Meet Dylus.

He is an African Crocodile.

He comes off as scary but is a huge dork that tells horrible jokes.

xD Another old character I want to bring back. His design is still a wip.

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Dylus: -he smiled happily and patted her hands in return awkwardly, his tail thumping loudly against the ground- I’m….good….and….you? -he gave her a big hug-

“ Im good! Where have you been?! Hiding from me?” she said, giving a pout and a huff before pulling away to look at him. She had her hands on her hips and frowned a little bit before crossing her arms and huffing again. “ I haven’t seen you in ages, what have you been up to? Why haven’t I seen you? Hmmmm??” She wasnt really mad of course she was just teasing him…though she was curious to where he had been!