Eric is so tiny that if he took one tiny hit he’d be so fucked up

“i get all the pusssyyyy dudddeee”

“eric you’re a virgin”

“nooo dudddeee" “pussssssyyy”

"eric you don’t even know what pussy looks like”

“funkyyy vaginnaa”

“eric do you even know what a g-spot is”

“duddde  it'ss   likeeeee annnnn instttrummmmentttt riggghttt mannnn”

“eric do you need me to drive you home”

“nahhhh ddduuuddeee  i gooot mmmyyy scoootterrr yoooo”

“eric you don’t own a scooter”

**pretends to ride scooter** “duuuddeee thiissss isss sooooo raddd”

“eric do you know what kmfdm is”

“iiit'sss a biiggg pusssy  ladddddddieeeeeee”

"eric solve one plus 6”

“easssy  sixtyyy ninnneeee hahsh”

“eric what is my name”


"eric get in the car we’re driving you home" 

 "whattt isss carrr?”

“eric do you remember sparky”

“that soundsss like a sexxyxyxyyx porrrn laddIiiIeeeeee" 

"eric sparky is your dog”

“did youuuu sayyy cockkk"  "hhhas my cockkkk isss nameeee sparkkyy”

“hey eric who is dylan" 

"myyyy fuckkkbudddy duddddeee”  

“but eric, i am dylan”

"shuuttt the  fuCK up VeLMaaa" 

"eric my name is dylan not velma”
“veLLy youUUU goTTaaaaa chILLL dUuDDDEEE" 

"eric who is the president" 


  “do you like cock" 

**leans in a whispers** "onnllyyy foororrr dyllddodo”

“eric who is dyldo”

**grabs by the shoulder** “LEMMMOoNnNnN”

“eric you are hurting me”

“ohooho yoesxcvbo youo liekigk thatstd sltut" 

"eric i am erect”

**locks eye with** “velly you do not have a pe nis”

**passes out**

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I was tagged by the lovely @vodka-the-sunshine-boy ily very much <3 <3 <3 

Name: Charlotte

Nickname(s): Char, Charlo, Vegan (i know)

Zodiac sign: Scorpioooooo

Hogwarts house: Slytherin pride 

Height: 5′5″

Fave book series:  The Maze Runner series

Fave fictional characters: Effy and Cassie (Skins), Newt (Maze Runner), Cal and Andre (Zero Day, YES I COULDNT CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM), John Watson (BBC Sherlock), Aphrodite (Marked series), many many more but i cant think of them omg i just love books okay

Fave flower:  Sunflowers #basic 

Fave scents: Cookies in the oven, ‘fresh’ like clean towels and laundry kinda smell ygm??

Fave colour: Forest greeeeeeeen

Fave animals: Man i just really love cats

Fave artist/band: Smashing Pumpkins hello dyldo

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa : Coffee

Average # of sleep: Either 5 or 10, no in-between 

Number of blankets: Who sleeps with more than one blanket??

Dream trip: ROAD TRIP YES!!!! Also i wanna visit Colo so bad

Last thing you googled: ‘tcc meme’ ahahahaha i hate myself (if it makes it any better worse the one before that was ‘Psalm 8′ #Christian

Blog created: April!!

How many blogs do I follow: 399

Number of followers: 680

What I usually post about: Not many original posts, but bash my thoughts i suppose??

What I reblog: Columbine (both e&d and the victims), Dylann, memes, info, and other true crime :)))

Tag 20 followers you’d like to know better: Apologies if you’ve done this already (and there aren’t 20 of you but still) @naturallyselectioned @hoe4basementtapes @vodka-is-godlike @harrishate @v-reb @vodkasgirl

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Name: dylan
Nickname: dyl, dyldo, dylly, mad cow….
Zodiac Sign: pisces
Hogwarts House: mf slytherin fuck yea
Height: 5′8
Orientation: lesbiannnn
Ethnicity: uhhh…. white
Favourite Fruit: grapes, blackberries, red plums
Favourite Season: summer (right now!!)
Favourite Book Series: the raven cycle or all for the game
Favorite Fictional Characters: gansey, andrew, james potter, sirius black, remus lupin, lily potter
Favourite Flower: red roses, sunflowers, lilies
Favourite Scents: i currently wear givenchy’s ange ou demon
Favourite colour: yellow in summer red in winter
Favourite animal: sharks!! cats!!
Favourite artist/band: BTS, my chemical romance, muse, marina, panic!, fob
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot cHOCOLATE
Average sleep hours: 5 on weekdays but i work best on 10-11
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1
Dream trip: tokyo, las vegas, seoul
Last thing I googled: fat titties… i can explain
Blog Created: when i was around 14 i think, so 3 years ago
How many blogs I follow: 418
Number of followers: 3k
What do I usually post: cute aesthetic shit
Do I get asks regularly: NO I WANT MORE 
ill tag: fuuuck uh @k-emical @fuckrigh @twentyonepillocks and literally anyone who sees this pls feel free to say i tagged u i wont mind at all nd id love 2 learn more abt people


dyldo busting a move

dancing to the most cliche song about a school shooting ever

Dylric/Reader Threesome

u awoke in dylons bed at 3 in the mornkgn because you were having a sleepover with your best girlfriends erthicc and dylon

dylan was like “hey baby…wake up i gotta show you somethin” so you got up and he showed u his box of fun things

in the box was a bunch of bdsm sex toys!!!11!

“me and erthicc use these regularly uwu” the giant blonde lanky giraffe said

u were like “oh dam tie me up dadd”
and so dyldo klecum tied you up to his fnaf themed bed and you said “oOoh yES I LOVE YOUR SEXY MILKED VIDEO GAME THEMED BED DADDYyy” but this only made him SMACC your bare buttocks and made u yell real good

eric came in and was like “woah dam” and took off his duck onesie in two seconds before he sticced the dicc in your anushole with consent because he respecks women

dylick was like “oooooo yeagh” and starting jacking off with a spoon and finished after two minutes and came on eric’s onesie

after eric fucced u he was like “dude what the fuck those are my pajamas”

dylan apologized by eating his thicc ass right in front of u and you started crying because your ass hurts and you went home and died of extreme ass pain

The end.

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omg,,,,; how DARE you airwreck and DYLDO were 🅱️🅱️ HETERO STRAIGHTS!!!! Ur,???,,,? Disgusting to the TCC™ *self insert fanfic*

oeh :(( its time to pack up *puts 3 socks into suitcase* farewell 

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😂please😯 tell 🗣 👉🏽me👈🏽 why 💧eric 👸harris and dylan 👅klebold make ❗️me so 💧wet💦i just 🔞want their 😫big corn dogs 🐶 to penetrate 😱my roast 🍗beef 🍖wallet 😍at the same time⏱🤢i ain't🚫 about no❌greasy 🥓ass sixteen 1️⃣6️⃣year old sack 🤤of hormones🤤🤞🏼 lookin ass dylann 🤷‍♂️🚫roof i just ⛓want my 🐽columbine 🌺🌸daddies🔥💞not these❌💯 new fake 🤔hoes is that 🔰too much to ask ✅♻️of you, lord dyldo?😳🤷‍♂️

i, lord dyldo, approve
dylann roof looks like a soggy blue waffle
eric and dylan can bite my vagina off
thank u anon