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The 100 Hellatus Survival Kit

Since I know all of us will be in various stages of mourning and death over the next 9ish months, here’s some fandoms to fling yourselves into to cope! (WARNING: There’s a lot of books..)

* = (post) apocalypse / dystopia setting
** = relationship dynamic reminiscent of bellarke
*** = both


**The Expanse

Want to fantasize about the delinquents in space? This is basically the S5 au you need.

  • kick ass space opera
  • diverse af cast
  • Nolden = Space Blarke (not kidding, this is what would’ve happened if she went to space)

**The X-Files

I know I never shut up about this show, but it’s for a good reason. Are you sad about Bellarke and need a long ass show to invest yourself in? With a slow burn couple, built on trust and respect and support? LOOK NO FURTHER!

  • government conspiracies
  • sad space parents
  • the longest slow burn that will renew your faith in blarke (its literally 7 years)
  • 10 seasons worth of content so you won’t run dry


Looking for another “diverse group of misfits that create their own family” to cry over?

  • 8 people share a psychic link
  • the bad government want to experiment on them
  • the most diverse cast i stg (gay ships! trans characters! poc!)
  • ships that will make you cry for 17 days 
  • so many people sleep on this so and i not qu(white) understand

***The Walking Dead

How about another power couple leading a rag tag group of peeps through the apocalypse? (Yeah I’m talking about Richonne)

  • zombie apocalypse
  • i don’t think i really need to explain this
  • but ana would literally kill me if i didn’t include them on this list
  • richonne = bellarke material


You can thank Mik and April for this one. In case you’re wondering what’s in store for blarke next season, or if you’re wanting to imagine that reunion.

  • bunch a strangers plane crash on a magic island
  • it’ll melt your brains (I’ve watched it twice and I’m still not sure i completely understand everything)
  • but seriously ask mik about desmond x penny because she’ll make you cry about s5 blarke


Just want a cute feel good show with just enough angst and a ship that will cause you only minor pain?

  • girl with a made up brain condition “stitches” into the minds of dead people to solve murders
  • camsten gives me butterflies
  • its just really cute

Honorable Mentions: *Attack on Titan, *Psycho Pass, The OA, ***Battlestar Galactica (I’m still crying about lee and starbuck ok?) *Firefly, Teen Wolf, Glitch, Agents of SHIELD, Roswell, *3%, *Falling Skies, American Gods (SUPPORT RICKY)


***Pacific Rim

Stay with me here. How about a visually stunning movie about the people fighting monsters in giant robots? But with important character backstories, diversity, and Idris Elba?

  • giant godzilla like monsters crawl out of the ocean and terrorize the world
  • special pilots operate huge transformer like robots to fight them
  • watch and just imagine blarke isn’t drift compatible (can’t relate)
  • a sequel starring John Boyega

*Goodbye World

Still feeling that apocalypse vibe?

  • group of old college friends try to ride out the apocalypse in a cabin
  • its simple but dramatic

*Tomorrow, When the War Began (also a tv show and book series)

How about some Australian teenagers fighting back against a country on the brink of war and chillin’ in the outback?

  • its basically Red Dawn in Australia
  • its v dramatic 
  • based on the book series by John Marsden

*The Stand

I mean technically it was a mini series, but whatever. Down for the film version of Stephen King’s greatest work about the battle between good an evil across a pandemic ridden America?

  • a virus kills almost everyone in literally a couple days
  • survivors are called from all over to join either the good guys or the bad guys
  • its much cooler than it sounds
  • I’d recommend the book but its 1200 pages and I know y'all don’t have that motivation

*How I Live Now

Have a need for even more teenagers at the end of the world? 

  • political / nuclear apocalypse
  • group of kids try to survive in the english hills or whatever
  • ft. baby tom holland and a weird cousin relationship that i don’t get
  • its still good though

Honorable Mentions: Ginger Snaps, *Resident Evil (but just the first one), Electrick Children, *The Matrix, 28 Days Later, Children of Men

Books (this is gonna be a long one)

lets get the obvious ones out of the way…

**Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo

If y'all haven’t heard of this yet between me, Ana, and Delaney in the past month where have you been?

  • ragtag (diverse) group of criminals misfits band together to pull of the ultimate heist
  • lgbtq+ characters! characters oaf color! disabled characters!
  • the ships will literally tear your actual heart out (*whispers* kanej)

A Darker Shade of Magic (and sequels) by VE Schwab

pretend to be shocked for a minute… are you in the market for a soul crushing series, with morally grey, but entirely lovable characters, and relationships (romantic and platonic) that make you cry?

  • parallel londons, blood magic, pirates, and princes
  • lila bard
  • bisexual prince and his pirate privateer lover
  • lila bard
  • otp thats meets when person a robs person b and leaves them bleeding in an alley 
  • seriously if you take one recommendation from this list make it this one

ok on to the ones i haven’t spent the last month yelling about

Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

book hangover after you’ve finished the first 2 books? well here comes the perfect combo of both!

  • fantasy dystopia? basically a fantasy world if the dark lord had won
  • alchemy magic!
  • group of misfits come together to perform a heist

***The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

Does the absence of blarke have you longing for an angsty, enemies to friends to lovers ship?

  • dystopia where some people have super powers
  • girl who can kill people by touching them (she’s basically Rogue)
  • aaron warner <3
  • the angstiest shit i stg
  • its a romance hiding behind a dystopian storyline
  • i think warner has elements of S1 bellamy so I’m considering a similar dynamic, deal with it

*This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

I couldn’t not include more from my queen. Looking for a book about monsters, and music, and the end of the world?

  • a future where  every violent act a human commits manifests an actual living breathing monster
  • the city of verity is controlled by 2 warring families, (August’s and Kate’s)
  • Kate and August come together to battle the big bad that’s threatening their town
  • the writing is so. fucking. poetic.
  • also no romance!

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

do you love witches? and kickass female friendship? and love interests that stab each other in the heart?

  • witch best friends (aka threadsisters) on the run
  • a complex af magic system (truthwitch-sense lies, windwitch-control wind/air, you get the idea)
  • seriously the female friendship tho
  • angsty ships that try to kill each other!!!
  • ongoing, but book 2 just came out

*On the Beach by Nevil Shute

Can’t get enough of people dealing with the impending end of the world?

  • last survivors of a nuclear apocalypse sit on an australian beach and wait for their death basically
  • how people handle knowing they’re about to be wiped out
  • be prepared to cry

***The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

More. Space. Stuff???

  • fairytale retellings in space??
  • cinder(ella) with a cyborg arm
  • + red riding hood, rapunzel, snow white
  • its been 84 years since i read, but i think cinder/kai reminded me vaguely of blarke so I’m counting it

*The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

I actually haven’t read this one so I don’t know if there’s a Blarke-esque relationship, but are you on the market for a book about gays and aliens in space??

  • space opera
  • introspective look at humanity and alien shit
  • some AI drama
  • f/f relationship (party!)

The Wrath and the Dawn (and sequel) by Renee Ahdieh

How do I open this one? Maybe you’re down for a retelling of 1001 Arabian nights?

  • such poetic writing
  • as i mentioned, retelling of 1001 Arabian Nights where this dude takes a new wife every night and kills her every morning
  • but then our salty heroin marries him and because she’s amazing she tricks him into keeping her alive through stories
  • and the romance is so angsty
  • i just started this so idk much else

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Looking to find a book basically about all of our lives?

  • fan fiction writer goes to college 
  • social anxiety is a bitch
  • theres a cute boy
  • its so fluffy it’ll make you smile

**Saga by Brian K. Vaugh and Fiona Stable

how about a few comic books? maybe one about a man and a woman from 2 warring intergalactic species on the run from their people?

  • forbidden romance between a bad ass black woman with wings and her kick ass asian husband with horns
  • running from both their governments that want their “abomination” baby dead (not a spoiler the first panel is literally her giving birth)
  • theres people with robot heads and alien orgies
  • its so fucking good
  • i feel like this is how 30 yo blarke would handle this situation

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns

On the look out for a superhero comic? Maybe, oh, ANOTHER ragtag group of misfits?

  • I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite iteration, but it’s mine and I love beast boy and raven so deal with it
  • robin, beast boy, raven, cyborg, etc.
  • just read it

Honorable Mentions: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova, The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Steivfater, Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (listen, she’s trash, but Jem is my son and I love him), An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, ***Red Rising by Pierce Brown,

I hope this helps everyone out! I tried to think of as many similarities as I could and then threw in some that are worth the interest! Happy Hellatus lovelies!

here is also another big opinion of mine: they should’ve only formed voltron twice in season one, once in the pilot and then at the season finale. forming voltron consistently kind of….. weakens it for me??? i guess. also season 1 could’ve really focused on the team bonding stuff of it all with the arc coming to an end when they finally reform voltron again

Especially with Voltron, I’ve seen a couple of angsty concepts or ideas that have utterly failed to grab me because it sets out to isolate a character’s reaction, but comes across as if the rest of the team is responding with an incredibly uncharacteristic apathy.

This is an awkward seven-person found family struggling through space. Situations where they literally all need to throw themselves at a problem as cohesively and desperately as they can occur on basically a daily basis. They’re massively outnumbered and hideously outgunned by their opponents. The one thing they have going for themselves is their cohesiveness- literally, being able to connect and understand each other is what makes Voltron go.

Any time there’s a scenario prompted with only one or two people my question is always “where’s the rest of the team during this?” Yes, not every person can fit into every scene, yeah, they all have stuff to do and it’s very likely smaller individuals, during a mission or some transition time, could peel off and talk to each other. But for an extended period of time?

Keith and Pidge are the most “loners” of the group but at bare minimum, Lance has made it clear that he has an inclination to wonder what people are up to, and pay attention to them whenever there’s an odd shift in their behavior. Shiro knows Keith- watch how quickly he reacted to Keith acting strangely tense in the Blade of Marmora episode. A falling out even between characters who do not normally interact all that closely (say, Keith and Allura) still spells trouble for the team.

Individual experiences are going to have fallout that the rest of the team is affected by and reacts to. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a solo piece, but if Keith is abnormally on edge for an entire week everybody is going to know about it by the second day and I’d probably put Lance and Shiro as at least picking up on it within hours.

Shiro is, generally, the most able to hide his issues, but that takes a lot of control, and as he’s put under pressure, the team has been progressively taking him off the pedestal that they put him on. They still respect him, absolutely, but I think the team is coming to understand that Shiro does need help, as much as he tries to have his vulnerable moments in isolation.

And as the team progresses, those dynamics are only going to get closer. So like… if your angst fic hinges on the inexplicable indifference or even scorn of the core one or two characters you wanted to write about, it’s not believable. Again- that’s not a condemnation of writing fics that only focus on one or more character, but if you really need them to have their reaction alone, consider what’s happening to drive them away from the team. Did they split up for a mission, and are having trouble regrouping? Stranded on another planet? Is it someone like Shiro or Keith who draws inwards and may not, in a distraught state, notice what’s happening outside, and even then you better account for stubborn concerned parties who are going to get involved as much as they can, isolation be damned.

Malec Fic Recommendations ➸ 1

The fics listed below can be old or fairly new, so this has no timeline. Neither an order of preference. Some of them has serious warnings and that’s because I love psychology of people who has been hurt and their process of getting out of that state. Maybe you can give them a try if you think those things can’t trigger you. 

P.S. : This Fic Rec is part 1 like my Kitty Fic Recs. 

Summary :  After Magnus handed the notebook to Alec as an attempt to share his past with him, Alec can’t lay the book aside.

Summary :  A series of drabbles about Alec Lightwood.  First Drabble: It’s Alec’s 26th birthday and he doesn’t want to celebrate.  New Drabble: Aline’s POV of Alec kissing Magnus before the battle.

Summary :  When Alec was 13, he stopped speaking for almost a year. Five years later, Alec is forced to deal with the trauma of his past while learning to accept and love himself. Malec, Alec/Jace friendship and Lightwood family dynamics. [ Warnings : This story deals with very sensitive subject matters, including sexual abuse of a minor (actual abuse is not explicitly described but alluded to), internalized homophobia, self destructive behavior, language and adult sexual content. If you think any of those can trigger you in a bad way, please don’t read. ]

Summary :  After confronting the trauma of his past, Alec must learn to navigate love, intimacy and adulthood in this sequel to Learning to Be. (This story has the same warnings with its prequel.)

Summary :  It’s Magnus and Alec’s anniversary and Alec has some some special plans for Magnus. What has he got planned and what does this shadowhunter have up his sleeve or more like on his chest? (WARNING: Smut! Don’t like, don’t read.)

Summary :  Magnus Bane claims that he is not the type of being jealous. With Alec as his boyfriend he doesn’t really need to have a reason, anyway, as he is the most honest and trustworthy person he has ever known. What happens, though, when Alec gets hit on in a club? (A collection of little short stories with jealous Magnus ;D)

Summary : “But Magnus, necromancy is not only illegal, but impossible! Isn’t it?“ 

"Not if you have the right connections, my dear." 

Magnus is left heartbroken following Alec’s untimely death, and looks for any possible solution. But he might not get quite what he bargained for. [ Caution: Character death, angst and lemons. Smut chapters: 6,7,12, 21 and 24 for those who are here for that ;) ]

Summary :  There are 3 rules among the Noble Families of Idris– 1:If you have a have a problem, go to Magnus Bane. 2: Do exactly as Magnus Bane says. And 3: You must pay any price Magnus Bane asks of you. Alec learned all these rules from his father. But when Alec’s Father is the one with the problem Magnus’ Price is only one thing. "Your son must say with me forever.”

Summary :  AU fic, no shadowhunters. Alec is a bullied Junior in high school, desperately wanting to end his life. Magnus is a senior, one of the most popular boys in school and oblivious to Alec’s pain. Will Magnus save Alec in time? (Warnings : rated M for language and suicidal talk, Lemons in future chapters.)

Summary :  Alec thought he was having a bad day already, but after a conversation with his parents about his sexuality, things just keep going downhill.

Summary :  Alec gets captured and tortured and Magnus has to find him. Will he be able to? What will happen afterwards? (WARNING: Intense Scenes!)

Summary :  During one of Magnus’ parties Alec is hanging back, waiting for it to be over when something unexpected happens that makes the High Warlock Jealous. 

Summary :  Set primarily during CoHF, so spoilers. What did Isabelle, Clary, and Simon say to Magnus? What thoughts drove Magnus to write that notebook? How did Alec realize what his real problem was?

Summary :  Alec finds out that Magnus is pissed at what he claimed: “I’m not going out with anyone!” Alec, feeling guilty, thinks up something that would cheer Magnus up: Why not dress up as a maid and do what he wants for the day? Maybe Magnus would forgive him. ( WARNING : Rated M for explicit scenes. )

Summary :  Alec and Jace accidently end up back in time… in Victorian London, how will Jace react to meeting his ancestor? How will Alec react to meeting a Magnus who has never known him and is in love with another? (This one is TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Takes place after City of Lost Souls (time frames may not match perfectly). Alec comes by to try and make amends with Magnus but a girl with a serious face answers the door instead. The two talk about Magnus, immortality and Will. (This one is also TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Tessa visits Magnus and Alec gets confused about Magnus’s relationship with her. Magnus gets upset by Alec’s lack of trust in him. Alec gets annoyed at Magnus for keeping so many secrets about his past. Can Tessa help the couple to understand eachother before it’s too late? (This one is TMI & TID crossover too.)

Summary :  Going down a wayward portal was never high on Alec Lightwood’s to-do list, but the Fates were never kind. Horrifying asphyxiation shall ensue to the ones that are not ready. With a combination of purple faces, two over egoistic Herondales, three warlocks and four Lightwoods, what could go wrong? (In case that you couldn’t understand by now, let me tell you. I’m sucker for TMI & TID crossovers. Feel free to recommend me if you know good ones.)

Summary :  What if Alec lived back in the Victorian age? And what if Alec wasn’t just a Shadowhunter, but had a ability? When a series of events make him go to London, he suddenly finds out that not everything is black and gray and good verses evil. Will he control his power, or will his power control him? And how will a certain Warlock react to this? Is love really stronger then anything? (Do I have to say it? Yes, it’s a TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Why are Jem, Tessa, and Will on the steps of the New York Institute this late at night in the pouring rain? Why are they nearly 130 years away from their home? and what happens when Will and Jace are in the same room? (TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Everybody knows that the current residents of the New York Institute are not the most conventional family. What happens when the lot of them attempt to have a normal family dinner? Set sometime before Isabelle’s visit to the Shadowhunter Academy in The Evil We Love.

Summary :  AU version of Magnus’s party in CoB.

Summary :  Alec isn’t taking his break-up with Magnus very well.

Summary :  Everything was different. Magnus was an eighteen year old mundie, best friends with Clary and Sam.. I mean, Simon. If the love is true, it will still find away for a freewheeling bisexual to to finally get his knight in shining armor, a closeted shadowhunter… Or will it? AU Human Magnus Bane Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood.

Summary :  I’m done being Alec Lightwood, i’m done with this sad existence, i’m just…done. (Warning: abuse, future lemons.) All human, no powers.

Summary :  When Tessa, Will and Magnus are transported from 19th century England to 21st Century New York things get a little complicated. (Yes, another TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Alec wrote letters for Magnus to read when he’s dead.

ok i thought i was finished ranting but im not

the more I read from the side of the writers, the more it becomes clear that they really don’t care about quality

If you look at the Overwatch canon - and I really mean just the canon - it’s bad. It’s just really, really bad.

Overwatch is two dozen clichés slapped onto a decent first-person-shooter. The characters are shallow and trite, any originality seems accidental.

We all make fun of the fact that McCree dresses up and acts like a cowboy in 2076, but from a purely objective point of view, he doesn’t fit into that universe.
Neither do Hanzo and Genji with their names and traditions that date about 500 years into Japan’s past.
Soldier 76 is the epitome of an overdone character trope, Reaper is the most stereotypical bad guy villain you could possibly make up. 76 is dressed in red white and blue, Reaper gets the “black = evil” look down to an inch.
Tracer and Widowmaker were designed to be jerk-off material and the former being lesbian is only thanks to massive fan involvement.

All the major characters are painfully overdone and boring and the few that are interesting from the start have so little in the way of content that it feels like the writers just don’t know what to do with potentially exciting characters.

So here’s the thing, and I’m speaking purely for myself here,

Here’s what made Overwatch into one of the greatest, most diverse and creative fandoms I’ve ever been in: The fans.

I didn’t get into Overwatch because I thought “man, I really miss Supernatural, where else can I get bad writing and boring characters”
I didn’t want to get into Overwatch because nothing about the official material appealed to me in any way, shape or form, but I was dragged in by what the fans made of that material.

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Guys I just… I ADORE the women in Dear Evan Hansen

I love Alana and her portrayal of this girl who’s suffering too, and this dynamic of how Evan deals with it against the mask she wears, and suddenly we get this slight glimpse into the fact that she too is hurting. Because this show is so brilliant at showing all these various shades of suffering and dealing with life, and Alana is so wonderfully important

I love Cynthia Murphy, who loses her baby boy and is just holding on to whatever she can get of him, even if she somewhat denies the terrible things he did. I love that she continues to try and reach out to her husband and daughter, even if she doesn’t necessarily listen to what they have to say… losing a child is one of the most painful things anyone can suffer and she remains to be a mother to Zoe and a wife to Larry and doesn’t shut down. She is complex and pained and wonderful, she accepts Evan into her life so easily and maybe she tries to make him fulfil Connor’s role in her life but wow do I life layered characters

Heidi Hansen is… remarkable as a character. She isn’t the perfect mother, she is this realistic portrayal of a mother who has to work and study constantly while desperately trying to connect with her struggling son. She tries to help him, she falls short sometimes and she makes mistakes, and she can’t handle seeing him go so easily over to this new family who can give him what she can’t, and just like plenty of our real real real parents she gets mad at him. She messes up, she isolates him somewhat, but I UNDERSTAND her actions. She has tried to be everything for him, she is hurting to know that she can’t, and just like that he finds it somewhere else. I love her and So Big/So Small breaks my heart a million times over

Zoe is… indescribable. It’s so amazing to capture this girl whose brother was her absolute enemy, who tormented her and scared her and she could never stand him. And then he kills himself and she knows that she ‘should’ be mourning and heartbroken, but she can’t bring herself to feel it. It’s this feeling that I’ve seen in real life, as people lose parent who were terrible to them, and Requiem is just outstanding. Her pain feels so real and genuine, and I love that at the end she doesn’t end up sticking with Evan. It feels so close to real life that she would understandably feel betrayed and lied to, that they would be over…

Guys I care so much about Dear Evan Hansen I just had to ramble a bit

anonymous asked:

DOCTOR ANON- ooo boi o boi that was awesome i smiled SO HARD DUDE , you did so well! :D much love vuv now i am curious what TFP Cons would react to it ;)

Yayyy!!!!  Thank you!  Glad you enjoyed it!  ^__^  Get ready for even more awkward shenanigans!! XD

Megatron:  When you accidentally blurt out “Sure thing, Dad,” after he gives you an assignment, he simply turns and raises an optic ridge at you while you splutter flustered apologies.  He merely scoffs and rolls his optics, leaving you to wallow in your own crushing shame.  If he’s honest with himself though, it’s sort of… nice having someone look up to him like that.  He’s not planning on changing his will or anything, but it’s nice to know where your loyalties lie.  From then on though, you notice he’ll occasionally shoot you a subtle, approving smile whenever you’ve done a particularly good job with something.  They’re pretty rare, but you live for those smiles.  (It makes Starscream so fraggin’ mad.)

Starscream:  He is absolutely mortified when you call him ‘dad’ on accident.  (He dedicates his whole life to their lord and leader, Megatron, and THIS is the thanks he gets?)  He’s so over the top about it, that you forget your initial embarrassment and start laughing at him, which makes him furious.  He storms off to his room, thinking about how insufferable humans are. Why would they even think about him like that?  It’s not as if he cares about them.  He doesn’t need their approval, not at all.  Why should he care if one, puny, insignificant human looks up to him?  It’s not satisfying at all, nope!  Don’t be surprised though, if he comes looking for you later, asking for your support in his upcoming coup against Megatron.

Soundwave:  He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious, although it’d be hard to tell from his body language at first.  When you first say it, he stops and turns toward you with an inscrutable gaze.  For a moment, you shift uncomfortably, thinking you’ve offended him or something.  But then he plays the quote from Brooklyn Nine Nine over his visor.  “Do you see me as a father figure, Peralta?”  (Shut up, Soundwave.)  From then on, he take any opportunity he can to make a dad joke.  “Man that last mission really wore me out.  I’m exhausted!”  Cue various audio mashes:  “Hi, exhausted.  I’m dad.”  (Soundwave, please.)

Knock Out:  He’s low-key kind of offended at first.  “I ought to wash your mouth out with soap.”  Breakdown’s the one that really gives him a hard time about it.  He thinks it’s hilarious and teases Knock Out at every given opportunity.  “Be nice to our sparkling, KO!  You want to be one of those dead-beat sires?”  (Knock Out low key hates you both.)  The jokes on all of you though, because after awhile the whole fake family dynamic somehow evolves into a real one.  None of you are quite sure when it happened, but your new robot dads will be damned if they let anything happen to you now.

Breakdown:  He’s a bit embarrassed at first, and tries to brush it off.  “Do I look like your dad, kid?”  It’d be hard for him to admit (especially after giving Bulkhead such a hard time about his “pet”) but he does come to realize that he cares about you a great deal.  His dynamic with you slowly begins to shift from friendly acquaintance to protective dad.  You are now essentially his kid, and he practically has a spark attack whenever he losses track of you.  “Where were you?  You know you’re supposed to com after a mission!”  (It’s only because he worries.)  

Dreadwing:  He… doesn’t actually know what a dad is.  He thinks you just mispronounced his name.  “Um, no.  ‘Dread’.  Dreadwing.”  It’s only much later, long after you’ve forgotten about the incident, that he learns the truth.  The realization hits him like a brick wall.  (Oh my god!  They see me as a parental figure!  What do I do?!?!)  He becomes very awkwardly protective of you after that, shadowing you on missions and offering you stilted praise on a job well done.  You have no idea why he’s acting so strangely, but hey.  There are worse mechs to hang out with, you suppose.  

Airachnid:  When you accidentally call her ‘mom’ one day, she predictably smirks and begins teasing you for it.  You scowl and roll your eyes, thinking that’s the end of it, but in reality, the gears in her twisted mind have already begun turning.  Accidental or not, you clearly feel some sort of affection for her, and Airachnid’s going to milk that for all it’s worth.  She subtly begins manipulating you, luring you in slowly with praise and affirmations.  You could prove very useful to her down the line.  All she has to do to keep you in her web is to offer a gentle head pet now and again.  “That’s a good little human…”

Shockwave:  He’s very… confused?? as to why you would call him ‘dad’.  He’s not your dad, or anyone else’s dad for that matter.  The two of you aren’t even the same species??  That would be biologically impossible???  You’d be happy to let it drop, if not for resident troll, Soundwave, who finds the whole thing utterly hilarious.  Whenever he sends reports to the chief science officer, he now replaces Shockwave’s name with “Dad” via a search and replace function.  Shockwave thinks he might have set his emotional capacity for ‘annoyance’ too damn high.

Beta headcanons

Cause they’re so rare and the only dynmic I identify with:

- Betas being the most altruistic and charitable by nature, wanting to help everyone they meet, regardless of not necessarily having the protecting instinct of an alpha or the mothering instinct of an omega.

- Becoming a teenager as a beta an dealing with feeling lonely and sad because you don’t have feel they will ever have the same love an omega and alpha will have and feeling unimportant to society.

- Betas worrying about finding dates to prom.

- Betas going through an outlandish rebellious phase, experimenting with perfumes, dyed hair, crazy clothing in an attempt to buck the “betas are boring” stereotype. Some never leaving that phase.

- Versatile betas in bed that are perfect sexually with any dynamic.

- Betas learning to read people based on body language, tone of voice nd expression rather than solely on scent and instinct, becoming more affective at workin gwith people.

- A beta pleasing their omega partner with various toys during an intense heat and loving having the control and flexibility to do what amkes both of them happy.

- A beta couple who adopt all the pups.

- An alpha omega couple being pleased at having a beta child, thinking they will be docile and easy to rear. They’re wrong.

- Androgynous betas.

- Beta porn stars being able to pass as any desired dynamic.

- Beta friends dealing with their fellow teenagers sympathetically but being glad they aren’t *as much* of a hormonal mess.

- Betas being loved the way they are.

Thank you so much love! I love all of these. they are so amazing. <3

Here’s a shocking revelation: you can like a character and still be critical of them. Yes, Octavia Blake is absolutely abusive towards her brother and has been problematic in other ways, but it’s understandable for a person to become that way when they’ve faced the amount of trauma that she has. It is not an excuse for her behavior, but it is an explanation. This is an incredibly complex, dynamic character we’re witnessing dealing with trauma in very real ways. In real life, not everyone is self reflective in the ways we’ve seen Bellamy or Clarke exemplify. 

Gay, straight, why does it matter?

When gay couples are portrayed like straight couples, you know we are taking a step in the right direction…

Normally when a couple talks about adoption on television and how they are afraid of so many things involving raising a child, you won’t see that conversation happening between two men. 

Or when a couple on television discusses how they have a job offer and would like for their significant other to go with them, not normally discussed between two women.

Thumbs up to Canadian Television for making this a norm. Believe it or not we would like to see different couple dynamics dealing with every day run of the mill problems and issues, it doesn’t always have to be laden with life threatening drama.

can you imagine if people said things like: “how is it possible that you enjoy star wars and think of darth vader as an iconic character?!? you cannot like him!!! are you into destroying planets and laboured breathing??”

or…“oh i see your favourite character of the little mermaid is ursula. that only can mean one thing and one thing only: you are secretly a lady octopus who wants to take away the sovereignity of the underwater people”

they’d sound absolutely moronic, wouldn’t they?

then why the fuck people keep on being like "but they are brother and sister how can you ship that??? realLYY?? do you sleep with your siblingS???? ugh gROSS"

Movie star  Omegaverse Headcanon

~ Most movie stars act as their second gender. I.e. Alphas act as Alphas etc

~ Betas can act as really any dynamic, so long as they have the body type for it

~ Really the only way to tell if a movie character is A/B/O is in their characteristics. So an omega will act more like a stereotypical omega more often than not 

~ Another way for movies to tell their audience is to call them by it Example “look here omega…” it’s basically the same as saying “look here girl…” 

~ Movie stars have an A/B/O by their date of birth when you google them in places like wiki. 

~ Just like in real life, movies don’t care about first gender. only second 

~ In kids movies like, Moana, where there is no love interest the dynamics are kind of just up in the air. Because kids don’t really care so why work hard to make it noticeable? 

~ TV shows are a little easier because you have time to build a character and gradually put in that they are an A/B/O. Whereas in movies you have about the first 30 minutes before you need to just move on with the plot. 

~ Nobody in Hollywood really tries to hide their dynamic, because it’s not really that big a deal what dynamic they are.

(Extra) Music Stars 

~ A lot of song replace the words boy or girl with Alpha or Omega 

 ~ it’s harder to rhyme though, so usually they just stick with boy/girl and have an A or B or O sign on their album to show what they are. 

 ~ More famous singers don’t even bother because people already know. 

darlingdelyn-deactivated2017072  asked:

Best series, or just long fics with badass merlin? I'm a slut for long, whump/angst fics with bromance or slow burn Merthur (i love it romantic or platonic). just give me your faves. Like I said, I prefer the really long ones, but I love them all.

I tried to cover all the bases. Most of them are long fandom classics. Angst is pretty much a given here, and it’s split between badass Merlin and whump (or a combo of the two). Hopefully it’s a good enough list to get you started; if any of my followers know some good ones, feel free to mention them, guys. 

The Loaded March Series by Footloose

Shadowlord and the Pirate King

In Time of Trial

The Ivy Crown

Emrys Ascending

We’re a Storm in Somebody Else’s Teacup

In Spite of Everything, the Stars

The Student Prince 

Harmonia Mundi

Touch My Skin to Keep Me Whole

The Crown of the Summer Court

Also, I heard the series Falconry by versaphile is good. I haven’t read it because the last installment or two of the series get a little too wonky with power dynamics and dealing with abusive behaviors for me. On the other hand, I think Gwen was treated fantastically as a character with development and such, but I might be mixing my series. 

Ferociously Classy

1. Stones

“And this is the rare dacite.” Boastfully he introduced the piece in his hand. The other palm carefully smoothing over its base, Steven flashed a satisfied smile as if the mineral itself was his unborn child. “It has a hard exterior, but it’s very smooth to the touch.” More and more he explained, tone thickening with excitement as he did.

While for Zinnia, who ultimately questioned why she decided to hang around with him in the first place, bit back a heavy scowl at the boredom.

Suddenly, an idea flickered in her mind; one that finally broke out a smile on her face. “Hey Stove,” Pushing herself backwards from the giant boulder that she had leaned on, Zinnia snapped her fingers once and stretched out her right hand, “can I take a look at that rock?”

Upon hearing his name being mispronounced – again – Steven held back a flinch on his shoulders. “It’s Steven.” A shot of an innocent glare was given to her, in which Zinnia blatantly ignored with a cocky smirk. However, that being said and felt, he did hand her the rare mineral, thinking that maybe – just maybe – under all that rough and savage exterior, Zinnia really was interested in the wonders of sto-

Horror basically slammed him right in the head once Zinnia spun her heel, faced the ocean, and threw the dacite like she had performed a homerun.

“OH DEAR AR-” Ghastly he gasped until air felt like it had washed off his lungs. “ZINNIA NO!!” 

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On my latest rewatch of Frozen, I realized something so obvious about Elsa’s look as the Snow Queen that I smacked myself for not realizing it before. 

She’s returned to her childhood.

In the first scene, when she and Anna play in their nightgowns, Elsa’s nightgown is a pale blue. It is an extremely simple dress, falling to her ankles but leaving her feet clear. Her hair is held back in one simple braid.

In the scenes after that, Elsa’s look changes more and more. The blue shifts from a powder blue to a royal cobalt. The lines and layers become more elaborate, and more colors are introduced, especially black – lining her jacket, trimming her hair.

By the time of “For the First Time In Forever,” her design has evolved away from the nightgown as much as possible. The lines lengthen her body, obscuring her feet, weighing down her shoulders. The black covers her from neck to wrist. Even the straight blue has been shoved to the edges, the gloves, the ribbon in her hair (the cloak is purple, and the dress is more of a greenish blue.) And her hair is very complex, a mirror of her mother’s hairdo – confining and spiraling.

Then, in “Let It Go,” she throws the gloves away, lets go of the cloak, hitches her skirt up. When she magically changes her dress, she changes it into something that is powder-blue, simple and light, that leaves her feet clear. Her hair reverts (instantaneously) back into the simple braid she had as a girl. The years fall away from her. She returns to that childlike delight and wonder she used to take in her gift. And this change sticks – for better and for worse. She’s more free in her new outfit, but also more vulnerable. 

Now, this could just be the writers keeping a consistent visual language with Elsa’s look – but Anna’s look is a great deal more dynamic, starting out with a light, springtime green and moving on to a vibrant fuchsia – and then, ending with the same pale green as the nightgown she wore as a girl. Cleverly done, filmmakers.