24hr Cupcake ATM

I’ll sleep soundly tonight for 2 reasons, 

1) I can wake up at any point and uninhibitedly have a cupcake

2) I am not alone. There are other people out there that find a cupcake ATM completely necessary

The cupcakes will be 4 dollars each, with 8 different flavors to choose from, that change each day. The cupcakes are said to be freshly baked as the ATM is attached to the actual Sprinkles location. How is that possible when the store closes at 11pm? The bakers arrive at 2am to begin baking for the day, so at worst, your cupcake will be 3 hours old. 

The fun doesn’t end there. Next door is the first Sprinkles ice cream spot. This puppy will sell brownies, cookies, you name it. Sprinkles will add their own little touch, by putting each scoop between cupcake tops. 

Lucky for me, these pretty babies will be located in Beverly Hills. If you follow me on twitter you’re sure to see a few 2am cupcakes every other day.


Los Angeles

Philadelphia finally came to to their senses, and put their cream cheese to use.

You know the intimate feelings I have for cream cheese icing.. that being said, Philadelphia has created cream cheese CHOCOLATE. The spreads come in white, dark and milk chocolate. No longer will your strawberries be naked. I suggest dipping pretzels, or marshmallows, or cookies, or chocolate bars, or dipping the white chocolate spread into the dark chocolate spread.. THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES

Happy Dylicious Day

Its an annual thing, like Thanksgiving, but you give thanks to desserts.. which are obviously more important than people.

If you are new to this, than let me explain. On December 9th, people got together and enjoyed Dylicious treats. 

Here’s a few moments in time that I captured for all of you to see and be jealous.

No, its not a requirement that you dine with people that look like human desserts.. that was just a fluke.

Save the date. Decemeber 9th, treat yourself on Dylicious Treat day.


Here I am telling all you about the #dylicious desserts I come across, and no one is telling me. A few people I know have tried these yet I didn’t even know they were in existence. I was also told that there was a pumpkin flavor for Halloween. 

I will never know what these sweet & salty collaboration tastes likes. Thanks, you fucks!