

“Thinks it’s mental.  Thinks I should just tell my family the truth.”

“And why don’t you?” she asks, finally tearing her eyes away from the outdoor scenery to look at Tyler.  

Tyler reciprocates Y/N’s earlier shrug.  “If you knew them, you’d understand.”

She nods thoughtfully before leaving it alone.  Tyler was grateful.  

“Hey, can I ask you something?” Tyler asks after a few minutes of utter silence.

Y/N looks up at Tyler again and nods ever so lightly.  He wouldn’t have even seen it if he hadn’t been staring right at her.  Tyler tightens his grip on the steering wheel, his knuckles turning a soft shade of white.  He wonders if he’s prying too much, but he really was curious.

He goes for it, “How come you were so willing to come spend the holidays with me?  I mean it’s Christmas, didn’t you have anything better to do?” He adds a little laughter on at the end to ease the tension in the car.  

When she doesn’t answer at first, Tyler wonders if he’s upset her.  He looks over anxiously to the passengers side and see’s her fiddling with her fingers again, staring down at her lap.  She opens her mouth to speak, before closing her eyes and replacing it with a grin.  

“I just thought I’d fit in one more good deed before the New Year,” she answers as she folds her hands in her lap.

A deluded answer.  How shocking.  

Tyler thought about all the things he told her to prepare for this entire scheme.  He told her past stories and family traditions.  Things so near and dear to his heart, and it was only now that he realized that he knew absolutely nothing about her.  

“It’s not fair, you know?”


“That you know so much about me, and I know nothing about you.”

She rolls her eyes, “Let’s not forget who’s doing who the favor here, alright?”

Tyler scoffs, “That may be so, but how stupid am I going to look if my mom starts asking me questions about you when you’re not around, and I can’t answer them?”

Y/N scrunches her nose, and Tyler realizes that she hadn’t thought that far ahead yet.  He feels relieved knowing that she’s not quite the expert he originally thought.  Maybe she was human after all…

She pulls her legs up on the front seat and wraps her arms around her legs, pulling them tightly to her chest.  “Fine,” she remarks.  “My dad’s a pharmacist and my mom’s a teacher.  They live in Kalamazoo with my younger twin sisters, Isabel and Cassie.  We have a golden retriever named Gravy and the reason that we’re going to your family’s instead of mine’s is because we were at my family’s for Thanksgiving.”

Tyler narrows his eyes, “You have a dog named Gravy?” he asks in disbelief.

She rolls her eyes, “His fur color resembles gravy,” she says as if it’s a fact he should have known.

“Okay, okay,” Tyler lets out a sigh, “Was any of that true?”

“Of course it’s true,” she snaps, “Why would I lie?”

Tyler puts his hands up in defeat and shrugs, “Okay, okay… just checking.”

The ride drags on torturously slow, especially after Y/N falls asleep in the passengers seat with her face pressed against the window.   He can’t help but cast occasional glances her way.  He watched as a strand of her hair slowly slides in the her face.  It rises and falls with each breath she takes.  Tyler’s not sure why, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how peaceful and pretty she looked while sleeping.  He tried pushing the thought out of his head, she was rude and loud and puked on his shoes for Christ’s sake.  He shook his head and started drumming his fingers anxiously on the steering wheel, trying to push through the last hour of driving without crashing the car from staring at his passenger.  

He finally stops for gas about forty five minutes outside of Columbus.  He wanted to push through, but his poor car just wouldn’t allow it.  

He’d never admit it, but he slams his door extra loud in an innocent attempt to wake her up.  He’d spent the last hour and a half sitting in absolute silence and he actually craved her company.  He smiles, pleased with himself, when she stirs awake.   He pretends not to watch through the window as he pumps fuel and purposely turns his head away once he notices her looking around, dazed.  

She’s in the midst of a grandeur yawn when Tyler climbs back in the driver’s seat.

“Nice little nap?”

“Shut up,” she snarls.

How pleasant, Tyler thinks as he continues his route back home.  Maybe she could fall back asleep again for all he cares.  

They arrived in the early evening. Tyler had Y/N announce their presence by having her text Zack when they were pulling into the driveway.  

Y/N surveyed the house as she unwrapped the scarf from around her neck. Tyler looked at her wide-eyed gaze, wondering what she was thinking about.

He didn’t have to wonder for long though… “Your house is fucking huge—“ she sputters, turning to look at Tyler from across the car.

He shrugs, “It’s just home.”

“Just home?” she gasps, “What are you, a fucking princess or something?”

“Shut it—“ Tyler snarls as he hears the front door bustle open.

“Tyler!” an array of voices shriek.  

He plasters the fake smile on his face and rushes around the car to greet his family.

His mother, of course, is the first one out.  She’s wearing an apron around her waist and has a spoon with cookie batter on it in her hand.  She wraps him up in a giant hug and plants a kiss on his cheek.  He smiles at her.

“Hi mom.”

The rest of the family piled out and Tyler next noticed Jay beaming and turning to Madison with a smirk. “You owe me twenty bucks.”

Madison gave him the stink eye in return. “Shit.”

“Why do you owe him twenty bucks?” Tyler wondered.

Jay smirks devilishly before casting a glance at Y/N, still lingering by the car.  “She didn’t think Y/N was real,” he informed him, “But I had faith in you, Ty guy.”

“You bet on me?” Tyler asked incredulously.

“Yeah,” Jay and Madison said in unison, like it was completely normal to bet on your brother’s relationship status. This kind of behavior was why he needed a fake girlfriend in the first place.

“Unbelievable,” he mutters, shaking his head.  

“Exactly,” Madison says, then turned back to Jay. “That was really immature of us. Which is why I’m going to hold off on that twenty bucks.”

“You’re such a shit—“

“Stop!” Tyler’s mom says, “Enough, all of you!”  She then turned to Y/N, who was hastily holding her duffel bag and looked overwhelmed already.  

Tyler squeezed his eyes shut, this was such a bad idea.

“Jay, help her with her bag,” Tyler’s mom ordered.  Jay obliged, skipping over and taking it from her hands.  

“Thanks,” she says sweetly.

“I’m Jay,” he introduces, holding out his hand.  

She shakes it kindly and returns his smile, “I’ve heard so much about you.”  

Tyler was impressed by how confident she suddenly seemed.

“Wish we could say the same about you,” Zack suddenly appears.  He introduces himself and shakes her hand, Tyler wanted to strangle him. If Y/N actually was his girlfriend, that statement would be extremely hurtful. He had no class. “But Tyler’s always really evasive when you get brought up.”

But she laughs it off easily.  Tyler was starting to become grateful for the easy confidence he usually found annoying. “That’s probably payback for that time I stole his parking space.”

After introductions were over, Tyler and Y/N made their way up to Tyler’s room to ‘get settled in’, as his mom called it.  She opened the door and let out a hasty sigh upon noticing the double bed in the center of the room.

“Oh goodie,” she said sarcastically.

Tyler honestly hadn’t thought about that—  

Y/N sat on the bed whilst pulling on her hooded sweatshirt, “So how thick are we laying this on?” she asks.  

Tyler raises his eyebrows in contemplation, “Pretty thick I’d say, if they were betting on me…”  

She chuckles, “Yeah, what the hell was that all about?”

Tyler shakes his head, “Oh, just you wait…”

“You have a beautiful home,” she says to Tyler’s mom as they join her in the kitchen.  “We brought over some leftover cookies,” Y/N announces sweetly, moving around Tyler in the kitchen with the container he didn’t even notice she brought.  He gets goosebumps as she ever-so-gently brushes her hand over his hip convincingly.  “Tyler and I baked them this week, but I see you guys have started baking without us,” she motions towards the spoon in Tyler’s mom’s hand.  

She poked her lower lip out into a pout that Tyler wanted to wipe off her face. He couldn’t decide if it was annoying or adorable, and that worried him.

“Oh my goodness!” his mom gasps, holding out her hands to take the container, “We just baked these from a package, I’m sure whatever you brought is much better!”  

She opens the lid and observes the cookies, “You convinced Tyler to bake?” she asks surprised.

“It was like pulling teeth, but the rules were that if he licked the spoon, he had to help,”  she slides into his side and wraps her arm around his waist lovingly.  Tyler instinctively coils his arm around her and waits for a reaction.

Everyone laughs at her remark.  As Y/N smiles up innocently at Tyler, he grows suspicious that they might just end up liking her more than him by the end of this.    

Later that night, everyone had congregated to the living room.  Tyler noticed Y/N lingering around the Christmas tree.  She seemed in awe and he was about to go join her, but Madison beat him to it.

“Hey,” she says smiling, “Sorry about the whole, not-thinking-you-were-real-thing…” she says, blushing slightly.

Y/N smiles, “Hey, for twenty bucks, I would’ve done the same.”

They both rejoin Tyler and the rest of the family by the couches where Tyler’s dad is using the remote to flip on the DVD player.  

“Y/N, I don’t know if Tyler told you, but it’s tradition for us to watch A Muppet’s Christmas Carol, every year,” Tyler’s dad says from the recliner.  “Have you seen it?”

Maybe he’s imagining things, but Tyler swears he feels Y/N stiffen beside him.

“Yeah, I love that movie,” she says.  Her voice is thick, but only Tyler seems to notice.  

It’s a tight squeeze this year.  Tyler’s parents claim the recliners in the room, while Zack and Tatum occupy the love-seat.  Jay plops in the bean bag chair normally located in his bedroom, and Madison and Will snuggle closely on the couch.  Tyler plants himself on the couch beside his sister before making enough room for Y/N.  He hadn’t thought about it before Y/N mentioned cuddling, but this would be where they really had to sell their relationship. They needed to look comfortable in each other’s space–it would definitely raise suspicion if they didn’t.

Y/N squeezes beside him, giving him a look of intention before burrowing into his side.  She nods ever so into his side, as if to ask, “is this okay?”  Tyler responds by wrapping an arm around her frame, trying to pay no mind to the fluttering in his stomach.  

Y/N shifted slightly as the opening credits played, and Tyler became all too aware of their proximity.  She was warm next to him, her head so close to Tylers’ that he briefly stopped breathing in an effort to stop fluttering her hair.  Her breath on the other hand, was slow and rhythmic, and Tyler could imagine being lulled to sleep wrapped up like this.

Fuck, they hadn’t even been sitting together ten minutes and Tyler was already completely losing his mind.  Tyler tried to focus on the movie to take his mind off of her, and he succeeded for a little while until she grabbed his loose hand in hers and started stroking his skin ever so lightly, and every nerve in his body was on alert again.  She seemed to notice his discomfort and immediately let go, in what Tyler was sure was an attempt to be respectful or whatever.  But Tyler frowned at that response and gathered her hand in his again.  He smiled when she gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Tyler couldn’t focus on the movie anymore, and instead found himself wondering how natural and right this felt.  It was nice for once to not be subjected to a bean bag chair, alone on Christmas.  And with her, it felt even better.  

He was in trouble.

As the movie went on, Tyler felt like Y/N was uncomfortable.  He scooted his body up in order to get a good look at her face, and when wet eyes and pierced lips were what he saw, he immediately knew something was up.  But she stared straight ahead at the screen through the movie.  

Finally, Tyler thought of a cop-out.

“I don’t know about you babe, but I am beat from that drive…”

She looks up at him, confused.

“Oh, I can only imagine how exhausted you must be,” Tyler’s mom gushes, “Why don’t you head to bed?”

Tyler let’s out a yawn, “You know what, I think I will.  You coming?” he asks her.

She nods softly before standing up from the couch, even taking his hand in the process.

“Thank you again for inviting me, I’m so happy to be here,” she says sweetly.

She’s answered by an abundance of “goodnights” and “sleep well’s” before they’re off to the bedroom for the night.

Tyler hears her tiptoeing back from the bathroom, all changed into some shorts and a pajama shirt once they’re upstairs.  

“Thanks for uh- rescuing me on that one,” she says, not quite meeting Tyler’s eye.

“Yeah sure, Muppets make me emotional too,” he jokes.

She nods and smiles softly, dumping her dirty clothes into her duffel.  “That movie just reminds me of someone.”

“Is it yourself? Because you kind of resemble a Scrooge.”

She laughs and playfully pushes his shoulder.  “I am not a Scrooge,” she argues.

“I know, I know- I’m only kidding.”

Tyler grabs an extra blanket from the closet and plops a pillow down on the floor.  He notices Y/N biting her lip anxiously from the bed, like she’s thinking really hard.

“You know-“ she starts, “They could pop their head in, in the morning, or something.  If they see you sleeping on the floor, our cover’s gonna be blown. Why don’t you just sleep up here?  We might as well go all in, right?”

Tyler squints his eyes at her, sure he’s hearing things incorrectly.

“Are you sure?  You don’t have to, we can think of a lie if anyone sees…”

She shakes her head, “No, I’m sure— come on up.”  She scoots herself over so that there’s room for Tyler in the bed.  He picks up his pillow and blanket before sliding in beside her.  

Both of them lay awkwardly on their backs.

“Are you comfy?” he asks.

She nods beside him, “I’m good.”

Tyler snaps off the bedside lamp, illuminating the hundreds of star stickers that Tyler had plastered over his ceiling as a kid.

He hears Y/N gasp beside him, “That’s so cool—“ she says.  

“I stuck those up there when I was five,” Tyler tells her.  “I was always afraid of the dark but didn’t want a nightlight, so my mom came home with a bunch of light-in-the-dark stickers instead.  I loved space, so these made me feel extra safe.”

Tyler inhales as he feels Y/N lean her head on his shoulder softly.  

“I like your family,” she tells him.

“Well that’s good, cause they definitely like you.”

She scoffs as if she doesn’t believe him, “They barely know me…”

“Trust me, my mom’s treating you the same way she treated Tatum the first time Zack brought her home.  And my dad made a comment about how I ‘picked a good one’ while you were with Will and Mad.  They like you.”

She sighs deeply, “Is it weird that I’m really relieved?  Like this is a fake relationship, but I still really want their approval?” she laughs, “How weird is that?”

Tyler frowns at her reminder that this wasn’t real.  He squeezes his eyes shut and firmly pushes the urge to grab her hand again out of his head.  Yeah, he was definitely in trouble.  


Two more Disney Q Poskets have been released since my last review! There we are the three of them (for now) together.

Quality has improved since the disastrous Alice - poor thing, I have yet to cover the stains on her hair, fix the deepest seams of her hair, retouch her shoe/sock and give her hair a layer of shiny varnish. I will never understand why she was given green eyes, though.

Arielle came out of the box looking better, even if she has obvious seams on the side and front of her tail. Also, the plastic of her hair is weird, it looks like… cheap candy-like plastic. Or something like that. I mean, the mould is just incredible, so dynamic and detailed, but the seams, white spots (?!) and materials make it less awesome than it should be. It looks a tiny bit too orange in person as well…

I plan to give her hair a layer of red ‘ink’ (I already have it laying around for a damaged figure) and then maybe a layer of the same shiny varnish as Alice.

I already said in the announcement post that I was worried about Arielle’s neck in the long term, but we have nothing to worry about: her massive mane was given its own stand:

It is difficult to fit right, but it does have a place to fit in, I swear.

Also, I keep repeating myself, but Q Poskets just have no bad angles at all.

I bought Snow White i order to have a full set of characters (assuming we’ll get more, that is) and because she looked kinda cute, but wow, she’s gorgeous!

(the fact that she is the only one so far who won’t need fixing might have had some influence on my opinion)

At first I thought that her head was smaller than the others’, but I guess it’s because of her hairstyle. As you already saw, she fits perfectly in the group. Also, her colours are not cartoonishly bright like the others’ but more subdued and ‘serious’. She looks like an elegant doll, in my opinion.

Alice and Arielle seem to have their eyes focused on something, even as you try to make them look at the camera and they still seem to look at something further behind you. Not so Snow White - she doesn’t have a complete ‘dead stare’, but she does feel spaced out or something. After deep study, i found out that one of her eyes is slightly different from the other (is ‘looking further to her left’), unlike Alice and Arielle’s identical eyes:

But since my last Sailor Moon came with one eye looking up and the other looking down, I won’t complain about Snow’s daydreaming:


Snow is also full of the details I would expect from a Q Posket, from the non-matte, extremely detailed hair:

(I can’t wait for a Leia >w<)

There’s metallic paint on her puffy sleeves (mine has one damaged, but right on the back, so it is not very obvious), and I was so surprised to find out that she has an underskirt and bloomers!:

So my faith on Disney Q Poskets is restored (for now).

@linovariel You’re right, exploring those dynamics in more detail really would be interesting! I keep thinking that generally speaking it probably won’t be too big an issue. Tony is the Stark heir, he isn’t going to let anyone push him around, not even his shadows. So if they go too far, he lets them know very clearly. And the protectiveness works both ways, Tony too is known to go to ridiculous lengths to keep Bucky and Nat safe and happy–which they aren’t always happy with either. So yeah, there would be arguments and sure, all of them would be jealous at some points, but it wouldn’t be a huge issue that constantly tears them apart.

Now Rhodey I could see being the exception of that rule. Because you’re right, Tony takes issue with anyone who dislikes Rhodey. Rhodey would throw Bucky and Natasha off, because they aren’t used to Tony hanging out with anyone, never this easy, affectionate closeness they’re suddenly witnessing, and the way he talks with Rhodey so freely. That would be a bit of a shock, especially because they’ve never even heard of Rhodey’s existence until he showed up one day.

Tony is probably too caught up in the excitement of seeing Rhodey again at first to even notice the tension. But he catches on after the initial excitement and not gonna lie, at first he’ll be devastated at the thought of three of the most important people in his life not liking each other. After that he might–get pretty pissed, actually? Because how dare they making silent death glares at each other over his head, like he isn’t self-conscious enough about his height already?

I’m honestly not sure how it would go down after this, whether Rhodey would go out of his way to confront Bucky and Nat (or the other way around), or Tony would pout everyone in submission or there would be a big fight or-

There are simply so many possibilities!



When things start to go very wrong for the Musketeers in the field, Treville sends in the best spy he can think of to sort things out. Things get much worse before they get better, and the fate of France may hinge on whether Athos and Milady can learn to trust one another again. [ Canon divergence after S2. ]

As statements go, failing to meet her at the crossroads had not carried the same finality as having her hanged, but even so: It was hardly ambiguous.

WRITTEN BY: @atratum

Worries about the next series of Doctor Who

Doctor Who have never made a bad choice for casting the Doctor. I firmly believe that. Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker and Davison: all perfect. Each with their quirks, their idiosyncrasies, their genius; each of them someone’s favourite. McGann, Ecclestone, Tennant, Smith, Capaldi. See above.

And you know what? Even Colin Baker was a fantastic actor. It wasn’t his fault that the showrunner made him strangle his “assistant” and gave him dialogue colder than the Cold War that had basically thawed when he replaced in the late 80s by this altogether more charming man.

And you see, that’s where the issue with Doctor Who will always arise. Not with the Doctor, but the man behind the Doctor. And yes, it’s always a man behind the Doctor.

The showrunner determines the lead character of most shows, but especially of Doctor Who, because the Doctor has fifty years of polarising, plot-hole flirting to draw from. Fire and ice, dark and light, funny and grumpy, childish, old man, whatever. Every Doctor is an amalgamation of someone’s idea of the Doctor. He’s not a concrete character; some people get him, some people don’t. 

I don’t really know if Chris Chibnall “gets” the Doctor, but he is a very specific kind of writer.

In every Chibnall story almost ever broadcast on TV, Chibnall has a very clear strength, and a very clear weakness. He’s fantastic at focusing on human nature. The confusion of the black box invasion in ‘The Power of Three’. The despair in ‘42′. The weird make-up of the group in ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’. His biggest show, Broadchurch, is a character focus of a small town. He focuses on dynamic and detail, and he does so pretty damn well, up until the final ten minutes.

But he can’t write endings. Broadchurch was disappointing. ‘42′ was disappointing. The less said about ‘The Power of Three’ really, the better. Undercooked, obvious, or just let down by how good the build up was. 

I have no worries that Jodie Whittaker will be fantastic as the Doctor (though whether or not the Who writers will able to write for her as the Doctor and not just a Strong Female Eccentric ™ remains to be seen: see Missy and a vast collection of shoddy Clara portrayals over a number of years by more than just Moffat). The worry is whether or not Chibnall and team let her down with subpar stories and lazy arcs. Because that’s when people blame the Doctor. Just like Smith’s last few years. Just like Capaldi’s entire tenure. Just like Colin Baker’s bizarre throttling the companion incident.

This is the one time we could do without the show’s decline - it’s always in decline according to some - being blamed on the Doctor. Because it becomes personal and sexist this time. 

For god’s sake, get a writing room, work on scripts as a team. Oh, and hire a few more women behind the scenes too, yeah?

anonymous asked:

BUT PICTURE THIS: steve is torn up between choosing to wake bucky up and tell the news so he doesnt have to spend his pregnancy w/o his alpha OR does it by himself because he can't stand to go against bucky's first decision and wake him up and by the time they found a cure for bucky, steve's there with their baby in his arms ;-;

You wanna know that sad part. I actually thought about this as I was falling asleep last night. I pictured it all out in my head, maybe Steve stays in Wakanda since hes basically off the grid now. Natasha finds a way to contact him, she knows why Bucky went under and tells Steve that she might be able to find a way to help him, but it’ll take time.

Then he ends up finding out hes pregnant and he’s just so conflicted. He wants to wake Bucky up, but he also knows its way too soon and he knows he should wait till Nat can find a way to help him. Its what Bucky wanted and probably needs, so he waits. Nat does visit sometimes, and maybe a few others but its always short. They dont want to compromise anyone finding where he is or where Bucky is. T’Challas there too, but its not the same without Bucky.

By the time he’s ready to have the pup anyday, Nat finds a way to help Bucky and they make preparations to wake him up. But before he can make it over to see them wake him up, Steve goes into labor. He’s so emotionally drained from not having Bucky by his side through all of it but there’s no choice for him now. They can’t wait for Bucky to recover from cryo to join him, the pup is coming now. Nat is there to help him while T’Challa stays with Bucky.

By the time its over and Steve’s set up in another room with the pup, all he wants is his alpha. He has no idea how to take care of something so small, he wasnt cut out for the family life. But then Bucky finally comes into the room and slowly makes his way over. He doesnt notice the pup at first, too focused and concerned about seeing Steve in a hospital bed, until he hears the small cry. Its quiet for a long time while Bucky stares, until Steve finally breaks the silence with a, “Hey, Buck……come meet your son.”

idk with me I was never really into daisy and ward, or daisy and lincoln? fitzsimmons has always been my #1, and I feel like they always will be, and then philinda (*cough* still waiting writers *cough cough* sorry had something in my throat-), for some reason ward and daisy were kind of just there and especially after ward was revealed as hydra I was like nah I’m not into it. and just for some reason, in my opinion, lincoln was never a very interesting character to me. luke did great and I loved the happiness the characters brought each other but I felt like it was rushed and not very detailed or interesting. but with robbie I feel like, despite their rocky first encounters, and that they’ve gotten to know each other’s stories (at least daisy knows more of Robbie’s, i’d still love to see daisy explain more of her’s to him sometime) I feel like they have the most interesting and detailed dynamic. They seem to understand each other for the most part (so many looks that show they speak to each other without words amirite) and I’d still love to see them explore it more and that is why I ship this and that is why (grabs megaphone and climbs to top of building) we nEED ROBBIE REYES BACK FOR SEASON 5

Episode ideas I would explore for Xiaolin Showdown if I could:

Jack spicer having the Xiaolin element of Metal

More about the Ying Yang world so we can understand it better.

origin story for the Ying Yang bird and Bird if Paradise, yes please. Episode where Omi hides a pet dog in the temple, Clay helps him keep it secret and Dojo gets jealous. Another episode that involves combining SGW (remember that one episode where Raimundo combined the eye of Dashi and the Sword of the Storm and it gave the Wu all new powers? Yeah, that should happen again, but with like, other wu). An episode where one of the monks gets trapped in their wudai form and can’t turn it off.

An episode where the Reversing Mirror reverses itself, creating some kind of paradox that everyone has to fix.

An episode where one of the monks get trapped in Wuya’s Puzzle Box and come out as a ghost and have to get back to normal.

A Shen Gong Wu that swaps gender (but handled in a not-stupid way)

Jack spicer getting Wuya’s powers for an arc. (Or likewise, Jack and Wuya actually being related).

An episode where Raimundo and Kimiko have to address their feelings for one another (if any), and how it will affect their teamwork.

An episode where the Monks swap elements, and have to get used to eachother’s elements.

Katnappe Vs The Black Vipers? Just a thought.

Another episode around the Ying Yang World, establishing even more about it (because that shizz is cool).

Also, where TF has the Ying Yang monster gone? I’d like some explication for that yes please.

An episode where a (or multiple) Shen Gong Wu are destroyed for good.

A fun episode where Klofang comes back to compete with Master Monk Guan, who is the most manly.

An episode (or arc) where Jack Spicer tries to understand (scientifically) exactly how Shen Gong Wu work. Possibly even trying to make his own. (Because, let’s be real. This kid needs to either get a redemption ark or become an actual threat again.)

Hannibal Roy Bean’s prison diaries (and why that entire prison is complestly empty)

An episode where one of the monks gets full control of Jack’s Jackbots (and possibly goes a little mad with power).

Jack getting lost for a whole episode, and having to survive without technology.

Chase Young experiencing severe Lao Mang Lone Soup withdraws (and withdraw symptoms).

An episode where Le Mime comes back.

An episode where Jack tries to be Chase Young’s apprentice, fails, and ends up being Wuya’s apprentice instead.

An episode where we get to see Raimundo’s family/family relationship

An episode where we actually address the fact that Chase has been eating all the dragons in the world and that they are an endangered species because of his soup preference. Bonus points for Dojo and Chucky Choo’s reaction. Maybe this could be combined with showing where all the other dragons are hiding.

An episode where we find out how the heck Master Monk Guan lived for 1500 years. What the heck.>

An episode where we learn how Dashi died, and also how he met Dojo>

Dojo origin story.

An episode where we get to see Jack’s family/family relationship firsthand

Katnappe cat-sitting for Chase. Or possible backstory for her.

An episode where we see Dashi, Guan, Chase’s friendship/teamwork dynamic in detail when they were a team. And possibly also how Wuya got her power to begin with/where she came from)>

Also I want to know what the heck country Jack Spicer is supposed to live in.

And many maaaany more…

(honestly I’d also love to see Jack sing a heavy metal (or other genre) number within the series with Danny Cooksey voicing him.)

A musical episode! (But actually good) *whispers to executive* “Can we get Good Jack back for a musical episode?”