These pages are about Dex with his different weapons and fighting styles. I always wanted him to move around like spiderman, but with guns. Hehehe, it’s quite silly, but I think it’ll be very fun to animate him sling-shooting around the area.

Skull-Kids! © Valeria M

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La la Land

A movie like La la Land is loved by the people who have open hearts and Imaginative minds. Truly a beautiful movie with dynamic uses of film and music that will clutch your soul with every fiber of your being. If you except the overall lesson of the film and take in the overall production as a whole then there is no possible way you couldn’t adore it. I think the people who don’t like it just have the issue with the fact that it wasn’t the generic ending they had been rooting for… but an ending that is so raw and beautiful like the reality it shows, the bitter sweet lesson that will have you sobbing.