Lumipen 2

New projection mapping technology from the University of Tokyo can project in real-time onto moving objects:

In our laboratory, the Lumipen system has been proposed to solve the time-geometric inconsistency caused by the delay when using dynamic objects. It consists of a projector and a high-speed optical axis controller with high-speed vision and mirrors, called Saccade Mirror (1ms Auto Pan-Tilt technology). Lumipen can provide projected images that are fixed on dynamic objects such as bouncing balls. However, the robustness of the tracking is sensitive to the simultaneous projection on the object, as well as the environmental lighting.

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*Weigh In* Ah yes so today is the last #day of my 1 week Fruit & Veggie #Detox and current status is at:
#Weight: 140.8 lbs
#Waist: 29 in
#Hips: 31 in
#Neck: 14.5 in
#Chest: 40 in
#BMI: 20.2
#BodyFat %: 8%
Lean Body Mass #LBM: 130 lbs
No of lbs in Fat: 11 lbs

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Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in its Winter Suit by Nicolas Bailly
Via Flickr:
New Facebook Page for updates. FR: Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant muni de son éclairage hivernal à Fantasyland - Disneyland Paris. EN: The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle with its winter lightshow a few seconds before Disney Dreams in Fantasyland - Disneyland Paris Info: - HDR Pic from 3XP / Photo HDR àpd 3 expositions Histoire du cliché: Je suis allé sur le parc quelques jours après la fin de la saison de Noel. A ma plus grande surprise, quelques secondes avant le spectacle Disney Dreams, le chateau s'est illuminé de ses lumières hivernales. Story behind the picture: I was in the park a few days after the end of the Holiday’s season in Disneyland. A few seconds before the light/sound/firework show Disney Dreams, they light up the Castle with the Christmas/Winter lights. It doesn’t happen anymore the next days.