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Especially with Voltron, I’ve seen a couple of angsty concepts or ideas that have utterly failed to grab me because it sets out to isolate a character’s reaction, but comes across as if the rest of the team is responding with an incredibly uncharacteristic apathy.

This is an awkward seven-person found family struggling through space. Situations where they literally all need to throw themselves at a problem as cohesively and desperately as they can occur on basically a daily basis. They’re massively outnumbered and hideously outgunned by their opponents. The one thing they have going for themselves is their cohesiveness- literally, being able to connect and understand each other is what makes Voltron go.

Any time there’s a scenario prompted with only one or two people my question is always “where’s the rest of the team during this?” Yes, not every person can fit into every scene, yeah, they all have stuff to do and it’s very likely smaller individuals, during a mission or some transition time, could peel off and talk to each other. But for an extended period of time?

Keith and Pidge are the most “loners” of the group but at bare minimum, Lance has made it clear that he has an inclination to wonder what people are up to, and pay attention to them whenever there’s an odd shift in their behavior. Shiro knows Keith- watch how quickly he reacted to Keith acting strangely tense in the Blade of Marmora episode. A falling out even between characters who do not normally interact all that closely (say, Keith and Allura) still spells trouble for the team.

Individual experiences are going to have fallout that the rest of the team is affected by and reacts to. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a solo piece, but if Keith is abnormally on edge for an entire week everybody is going to know about it by the second day and I’d probably put Lance and Shiro as at least picking up on it within hours.

Shiro is, generally, the most able to hide his issues, but that takes a lot of control, and as he’s put under pressure, the team has been progressively taking him off the pedestal that they put him on. They still respect him, absolutely, but I think the team is coming to understand that Shiro does need help, as much as he tries to have his vulnerable moments in isolation.

And as the team progresses, those dynamics are only going to get closer. So like… if your angst fic hinges on the inexplicable indifference or even scorn of the core one or two characters you wanted to write about, it’s not believable. Again- that’s not a condemnation of writing fics that only focus on one or more character, but if you really need them to have their reaction alone, consider what’s happening to drive them away from the team. Did they split up for a mission, and are having trouble regrouping? Stranded on another planet? Is it someone like Shiro or Keith who draws inwards and may not, in a distraught state, notice what’s happening outside, and even then you better account for stubborn concerned parties who are going to get involved as much as they can, isolation be damned.

ok i thought i was finished ranting but im not

the more I read from the side of the writers, the more it becomes clear that they really don’t care about quality

If you look at the Overwatch canon - and I really mean just the canon - it’s bad. It’s just really, really bad.

Overwatch is two dozen clichés slapped onto a decent first-person-shooter. The characters are shallow and trite, any originality seems accidental.

We all make fun of the fact that McCree dresses up and acts like a cowboy in 2076, but from a purely objective point of view, he doesn’t fit into that universe.
Neither do Hanzo and Genji with their names and traditions that date about 500 years into Japan’s past.
Soldier 76 is the epitome of an overdone character trope, Reaper is the most stereotypical bad guy villain you could possibly make up. 76 is dressed in red white and blue, Reaper gets the “black = evil” look down to an inch.
Tracer and Widowmaker were designed to be jerk-off material and the former being lesbian is only thanks to massive fan involvement.

All the major characters are painfully overdone and boring and the few that are interesting from the start have so little in the way of content that it feels like the writers just don’t know what to do with potentially exciting characters.

So here’s the thing, and I’m speaking purely for myself here,

Here’s what made Overwatch into one of the greatest, most diverse and creative fandoms I’ve ever been in: The fans.

I didn’t get into Overwatch because I thought “man, I really miss Supernatural, where else can I get bad writing and boring characters”
I didn’t want to get into Overwatch because nothing about the official material appealed to me in any way, shape or form, but I was dragged in by what the fans made of that material.

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Guys I just… I ADORE the women in Dear Evan Hansen

I love Alana and her portrayal of this girl who’s suffering too, and this dynamic of how Evan deals with it against the mask she wears, and suddenly we get this slight glimpse into the fact that she too is hurting. Because this show is so brilliant at showing all these various shades of suffering and dealing with life, and Alana is so wonderfully important

I love Cynthia Murphy, who loses her baby boy and is just holding on to whatever she can get of him, even if she somewhat denies the terrible things he did. I love that she continues to try and reach out to her husband and daughter, even if she doesn’t necessarily listen to what they have to say… losing a child is one of the most painful things anyone can suffer and she remains to be a mother to Zoe and a wife to Larry and doesn’t shut down. She is complex and pained and wonderful, she accepts Evan into her life so easily and maybe she tries to make him fulfil Connor’s role in her life but wow do I life layered characters

Heidi Hansen is… remarkable as a character. She isn’t the perfect mother, she is this realistic portrayal of a mother who has to work and study constantly while desperately trying to connect with her struggling son. She tries to help him, she falls short sometimes and she makes mistakes, and she can’t handle seeing him go so easily over to this new family who can give him what she can’t, and just like plenty of our real real real parents she gets mad at him. She messes up, she isolates him somewhat, but I UNDERSTAND her actions. She has tried to be everything for him, she is hurting to know that she can’t, and just like that he finds it somewhere else. I love her and So Big/So Small breaks my heart a million times over

Zoe is… indescribable. It’s so amazing to capture this girl whose brother was her absolute enemy, who tormented her and scared her and she could never stand him. And then he kills himself and she knows that she ‘should’ be mourning and heartbroken, but she can’t bring herself to feel it. It’s this feeling that I’ve seen in real life, as people lose parent who were terrible to them, and Requiem is just outstanding. Her pain feels so real and genuine, and I love that at the end she doesn’t end up sticking with Evan. It feels so close to real life that she would understandably feel betrayed and lied to, that they would be over…

Guys I care so much about Dear Evan Hansen I just had to ramble a bit

Here’s a shocking revelation: you can like a character and still be critical of them. Yes, Octavia Blake is absolutely abusive towards her brother and has been problematic in other ways, but it’s understandable for a person to become that way when they’ve faced the amount of trauma that she has. It is not an excuse for her behavior, but it is an explanation. This is an incredibly complex, dynamic character we’re witnessing dealing with trauma in very real ways. In real life, not everyone is self reflective in the ways we’ve seen Bellamy or Clarke exemplify. 

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I think it's completely naive to think that 1d never had groupies. Every single one of them. That 5sos band that toured with them also have a ton (and still do even tho they have gfs lol yikes) fans just wanna believe that everything is a lie and their faves are saints. Having sex isn't wrong. larries views are so whack

I hate the term groupies, let’s call them Band-Aids y’all. 

can you imagine if people said things like: “how is it possible that you enjoy star wars and think of darth vader as an iconic character?!? you cannot like him!!! are you into destroying planets and laboured breathing??”

or…“oh i see your favourite character of the little mermaid is ursula. that only can mean one thing and one thing only: you are secretly a lady octopus who wants to take away the sovereignity of the underwater people”

they’d sound absolutely moronic, wouldn’t they?

then why the fuck people keep on being like "but they are brother and sister how can you ship that??? realLYY?? do you sleep with your siblingS???? ugh gROSS"

Ferociously Classy

1. Stones

“And this is the rare dacite.” Boastfully he introduced the piece in his hand. The other palm carefully smoothing over its base, Steven flashed a satisfied smile as if the mineral itself was his unborn child. “It has a hard exterior, but it’s very smooth to the touch.” More and more he explained, tone thickening with excitement as he did.

While for Zinnia, who ultimately questioned why she decided to hang around with him in the first place, bit back a heavy scowl at the boredom.

Suddenly, an idea flickered in her mind; one that finally broke out a smile on her face. “Hey Stove,” Pushing herself backwards from the giant boulder that she had leaned on, Zinnia snapped her fingers once and stretched out her right hand, “can I take a look at that rock?”

Upon hearing his name being mispronounced – again – Steven held back a flinch on his shoulders. “It’s Steven.” A shot of an innocent glare was given to her, in which Zinnia blatantly ignored with a cocky smirk. However, that being said and felt, he did hand her the rare mineral, thinking that maybe – just maybe – under all that rough and savage exterior, Zinnia really was interested in the wonders of sto-

Horror basically slammed him right in the head once Zinnia spun her heel, faced the ocean, and threw the dacite like she had performed a homerun.

“OH DEAR AR-” Ghastly he gasped until air felt like it had washed off his lungs. “ZINNIA NO!!” 

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Best series, or just long fics with badass merlin? I'm a slut for long, whump/angst fics with bromance or slow burn Merthur (i love it romantic or platonic). just give me your faves. Like I said, I prefer the really long ones, but I love them all.

I tried to cover all the bases. Most of them are long fandom classics. Angst is pretty much a given here, and it’s split between badass Merlin and whump (or a combo of the two). Hopefully it’s a good enough list to get you started; if any of my followers know some good ones, feel free to mention them, guys. 

The Loaded March Series by Footloose

Shadowlord and the Pirate King

In Time of Trial

The Ivy Crown

Emrys Ascending

We’re a Storm in Somebody Else’s Teacup

In Spite of Everything, the Stars

The Student Prince 

Harmonia Mundi

Touch My Skin to Keep Me Whole

The Crown of the Summer Court

Also, I heard the series Falconry by versaphile is good. I haven’t read it because the last installment or two of the series get a little too wonky with power dynamics and dealing with abusive behaviors for me. On the other hand, I think Gwen was treated fantastically as a character with development and such, but I might be mixing my series. 

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Happiest of Easters to get notified of a new chapter ~~ I just wish there was more! I think it's refreshing that Bonnie and Enzo are like sitting down and talking about their problems like real adults, instead of letting it fester for eternity like on the show lol. And you're right, the fandom IS dying and it hurts my heart, but I hope we can all keep it alive somehow :(

Yeah one of my goals with this fic was to have them be as functional and healthy as possible, while still feeling out the changing of their dynamic and dealing with those struggles internally, but also with each other. And besides, once they’re friends, they’re gonna have to deal with the whole “wait she’s dating someone and i dont like that why dont i like that” and like “ok so i just caught a bouquet and the first person i looked at was him that means nothing hes my friend who i call at 3am because i had an awesome dream and he was the first person to come mind” SO THERES THAT

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“The Earth Will Shake” - If this song isn’t my favorite song we’ve ever written, it’s definitely in my top three. It’s got a little bit of everything I love about certain aspects of our band all wrapped up into one song: a) it’s heavy as hell, b) it draws inspiration from somewhere you might not expect (chain gang songs), c) it’s in an odd time signature, d) it incorporates a good deal of dynamics, and e) it translates very well in a live setting. “Earth" has been a staple in our live sets since Vheissu came out ten years ago, and it’s something I really look forward to playing every night.


Leather and Lace (Part IV)

Violet (Jason)  x Pearl (Matt)

The interviewer winked at Pearl, his hand slipping below the table, and Pearl winked back. Violet glared at them both; if looks could kill than his laser-like gaze would have already burned a hole through their heads.

Violet was almost tempted to walk out of this interview. Who flirted with the person they were interviewing? What kind of unprofessional bull shit was this?  

If jealousy was their newest form of foreplay, then Violet was already tired of this game.

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Dragon Age Inquisition: The Single Player MMOG

This post details the single-player portion of the game. I plan on writing up my review of the multiplayer game mode in a future post. Fair warning: this is long. I have also kept it mostly spoiler free, though there may be some small spoilers through the images I used.

Dragon Age Inquisition is, in many ways, a more significant departure from formula than either of its predecessors. It is the third core game in the Dragon Age franchise (not counting mobile or social games), and it clearly aims to capture a wider audience than either of its forebears. This means that they have two noticeable pushes in the game - streamlining the core experience, and creating as much content as efficiently as they can. As such, much of the content and game systems are designed to be modular - each can be removed or added without too much difficulty. As a result, players have a truly massive game to explore and play that is much easier for new players to get into, but it will probably feel somewhat lacking to those who are looking for a more involved and extended main plot.

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The ENTP Manual :)  Dealing With A Dynamic ENTP

ENTPs are dynamic creatures, and fast thinkers. They go from one idea to another in just a fraction of a second. One minute they are walking next to you, when you turn your back for a millisecond, welp, Poof they magically disappear. When you go out looking for them, you will find them in the middle of a forest trying to catch a lizard, either to observe it or to experiment on it. ENTPs can be EXHAUSTING individuals to hang around with, and keeping up with them is extremely hard. SO, HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH SUCH ENTPs ???

Welp, before I tell you some ways, there are a couple of things you should have an open mind about:

1. ENTPs normally don’t expect a lot of people to keep up with there thoughts and activities. For the ENTP such people are very VERY rare. 

2. So in other words, if you are a friend of an ENTP and you cannot keep up with your ENTP, it’s FIIIIINE, they will ABSOLUTELY NOT hate you for it. In those cases just understanding them would be enough.

3. When the ENTP finds someone they can share their thoughts with and that individual can keep up with their dynamic behavior, that would make the ENTP EXTREMELY happy and overjoyed, 

4. So in other words, if you have an ENTP friend and you can keep up with their dynamic behavior while having fun Then why the hell are you even reading this post ?? (lol just kidding)

So anyways, here are some tips on DEALING WITH THE DYNAMIC ENTP :

1. When ENTPs have a new idea in mind they are like super-hyperactive kids in a way. (or if you don’t like kids, just view them as hyper puppies with wagging tales running around). Your ENTP would be excited as hell to show you his/her idea. In those cases let them show you. Be HONEST with your opinion when it comes to their ideas. They like honesty best ,and hate it when someone goes around the bush. If you have any ideas to propose that can make their idea even better, just tell them about it. Exchanging ideas and debating these things will make your ENTP very happy. After sharing all of this, they will calm down a little and will start to think of ways to execute the idea. (no one knows if they will execute it or not though lol. Probably not)

2. Help them take things one at a time. (or at least try to). ENTPs tend to start all projects at once which gets them hyped up. It will look as if they have THIS BIG BALL OF FIRE AND ELECTRICITY they wanna let out. Reminding them to take one step at a time is good for them.

3. Go with them to the places they might disappear to. Ok so, in those cases (lol) they might not be the best places. BUT propose some good places you might enjoy too. Sometimes it can be simple things like a library filled with old dusty books they can get themselves lost in, or going to some random street. Who knows what we might find their? Or just simply going to a new park that just opened up. However CAUTION: make sure you keep an eye on the ENTP. If the place seems dangerous DO NOT LET THEM GO. 

4. WORDS. Don’t underestimate words. Just talking about interesting topics will make your ENTP calm. They will excitedly sit and debate with you about a topic that is of interest to them. 

5. If you think they are going overboard with their ideas or their hyperness is affecting their surroundings, make sure you tell them that clearly. They get super excited and talkative without even realizing. They might interrupt people’s talk or conversation without noticing. So if this happens, make it clear for them. 

6. Just give them their space. ENTPs are independent creatures. If they disappear off to some place it does not mean they don’t want to hang out with you. 

NOTE: Those things are part of an ENTP’s charm. Take away that fire from their eyes and they will look dead. However an ENTP that doesn’t know how to control that fire will end up burning themselves. So help them control it and don’t take it away from them.

If any of you have any Ideas or requests for The ENTP Manual feel free to ask me. I will be more than happy to see them.

If you want to check out the other ENTP Manuals click HERE

If you have some suggestions or some ideas for The ENTP Manual don’t hesitate to ask :)

basic marauder history

Sirius is twelve when he first starts Hogwarts. The Harry Potter wiki states that he started Hogwarts in 1971, and was born in 1959. We know his birthday is November 3rd. Ergo, he starts Hogwarts at twelve and is sixteen in his fifth year. 

Sixteen…what do we know about sixteen-year-old Sirius Black? Snape tells us that Sirius tried to kill him at the tender age of sixteen, so the prank takes place in fifth year. We also know that Sirius ran away from home when he was sixteen. So this gives us two really major life events happening to Sirius when he’s sixteen, in his fifth year.

Contrary to fanon, SWM takes place AFTER the prank. I don’t know why so many people seem surprised at this, either. I never thought the prank would be what made the marauders grow up. If anything, I thought it would make them worse. It might have had a huge impact on Snape, but why on them? It actually makes perfect sense for SWM to take place after the prank.

Snape has probably been curious about Remus for a while. He’s probably been out to get the marauders since, like, their first meeting on the train. What was the impetus? What set Sirius off? Why did he suddenly decide to try and kill, or at least seriously injure, Snape? I think things worsened at home. Sirius was chafing and unhappy and who was the easiest target? Snape, who followed his family’s doctrine. Snape, who’s the marauders - his new family’s -enemy. Sirius tells Snape how to go down the tunnel.

Fandom seems to have decided that there’s this huge blowout after the prank, but that doesn’t make sense because in Snape’s Worst Memory they’re JOKING about moony’s transformations. Okay, so here’s the thing. The Marauders are blindly committed to each other. They’re not Dumbledore’s men through and through, they’re each other’s men through and through. Their loyalty to each other is almost morally wrong in its intensity. And this is why, years and years down the lane, REMUS LUPIN can call this incident a “schoolboy prank”. Because that’s what he had to do, he had to minimise the incident to absolve Sirius, because LOYALTY to the pack. (I’m obviously not talking about the traitor Wormtail here. He defected, because his fear was more powerful than his loyalty). 

So, I don’t think there’s this huge blowout between the Marauders. From Dumbledore, from the staff, there were huge repercussions. Their asses were hauled to the office and Severus was sworn to secrecy. That’s why the marauders feel so at ease bullying Snape later, because Dumbledore was probably terrifying as fuck when he made Snape swear never to tell anybody. (Although Snape still tried. He tried to tell Lily while cleverly portraying it as just an idea, just a theory, trying to get her to connect the dots herself.) And the boys don’t know what to do but to stick together, so they do, at least in front of Snape. But there’s still their private dynamics to deal with. Maybe they aren’t at each other’s throats, but Remus is hurt and betrayed and furious, James is furious, Peter is also furious probably, and Sirius is defensive and angry and terrified. So they’re not talking to each other. They’re fighting. Sirius is on his own. This is all happening early April. They’re in fifth year, Sirius is sixteen, so I think the year would be, what, 1976? In 1976, Easter break fell on April 18th. 

Sirius goes home because what’s the point of staying at Hogwarts when they’re falling apart? And he’s miserable at home, he hates it, can’t bear it anymore, so he runs away. And his feet lead him directly to the Potter’s house, because no matter how angry James is, he knows that James will help him. Loyalty to the pack.

And James takes Sirius in and forgives him there and then, because Sirius is sixteen and has run away from home and he’s lost and confused and hurt. Once James, their leader, forgives the rest rally around and forgive him also. Remember they’re young rebellious boys, Sirius’ twisted logic makes sense to them. They understand why he did what he did. And because they have to downplay the incident, they keep calling it just a prank, just a joke. It’s okay, it’s fine what happened, Snape’s an asshole. It’s fine, they’re okay. 

And now they go back and it’s May, next month is exams. Snape’s Worst Memory is probably end of June, I’m actually guessing it’s the last exam because everybody was chilling out on the lake after the exam, right? So by then they’ve minimised the incident enough that they can joke and laugh about the transformations. And they have all this pent-up rage towards Snape because subconsciously they blame him for the whole event that had them fighting with EACH OTHER, that had the pack torn apart by a rift. And also, Sirius has just LEFT HIS FAMILY, his childhood home. So when he says he’s bored, James reacts immediately, because who gives a fuck about Snape? Sirius is his brother, he’s going to protect Sirius, and right now that comes about through distracting Sirius. Which means bullying Snape. 

That’s all for today, folks. 

K but like

Has anyone noticed how well Nye and Flamey work together as a team?