the dylan’s from teen wolf have a very. important. msg.


Dylan Sprayberry Lockscreens (iPhone 5/5s/5c)

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so, this is where teen wolf ends. i feel like deep down we all saw it coming. it would always be hard to figure out storylines with the pack no longer in school. its honestly the most upsetting thing, that this incredible thing must come to an end but when i think about it, im so thankful for what it has made me into. aspects of all the characters, morals, storylines have impacted me and changed me and shaped me into the person i am today. a person i am proud of and proud to be. ive learnt that theres nothing more important than the loyalty and trust for your friends and family and that you, no matter what happens will always have the ones who care for and love you. scott mccall has taught me never to stop fighting to make things right, and to never stop protecting those who i care about. stiles stilinski has taught me that you should never stop fighting for those you love and that its perfectly okay to not be totally okay. lydia martin has taught me that there are layers to people, you need to keep searching because theres goodness and magic in everyone and that no matter who you are and what you look like, you can be brilliant. malia tate has taught me that no matter what happens to you or where you come from, you can always end up in a good place, with good people. liam dunbar has taught me, you can always change as a person, you can recover from your faults and mistakes and that no matter what, you are worthy and you have potential. theo raeken has taught me, everyone has a reason to do the wrong thing, beneath all that is bad lies a good heart and an ounce of goodness, you need to overlook mistakes because people do change. allison argent has taught me that you dont have to follow protocol. you are your own person and you should do what you think is right, and you should always do anything for the ones you love. the pack has taught me to love myself no matter what i am or who i turn into. and teen wolf has taught me that friends and family are so important. you need to be brave. you need to protect those who cannot protect themselves. the end is near, but we cant dwell in the sadness we need to rise up and take everything weve been taught into our heart, mind and soul. weve become better people thanks to teen wolf. lets thank them for shaping us into such a tight family and creating the best, closest most incredible family any fandom has every seen. so thankyou jeff, the cast, the team, and teen wolf in general for making me a better version of myself.

Preference ~ Nightmare (Part 1)



BAM! BAM! BAM! I looked to my right and saw Brooklyn fall to the ground three bullet wounds seeping blood on his chest. I screamed and felt someone grabbing my arm waking me up from this nightmare.

“Babe it’s okay, everything’s alright, it was just and nightmare” I heard Brooklyn tell me as I grabbed his torso and cried into his chest. He simply wrapped his arms around me and started placing light kisses to my forehead. He was alive, my boyfriend was alive and well! I began to calm down but was far to afraid to fall back asleep. Brooklyn suggested we watch Netflix till I fall back asleep. We layer in bed, my head resting on his chest arms holding one another peacefully watching a rom-com till I passed out.


Zombies ran after me as The Golden Trio ran ahead of me trying sending spells my way to slow me down and to kill the zombie. I couldn’t but shake and shriek right before the zombie could grab me and eat my face, I awoke. It took me a few moments to figure where I was. Turns out I was in the arms of my fiancé Shawn, I was still shaking from the pictures that continued to flash through my mind. I promise I tried to fall asleep multiple times before I got out of bed to go to the washroom. When I got back I noticed Shawn was gone and began to feel guilty knowing it was most likely my fault he was awake. I decided to sit on the bed and wait for my cuddle buddy to get back to bed. When he returned he had his favourite guitar in hand, I gave him a confused face but he said nothing. He simply joined me on the bed but he decided to get under the sheets. I followed his lead and laid down under the covers of our bed. Shawn began to strum at his guitar and sang some of the songs my parents played when I was younger. I started to fade sleep taking over, but before completely losing consciousness I felt a warm pair of lips touch my forehead.


Peyton was making out with a girl right in front of me when they realized I was there they broke apart and I saw it was Sabrina. We had been friends for a while now, I can’t believe she would do this to me. I began crying and felt arms wrap around me, my eyes opened and saw Peyton sitting next to me. I began to realize it was simply a dream, Peyton seemed so confused so I began to explain what I saw happen in my dream. He reassured me that something like that could never happen and once we realized the time we couldn’t get back to sleep. We decided that a hike would be the best way to relax after my shake up. We ran and by the end I could barely remember what happened in that dream.


Man eating flowers attacked me I was so close to dying I could feel the fear pulsing through my veins. I felt my arm being grabbed and began to scream, I sat up quickly eyes flying open. My heart was pounding, I couldn’t fall back asleep it was 5am and I needed to be on set at 6:30. I decided to call my boyfriend Corey to see if he was awake maybe he could calm me down. I was having a full fledged panic attack usually Corey was able to calm me down. He answered at the second ring seeming a bit anxious as well, he began asking if I was okay he wanted me to tell him why I was calling at 5 in the morning. Once I explained the situation he suggested we go on a walk and take some pictures. It would calm us both down and prepare us for our long days on different sets. We walked in a gorgeous forest seeing lots of different


Dylan Sprayberry

Werewolves were everywhere I saw them ripping Dylan’s body limb for limb, my heart shattered in a billion pieces. I was screaming bloody murder but no one was listening, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I felt my body shaking. Someone was shaking me, the werewolves were staring me down but before the fangs broke my flesh my eyes opened and I was in my bed. Dylan was looking at me fear and worry present on his face, I told what happened in my dream. Once I was done he began to kiss my forehead and asked me what I wanted to do. I knew if I tried to fall back asleep the scene of Dylan dying would continue replaying behind my eyelids. My husband suggested we simply watch TV until I doze off again. We were curled up in bed together all the next day as well since neither of us felt very well since we stayed up all night together.