Gettin’ real tired of the “normalize kids loving their parents” post bc um its already normalized believe me. 95% of the time when a kid is angry at their parents and they aren’t abusers its probably bc they did something that’s shitty or unreasonable or at very least coulda been resolved better bc even nonabusive parents weild absolute power over their kids and likely don’t have any real guidelines for how to raise kids so they fuck up and do dysfunctional things. The reason kids say “I hate my parents” is because its a way to express an intense emotional reaction to “this person loves me but ive been reminded they control my entire life and I cant do anything about it and something in that scares me so my reaction is frustration and anger”

Also I really dont love the idea that kids expressing this frustration are in the wrong and contributing to child abuse??? and not like…the cultural pressures to obey and love your parents and be grateful to them no matter what and the near complete lack of social and legal power children have and lack of oversight over familial dymanics????? Wtf????

Arrow's Stephen Amell Reflects on Adrian Chase Arc, Says Season 6 Has a 'Maturity I'm Really Proud Of'
Oliver Queen is “smiling a lot more” in Season 6 of The CW’s Arrow. And so, in turn, is series star Stephen Amell. Coming off what he recently ranked as his second-favorite season…
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Not much new in this article, but it’s still a great read.  This was my favorite comment from Stephen:

“You know, the most transformative moment in my eyes, for Oliver, was beforeeverything happened. He had the opportunity to kill Chase and he simply says, “That’s who I was. That’s not who I am anymore.” And if the underlying issue really was blaming himself for his father’s death and he has forgiven himself, he has absolved himself of that, and that’s led to a lot of brighter days for me this year.”


Y’all know where I stand on that subject. I’m at total mind meld with Stephen which is just nifty. 

I also love what Stephen has been describing the crossover as a 4 hour movie. If that’s an accurate description (which I have no reason to doubt The Captain) then I think this crossover is going to be pretty damn fantastic. Primarily because it doesn’t matter what show certain events take place on, but rather it’s the conclusion of the journey these characters are taking in the crossover that counts. 

The dymanic with Slade and Bl&ck S&ren seems interesting. I’m excited to return to that Season 1 dynamic with Slade. I feel like we as the audience will be viewing that relationship very much through Oliver’s eyes. Happy Slade is now a potential ally, but not quite able to forgive everything he’s done. There will always been a level of distrust there. 

As for Oliver’s hope regarding Bl&ck S&ren that’s really no different than what we saw in him during 5x10. It speaks more to Oliver’s hopefulness than anything else, which is huge character growth for him. However, Oliver & Co. mean NOTHING to Bl&ck S&ren. Hahaha. LOVE IT. This is gonna be fun.

if dc wanted a another tt book with damian so much they could have created a whole new team with kids around his age: jon, maya, suren, idk colin or kathy, you know creating a new dymanic. instead of butchering beloved characters, de-aging them and not letting them grow for the hundreth time. i know that’s too much to ask for you dc cause you’re literal garbage but c’mon

I’d always save you Loueh~

Zouis are very protective of each other and so much of them is just being there for one another. I got a request and had been planning on a Zouis save each other post, so I kinda combined them protecting each other and also caring for each other in different ways.

Just look at Louis protecting Zayn as Liam comes running.

Under this cut there is a masterpost.

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     So here we are~ Honestly I never expected to be here, I have been having the time of my life the past few months on this blog, and it’s been one of the most amazing RP experiences of my life! This has been one of the friendliest, most welcoming fandoms I’ve ever been in and I cherish every moment of my time here! I really can’t thank you all enough, I’ve loved sharing my Professor and all of my ideas with you guys and I’m so glad you all love what I have. You all have given me all the time I could possibly want to spend time with him. You all have even turned Squid-mun into somewhat of a character and I cannot express how much that touches my heart, so without further a-do let’s get to the thank you’s! 

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Gtop fic rec list!

Here’s the link to my fic rec page but just in case you can’t wait that long~

(I’m still working on updating it so check back in!)


I’ve Felt and I’ve Been by Autotunedd

Summary: Seunghyun disappears and Jiyong finds himself in a hard place when he returns.

Seasonal Tetrology by TheNightshadeDeluxe

Summary: Four seasons, four different ways with GTOP.

It’s No Good by HaloHalo

Summary: 2014. Jiyong and Seunghyun break up. This is what happens next.

Inspired by the lyrics from If You.

The Shadows And The Bright Spaces by I_Feel_Electric

Summary: Seunghyun and Jiyong have never been easy, but they have always made sense. Even when they fall apart and have to pick up the pieces again.

In Seongdong by Mina

Summary: A collection of GTOP moments from Seunghyun’s perspective. Set in a slightly alternate universe in which Seunghyun drives and Jiyong lives alone.

July 1 by Mina

Summary: Basically just the next phone conversation Jiyong and Seunghyun have after the one during the starcast countdown .

Hands by Mina

Summary: Seunghyun has a scar. Jiyong has a tattoo. Debut era to 2013, canon-ish.

Cigarette Burns by Ruinwyn

Summary: Jiyong grows up and falls in love and gets his heart broken along the way.

Acquiescence by OonaKwon

Summary: ACQUIESCE [verb]to assent tacitly; submit or comply silently or without protest; agree; consent. Etymology: from Latin acquiescere, from ad-, “to, at” + quiescere, “to rest”. Sometimes, there’s no point it reeling against your fate, of fighting it. Sometime, you have to acquiesce, you have to accept it. Without protest. You have to consent to it, or you’ll be swept away. You’ll drown in the undertow of life. Sometimes, you just have to breathe in, breathe out, and be. future!canon fic set in the years after the MADE tour ends.

Snippits by bigbxng

Summary: Collection of short stories of Gtop’s lives

The Rise and Fall by Ruiwyn

Summary: Seunghyun is able to see into the future, to see the outcome of the path he travels.  That path may or may not lead to Jiyong.  Canon.

Turn All Your Winters Into Spring by Ruiwyn

Summary: In another life, I would’ve loved you.  I would’ve loved you with everything I had. Too bad that was how Jiyong felt about Seunghyun in this life. All the little moments, spanning from then until now, connecting to bring us here.

Slow Burn by GDonTOP

Summary: Jiyong has always found Seunghyun attractive. It’s never been a problem… until now. A year in the lives of G-Dragon & TOP, beginning in October 2010.

The Way You Lie by Autotunedd

Summary: Jiyong and Seunghyun come together, slowly & with drama.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 1 by  GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: Ji’s been dancing around his feelings for his hyung for a while now. So of course, text messages are the best way to let him know.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 2 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: The boys have been together for a few months now, but Hyunnie’s filming has kept them apart. They find creative ways to stay ‘connected’.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 3 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: Just a brief conversation between two overworked boys in love.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 4 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: The boys are in Japan, finally back together after a long separation, but there’s still something keeping them apart: a hotel wall.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 5 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary:  The boys are back in town. Ji’s a little jealous of a certain director; Seunghyun wants to remind him why he shouldn’t be.

China by Ontheskyidance

Summary: Jiyong loves going to China, and that’s not only because the country is nice. He thinks his relations with Seunghyun are even nicer when they’re there.

Third Wheels by Ruiwyn

Summary: Jiyong and Seunghyun, seen through various eyes.


Memories by LadyinTime

Summary: “T.O.P. A name they called him, a name he had no connection to. When he had first learned that it was what he went by he didn’t believe them. He didn’t understand why he would use a stage name instead of his own, a name his mother gave him. T.O.P was the name of their friend, their companion. Seunghyun wasn’t that friend anymore.”

Your Hand In Mine by Whetstone

Summary: Seunghyun loses his memory.

Tabula Rasa by Ruiwyn

Summary: Seunghyun wakes up after a car accident thinking it’s 2011, that he and Jiyong are still together and happy and in love.  And Jiyong, burnt and jaded, has no idea what he’s supposed to do with that.


A New Beginning by Kataras

Summary: Short drabble about life after marriage, immediate paternal instincts and Jiyong having to look at Seunghyun not just as a boyfriend, but husband, father to their child and patriarch of the family they’ve built together.

Ninety Eight and Three Quarters Percent Guaranteed by Crankypanda

Summary: he story of how GD, T.O.P, and their daughter become the newest family on Superman is Back.

Minor Adjustments by Crankypanda

Summary: Brief glimpses into the lives of GD, T.O.P, and their daughter over the years.

The Best Special Ramyun Ever In The Whole Wide World by Crankypanda

Summary: The continuing adventures of GD, T.O.P, and their daughter. (Or, aging is a bitch.)

Snippits by bigbxng

Summary: Collection of short stories of Gtop’s lives

Just Stay With Me by Jibelle

Summary: GTOP drabbles


Unconventional Ways to Fall in Love by NaddieSuu

Summary: This is an interpretation of the movie Pretty Woman.

Anomie by OonaKwon

Summary: It was just suppose to be a dare. Not a big deal. Call the number, talk to the guy, laugh. What Seunghyun didn’t expect was for one conversation with a phone-sex operator to change his entire life.


Nothing New Is Sweeter Than You by Fivespice

Summary: Canon with alpha/omega bits. Seunghyun honestly can’t believe it’s possible to love another human being as much as he loves Kwon Jiyong. Every damn thing Jiyong does turns him on, from the caulculated pout on his lips to that harsh whimper he makes when Seunghyun fingers him. So when Jiyong, who’s been suppressing his omega nature his entire life, asks Seunghyun to spend his first-ever heat with him, Seunghyun agrees. Sure, neither one of them know what the hell they’re doing…but it’s them, it’s Seunghyun and Jiyong, and they’ve never been anything but brilliant together, so in the end, it turns out beautiful anyway. Established relationship, slice of life, truly satanic amounts of coziness/fluff, and lots and LOTS of smut. Emphatically not mpreg, keepin’ it as realistic as omega!fic gets.

Re:Make by Queen-Jionce

Summary: When rationalism, feelings and instincts mix up, sorting them out migh be very difficult.


Won’t Want to Get Off by Absoltutebrightness

Summary: Jiyong is someone who knows how to ride. shameless PWP, slight d/s dymanic but nothing major

You Love When I Fall Apart by Absoltutebrightness

Summary: Jiyong just wants to come, and Seunghyun just has to go and make everything difficult (and possibly much, much better).

The Choker by Kwon-jyong (Jiyongoppar)

Summary: Jiyong decides to make use of suggestive accessories in order to get Seunghyun’s attention. It works much better than he ever anticipated.

Surrender by Ruinwyn

Summary: “I wish my boyfriend was as dirty as your policies.” Seunghyun attempts to fulfill that wish.

Caged by Ruinwyn

Summary: Sometimes the closet feels more like a cage. (part 2 of the Surrender series)

This Is Definitely Fine by Autotunedd

Summary: Jiyong badgers Seunghyun into letting him top again. It doesn’t go as planned.

Cinderella by Ruinwyn

Summary: Jiyong loves high heels, molly, and Seunghyun.  But mostly just Seunghyun.


When it comes to Yognattoppet I know a few people who are excited for the Fluxbuddies arc and some others

I am excited for the Mianite arc because I am mianite trash and I get these two acting like two year olds around each other which is going to be so fun

anonymous asked:

I believe that kaisoo are more than bros, and I'm sure they have (or had, at some point) a relationship. BUT when I see those gifs of kai being seriously annoyed and jealous for a little kiss on a forehead, I'm worried that their relationship is not the most healthy ever. I am a girl who has a girlfriend, and I'm at school with her, but we're not really out, so we have to deal with boys being flirty with the other one and stuff, but we've never reacted this way. Kai seems so overpossessive...

(I know my case is in no way the same than theirs, but being so possessive and jealous is never a good look for a healthy relationship…)

Different couples have different dynamics. Different people have different personalities. It doesn’t mean that only because two people are jealous or possessive that it’ll automatically make their relationship unhealthy. If KD relationship was really toxic like some people are claiming it is, KS wouldn’t, for example, hang out with his friends. He wouldn’t even have a life outside this relationship and that circle of friends. Besides, there are other signs that show what a unhealthy relationship really is, which, for the other points KD shows in public, isn’t the case at all. 

So, I decided to get a list of points that a healthy relationship has and compare with KD situation. Ofc that, as a random person online that don’t know them at all, I won’t be able to apply to their case 100%, but, based in what we can see for their dymanics, it’s evident that (this was a list took from this website):

  1. You Have Your Own Space: like it was already mentioned, even if JI doesn’t like KS friends of find some mentions annoying, KS still goes out with whoever he wants, even going to another country with them. Just because people are jealous or possessive, it won’t automatically stop the other partner of living his life.
  2. You Treat Each Other With Kindness: I will mention this point based in their EXO Second Box interview (analysis here for a context). If you compare JI way to talk about and to KS is different how he does with other members (just compare how he talks with CHN in the same occasion). And KS reciprocates it just fine.
  3. You Make Decisions Jointly: The example I’ll give may be dumb (it was also happened during EXO Second Box), but it shows how they take each other’s opinion into consideration. During their water park time, CHN asked what they wanted to eat and they basically kept saying what the other wanted to eat (chicken and ramyun. For a better detail, click here). Like I said, it can be a dumb example, but it shows how they consider decision as a team. And you can’t find it in a unhealthy relationship.
  4. You Are Intimate: we don’t need to know about their sex lives to sense that. Just see other moments that were spread around many other KD blogs.
  5. You Speak Your Mind: to me, it shows in moments where they show their true opinions about each other like, for example, the time KS fixing JI’s ring (remember that the members like to say that KS nags a lot, which is NOT a compliment to his personality) or JI admiting he only “watched” Cart and not his dramas. If they were there to only please each other and the audience, they could have just lied about it and gave the “oh, I watched all your movies vibe” or not saying that something isn’t right. But they seem free to do that. An unhealthy relationship doesn’t give you this honest space at all.
  6. You hold each other up during tough times: this one I found in this post. When I remember all the times they were there for each other in public eyes, caring about each other, most of the times without saying a word about it, it shows me how beautiful their relationship is.
  7. Your relationship has gotten stronger over time: well, if stay in a relationship for more than five years isn’t a proof of how they are as a couple like them, idk what it is. 

So, I think that, considering all their history and public moments and how deep they are, there shouldn’t be a space to conclude they are in an unhealthy relationship. After all, like Psychology Today pointed out really well:

Today, we look at the flipside—warning signs of a toxic relationship. While many relationships may display one or two of these, toxic relationships will often feature multiple alarm bells.

If you are interested in knowing more about abusive/toxic/unhealthy relationships, I suggest you to see this list with 51 Signs of these. It’s important to be aware if our relationship with others isn’t like this, in the end of the day. And, if it is, get the hell out of it asap before it’s too late.

anonymous asked:

just saw a post from @asongoftarthandlannister about the change in dymanic of arya and gendry from book to screen.... do you also think that dynamic was changed and has messed up that relationship in the show? i really think it has, and i agree with what sarah wrote about this, but i'm just curious about your thoughts as your meta is always great!

I 100% think the show messed up Arya and Gendry’s dynamic, though I’m not sure if they’ve ruined it for good. The biggest change (and what ultimately screwed them) was the age difference. Gendry on the show looks to be in his mid to late twenties, where dear Maisie’s look lends youth to her character always; therefore the dynamic is graduated to “cool older guy friend and spunky young girl.” That’s not what GRRM gave us in the books.

In the books Gendry and Arya are fairly close in age, and from the beginning they have each other’s backs. They played with this in the show where Gendry threatens Hot Pie, but that’s really where it stops. Canon Gendry is stubborn, sullen, and very loyal; he follows Arya wherever she goes and allows her to take a leadership role while he assumes the beta status. He trusts in her instincts and decisions (”even if she was a girl”), and through trauma and the need to survive they are able to forge a great friendship that is based on trust and genuine appreciation. 

The romantic implications come about organically, and are not surprising in the least. And contrary to the show, Gendry is the one with the more blatant attraction to Arya. He’s quite jealous of her talking to other men (though that’s not to discount her own hissy fit at Bella), and he is the one to instigate the flirtation and wrestling at Acorn Hall. It’s also Gendry who is currently protecting a houseful of orphans near to where Arya was last seen, and since GRRM has confirmed Arya and Gendry will be meeting up again, I’d say there’s some unfinished business between the two.

As usual, the show fucked up the good thing they had in canon. They cast (and God love him) Joe Dempsie who, as cute as he is, is decidedly not Gendry. He’s far too old, which automatically forces the writers to completely flip the dynamic on its head, so now it’s Arya who is the lovestruck puppy and the one who begs him to stay with her. Their “friendship” is not as organic as it is in the books, and in fact, he’s interested in other women - something canon Gendry is very much against, especially with strangers. Unfortunately, we were treated to Joe Dempsie being molested onscreen by Melisandre after (stupidly) falling into her trap. Book Gendry is far too suspicious and off-putting in personality to have let that happen to him.

You can’t even really compare the two at this point because they’re so different, but summed up: canon Gendry and Arya are loyal friends akin to Robert and Ned, who have risked their lives to save one another, trust the other implicitly, and have a mutual crush that neither are smart enough to put a name to. Show Gendry and Arya are so far apart in age that they are immediately forced into a box of the younger girl having heart eyes for the hot older guy who likes equally hot foreign chicks that put leeches on his dick, and is totally just one of the bros. The character profiles are so dissimilar that it’s like trying to call a Corvette a Mini Cooper.

anonymous asked:

OMG KEITH!! ♡ WELCOME TO VOLTRON HELL!!! Does that mean klance hell too!??Will you be drawing some nsfw LancexKeith in the future??? AHHH I'M SO EXCITED!??!!

Does this answer your question about sinful Voltron fanart? 

I’m glad you’re excited about more Voltron fanart from me! And yes, I’ve fallen into the klance trap - am I that predictable? Everything about the pairing dymanic ticks my boxes god dammit. I’m so weak for rivals to lovers and banter with UST. Throw Shiro into the mix on occasion and I am a happy piece of trash, honestly.


GEMINI-ARIES: Get work done 5 days before the deadline,adventurous friendship,never miss a music festival,always recommend each other tv series and analyze them in detail in their conversation,always stand up for each other.

GEMINI-TAURUS: Dream of starting their clothing line,talk and write theatre plays,joke about each other’s aesthetics respectfully,give each other challenges,they are each other’s mom friend.

GEMINI-GEMINI:Tripping on LSD without LSD,competitive friends that act like archenemies,have the most fascinating late night conversations,wear a lot of matching glitter,they will marry each other if they are not dead or married by 40

GEMINI-CANCER:Talk about Wicca rituals a lot,read Virginia Woolf to each other,do nice abstract finger paintings,talk about their inner fears and their childhood,feel as if they are each other’s Guardian Angels

GEMINI-LEO:Probably the new Broadway stars,they do glam looks on each other,talk about history and their favorite historical figures almost daily,laugh so hard their tummies hurt,people may think their bond is shallow but it’s not

GEMINI-VIRGO:Compete over who has the pretties house,the soccer moms that constantly prove to each other’s that they’re the best,would organize a nuclear shelter in 2 days with food for 2 years,would win a Nobel prize if they worked together at a project,each other’s lost twin

GEMINI-LIBRA:The socialites with royal auras,go on make-up shopping sprees together,plan glamorous vacations in Greece and Dubai,really good people skills,the bffs that do everything together

GEMINI-SCORPIO:Watch Noir and Neo-noir movies together,try to write a new type of literature every week,do Tarot and Rune readings together,have the best smokey eye blending skills,the pair that always saves the mood of a gathering

GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS:Live fast &DIE YOUNG,they are the ones that start the trends,secretly own an apartment in Las Vegas,wear all black almost all the time,the most energetic pair you know

GEMINI-CAPRICORN:Slow star of a lifelong friendship,the ones you would want to be stuck with in a dangerous situation cause surely you’ll survive,have extended plan for social platforms,wear androgynous clothes,the ying-yang pair

GEMINI-AQUARIUS:They are not looking for aliens they are aliens,the Jetsons in real life,the most skillful app creators,they finish reading faster than anyone,the pair that always buys little gifts for one another

GEMINI-PISCES:Long conversations on spirituality and religion,watch European movies and blend with their vibe,wear silk and shimmery make-up,give the best advice to friends and strangers alike,the pair that have the most peaceful vibes


Ooooh Crystal...

update: lol im not trying to offend anyone by this <3 this is a simple encouraging to ppl not to be so angry about the episode, just a positive view on episode 12 nothing much <3 Sailor Moon fandom has way too much hate already so this is by no means a form of spreading more ^u ^

Okay guys so much anger right now xD

I’m a HARDCORE shitennouxsenshi fan INSANE Venus fan and VenusxKunzite shipper, and im honestly NOT ANGRY with what Crystal did. Sure is dissapointing I was hoping the four would stay alive but I was expecting this already. 

Now WHY i think you guys shouldnt be too angry…not to let your anger over this episode make you trash crystal as a whole since we’ve been defending it vigorously so far….

1ST -> Remember Crystal is one of the MANY reacts of the story if you arent familiar with the sera myus and live action and games I reccomend you look into it.

This is not the first, nor the second time Venus doesnt get to kill Beryl, but for some reason it was always accepted. Is not fair to trash only crystal about it, if you’re gonna trash, better trash each of the versions she is not Beryl’s killer. Personally I still think this Minako is far superior to the old anime, like what I feel about the live action Mina, they are badasses who carry a weight heavier than any of the senshi but still manage to be as happy as Usagi. So yeah, Crystal!Venus is still friggin awesome.

2ND-> No matter HOW MUCH i adore the shitennou and what they represent (heck you guys saw how long i took to make that picture of the four) I admit that keeping them alive would turn the show INTO A MESS. Specially in the following arcs in which the senshi are faced with lonely struggles for life, Minako more than the others, remember next season black moon clan will kidnap them all and Mina will be left alone to meet King Endymion along with Chibiusa, Sailor Moon and Mamoru. Mamoru himself must suffer a good deal alone. The presence of the four with their memories of love, therefore still connected to the senshi, would implicate IN SERIOUS consequences to the characters development which honestly only starts to happen after season two, and plot line. It pains me to admit, that they must “die” physically. 

3RD- > Beryl’s Passive death. People please know your fandom…Beryl’s death is EACH FRIGGIN TIME different. In the old anime she becomes a weird mix with Metaria only to get blasted with the crescent wand not even sword, In La Reconquista Kunzite, Nephrite and Jadeite Kill her AFTER KILLING Zoisite thinking he was a traitor when he tried to rescue Ami, these to name a few cause im not feeling like gathering all Beryl’s deaths atm xD 
The way Beryl dies in Crystal is NOT uncommon either. Remember how Queen Neheleina dies?? If we consider that both are taken by Chaos, their bodies cannot endure without him. So her desintegration was awesome and logic in my opinion reminding me of Neheleina’s death as well.

4TH-> Usagi getting all zee powahs leaving none to the guuurrls, specially Mina. 
Yeah I dont think so… lets go by parts, Venus couldnt have the sword with her by the time when she and the others faced the shitennou FAR from Usagi’s location, and Usagi NEEDED the sword to kill Mamoru and herself, they had to give it away before the group was split.

If you think that her summoning the sword wasnt awesome than we can think about how RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME she already was in the previous episodes, her face off with Kunzite was really exciting and showed how serious she was about her mission, she has commanded the three inner senshi with  power and TRUE MOON PRIDE which is still part of the badass Minako we love in the manga. You guys were so angry about Usagi wielding the sword that you didnt even notice how Ami was all dymanic and powerful!  


lol now here are some other points about the future that will …or so i hope…make you guys less angry.

Much can still happen with the shitennou. what we are certain is that they are NOT dead. Kunzite is to guide Mamoru into delivering the final blow to Metalia. This might change but I dont think it will.

the stones fate can be quite uncertain, we know that Crystal will prolly go all the way till the end now, so we may see Crystal Tokyo and PERHAPS we might see them there, restored. Because their bodies were destroyed but their spirits are still strong, unlike the manga in which they are drained out from the exposure to all the power of Metaria and the Silver Crystal. Their situation is now more than ever like the Amazoness Quartet.

So we will see more of them as spirits I am certain!  

They also showed to be capable not only to talk to Mamoru in their stone/spirit form, but ALSO the SENSHI! I would like to think that Kunzite will be there for Minako when she needs him. <3

If you guys are sad cause the SenshixShitennou ship didnt sail as you expected, I would like to provide a little headcanon.

In this episode once the Shitennou are healed, each of the senshi repeats their names and says:

“that’s the true meaning…of your names” and when Jadeite still cannot recall, Rei says:
“Yes you have…Because you told us”.

Now its common in many fantasy settings the power of true names. One who knows a true name of something has power over the thing. 

If they gave their names to the senshi as Rei herself says, if they gave their…TRUE names, we can visualize how their romance went. They loved the girls deeply as to reveal their true names, their power source and who they really were. 

I felt the love.Specially when Kunzite looks over to Minako and calls to her with the most heartbreaking eyes I couldnt imagine him ever making.

So yeah, our ship is canon and even tho they might not be there anymore, they remain connected to each of their beloved.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED how they consoled the girls. Asking them not to cry, to CARRY ON (oh yeah the song better be playing in your head right now). 

Honestly each of their last messages shows us a bit of how they interacted with the girls.
Nephrite: Dont cry…dont cry sailor soldiers…
Zoisite: you still have a mission..
Jadeite: a mission to complete…
Kunzite: Stand up! Your princess is waiting for you!

Nephrite is the sweetest, not wanting to see those he love cry…a knight of comfort INDEED.

Zoisite’s voice is sweet and encouraging. a healer 

Jadeite repeats part of zoisite’s call, not as strong, somehwat frail. He knows he must let go and it hurts him, but he must be PATIENT no matter what cruel fate is in store for him.

And Kunzite … in his command he is encouraging. In a harsh way. Dont stand there! are you a scout or are you not! i can imagine him saying this, bringing Minako to her limits, pushing her further when she was weak, and raising her up when she falls. 

I hope i was able to make you guys see what was good in this episode, we already have so many bashers on Crystal, those who remain need to focus on all the good things it has brought us! The first animation with senshixshitennou! I will love Crystal for all the heartbreaking moments it has! 

Im not going to keep big hopes up, but WHO KNOWS mebe the next chapter might bring them back perhaps as regular humans so they dont interfere with the plot…is unlikely BUT I WILL NOT ABANDON HOPE!

Have a nice weekend guys!

ailarii  asked:

First off I'd like to say your streams are always so amazing <3 but also I had a question in regards to the brushes you use in PS? Like the ones you use to do the shading, do they have any sort of special settings to them to give it that "smeared/smudged" look? I was just curious since I'm hoping to get PS soon and I have no idea where to start with the brushes lol. I appreciate any sort of answer you can give! Keep up the fantastic work!

I’m glad you enjoy my streams! <3 It’s a pleasure having such good company.

Regarding my PS brushes, aside from a few textured custom brushes that I’ve collected from other sources over the years (like the cloudy brush I used for the background in this Keith picture), I pretty much always stick to the default ones PS comes with:

  • Hard Round Pressure Size - for lineart, hard-cel shading and details
  • Hard Round Pressure Opacity - mostly for the softer shading, which I’m assuming is what you mean by the smeared/smudged look, and for sketchy linework (with added pen pressure shape dymanics turned on)
  • Soft Round Pressure Opacity - I like to think of this as my super gay blushy brush because that’s pretty much all I use it for…

As with any new drawing program just get a feel for the basics first and see what does and doesn’t work for you and go from there! You’ll probably end up using PS in a totally different way to me but there’s no “right” way to do it, so as long as you’re happy that’s great! <3