Leon is a staunch Doug/Dylas shipper, even when they’re all anthropomorphised animals. This line is actually uttered by snooty villagers, who are always female, but I think Leon would adore those two together enough to break gender stereotypes for a minute. 

Leon being a fox was dylas-doug's excellent idea. 

I don’t wanna be
the girl you only have time for when you’re bored
The girl you keep on the side
Or the girl you don’t tell anyone about.

I don’t want a random message from you in the middle of night,
asking to sneak out of my house and to sneak into yours. And then being expected to leave hella early in the morning.

I want to be worth more than that. No, I’m not saying I expect you to buy me flowers and chocolate everyday.
I just want to be the girl you introduce your parents. To your friends. To your other relatives. I want to be the girl you show off as much as a nigga shows off his car, as much as a hoe shows off her butt. I want to be the girl you actually spend time with and not just when you have time.

But that’s too much to ask for apparently, so I’ll wait.