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just saw a post from @asongoftarthandlannister about the change in dymanic of arya and gendry from book to screen.... do you also think that dynamic was changed and has messed up that relationship in the show? i really think it has, and i agree with what sarah wrote about this, but i'm just curious about your thoughts as your meta is always great!

I 100% think the show messed up Arya and Gendry’s dynamic, though I’m not sure if they’ve ruined it for good. The biggest change (and what ultimately screwed them) was the age difference. Gendry on the show looks to be in his mid to late twenties, where dear Maisie’s look lends youth to her character always; therefore the dynamic is graduated to “cool older guy friend and spunky young girl.” That’s not what GRRM gave us in the books.

In the books Gendry and Arya are fairly close in age, and from the beginning they have each other’s backs. They played with this in the show where Gendry threatens Hot Pie, but that’s really where it stops. Canon Gendry is stubborn, sullen, and very loyal; he follows Arya wherever she goes and allows her to take a leadership role while he assumes the beta status. He trusts in her instincts and decisions (”even if she was a girl”), and through trauma and the need to survive they are able to forge a great friendship that is based on trust and genuine appreciation. 

The romantic implications come about organically, and are not surprising in the least. And contrary to the show, Gendry is the one with the more blatant attraction to Arya. He’s quite jealous of her talking to other men (though that’s not to discount her own hissy fit at Bella), and he is the one to instigate the flirtation and wrestling at Acorn Hall. It’s also Gendry who is currently protecting a houseful of orphans near to where Arya was last seen, and since GRRM has confirmed Arya and Gendry will be meeting up again, I’d say there’s some unfinished business between the two.

As usual, the show fucked up the good thing they had in canon. They cast (and God love him) Joe Dempsie who, as cute as he is, is decidedly not Gendry. He’s far too old, which automatically forces the writers to completely flip the dynamic on its head, so now it’s Arya who is the lovestruck puppy and the one who begs him to stay with her. Their “friendship” is not as organic as it is in the books, and in fact, he’s interested in other women - something canon Gendry is very much against, especially with strangers. Unfortunately, we were treated to Joe Dempsie being molested onscreen by Melisandre after (stupidly) falling into her trap. Book Gendry is far too suspicious and off-putting in personality to have let that happen to him.

You can’t even really compare the two at this point because they’re so different, but summed up: canon Gendry and Arya are loyal friends akin to Robert and Ned, who have risked their lives to save one another, trust the other implicitly, and have a mutual crush that neither are smart enough to put a name to. Show Gendry and Arya are so far apart in age that they are immediately forced into a box of the younger girl having heart eyes for the hot older guy who likes equally hot foreign chicks that put leeches on his dick, and is totally just one of the bros. The character profiles are so dissimilar that it’s like trying to call a Corvette a Mini Cooper.