Completeling the set of posts surrounding this painting, of Tyr & Fenrir!
(cropped version) This is a commision oil painting for a military Vet & teacher of ancient history! [Painting by Dymond Starr Austin] #sacrifice #DymondStarr

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 More COSPLAY of the Cinematic Trailer for Elder Scrolls Online, Altmer High Elf !!! (or well at least a representative of the Aldmeri Faction ;P )

Model, Cosplay, Photoshop Magick: Me, Dymond Starr Austin
Photographer!: Brent Boutte’ of Boutte’ Photography & Design
-Location: Top peak of Mt. Evans, Colorado.

Cosplayed at this past Denver Comic Con June 2014.
First Photo Posted Here-> http://dymondstarrillustrations.tumblr.com/post/92540509894

To check out how i made my armor go to my blog ! http://www.dymondstarr.com/2014/07/16/denver-comic-con-2014/

Go here to check out the trailer my character is from, if you are not familiar!