dyna black

Milwaukee Ghosts - Justin’s bike and mine after riding though a pretty epic amount of thunderstorms and wind. Some of the best times I’ve had in a while. There’s a few more photos on my personal Instagram: @josegallina  

Beyburst Boys So far 

—Color Last names and Having the same first letter in their first name as their beyblades

Aoi Valt & Victory Valkyrie .B.V.  [ Blue ]

Kurenai Shuu &  Storm Spriggan .K.U. [ Red ]

Kiyama Rantarou &  Rising Ragnaruk .G.R. [ Yellow ]

Kurogami Dyna &  Deathscyther Oval Accel [ Black ]

Midorikawa Kensuke &  Kerbeus Central Defense [ Green ]

Komurasaki Wakiya &  Wyvern Armed Massive [ Purple ]