the way his body moves in this gif is so hot and i don’t know why

probably because he’s wearing actual pants that fit him and we get a lil booty silhouette

plus he’s got his patented ‘checkin out firecrotch’ look too like he’s huntin for the d which he prolly is i mean how much can they bang with that many gallaghers around

and i mean ian’s in his rotc pants and you just gotta know he’s got himself a nice lil ian-in-uniform fetish like the army’s shit but gallagher looks hot in his uniform so yolo

in summary this gif is fatal. thanks a lot dylanocryin

whatshouldntbe  asked:

Okay check this out. Maybe I glazed over the tag somehow but I was wondering if you have any like adoption fics where either Stiles or Derek is adopted? Shout to you if you do, and dishonor on your cows if you don't.

better not dishonor my cows then. we did not have an adoption tag but now we do!


Galinewt’s Star Student Stiles by Noowayjose (5/50 | 15,397 | NR)

Galinewts just so happens to involves wizards, which Stiles is. Crazy huh. When a brooding werewolf meets a first year wizard, let’s just say sparks fly.

Sleeping on the Floor by BeautyOnFyre (1/1 | 5,758 | PG13)

Talia remembered it all like it was yesterday as they watched their boys, Derek and Stiles, banter back and forth on the back porch and smiled. Stiles may not have been born a Hale, but he was 100% pack.

Daddy Love by secretfangirl18 (32/32 | 71,171 | NC17)

Derek is 29 and Stiles is 11. Derek adopted Stiles from an orphanage when he was 8. Their love for each other will always burn bright.

Predators by lavieboheme0919 (5/? | 16,757 | NC17)

When his parents died, Stiles was adopted by the Argent family and raised to be a Hunter. The night of his first solo hunt, he discovers his target, Derek Hale, is innocent of the crime he’s been accused of. Stiles kills a local gang member instead and realizes he loves killing. A chance encounter with another Hunter forces Derek and Stiles to become tense and unlikely allies as they try to survive and escape a group of Hunters who want them both dead.

Running; Leaping; Falling by Jinko (5/? | 46,381 | NC17)

AU prompt from Tumblr:

Sheriff Stilinski is bitten by an alpha werewolf the night he’s looking for a girl’s remains.

Genim ‘Stiles’ Skalski, Cora Hale and Isaac Lahey run from their abusive pack when they hear of an alpha rising up from the decimated Hale pack.

They know the risks of running but they weren’t aware their alpha would kill to get them back. They weren’t aware Derek would fight to keep them.


Greet the circus with a smile by dylanocryin (1/1 | 4,373 | PG13)

Scott is Derek’s little brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. He’s staying with Scott at their house for two weeks.
Derek thinks Stiles is pretty great. In many different kinds of ways.

Or, yet another fic where Derek has a crush on his brother’s best friend and kissing ensues.

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anonymous asked:

Are there any teen!Derek and Stiles?

Fluffy Wolf has got you covered, Anon. Check out our high school au tag here those tend to have them both as teenagers (as do our jock!derek, jock!stiles, nerd!derek, and nerd!stiles, and popular!derek tags)! But here are more fics for you!

Moonstruck Like-Love by samslostshoe

2,246  I  one shot

General Audiences

The one where Derek meets new people and plays spin the bottle and generally complains about slumber parties. (A Supernatural/Teen Wolf Crossover)

Roses are Red by superpotterlock (fvalconbridge)

3,103  I  one shot

Teen and Up

Stiles is a mouthy lacrosse jock and Derek is a sensitive(ish) bookworm. Sometimes Derek puts short poems and quotes in Stiles’ locker, and Stiles complains about it but secretly loves it…

Keep Your Friends Close and Their Brothers Closer by BekkaChaos

3,268  I  one shot  I  part 1 of 2 of this series


Stiles and Cora are lab partners and close friends, doing a lot of studying together. Stiles gets sort of infatuated with Derek, her older brother, when he sees him back at the Hale house on his break from college. Secret text shenanigans and other forbidden activities ensue.

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Saucery

3,895  I  one shot


“Hey, remember when we popped zits together? So sexy.”

An alternate universe in which Derek and Stiles are the same age, and Derek is Stiles’s best friend who happens to be a werewolf, not Scott.

Greet the circus with a smile by dylanocryin

4,374  I  4/5

Teen and Up

Scott is Derek’s little brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. He’s staying with Scott at their house for two weeks.
Derek thinks Stiles is pretty great. In many different kinds of ways.

Or, yet another fic where Derek has a crush on his brother’s best friend and kissing ensues.

Finding My Way Back To You by myshadesofblack

6,464  I  6/?

Teen and Up

Childhood friends, Derek and Stiles were always close, really close. They got together in high school but somehow, it didn’t work, no matter how hard, how much, they wanted it to. Even with that, they grew closer. But Stiles is tired of waiting for Derek to want to be with him again, so when cute Danny Mahealani asks him out, he can’t help but say yes. But then there’s Derek, who came back for Stiles, who waited for him when he did his year abroad, who thought he’d give him time before he tried to ask him out again only to watch Danny steal the only person he’s ever loved.

Wearing Your Letterman by ShakeThatCocktail

6,531  I  one shot


Stiles has a thing for Lettermans. Derek has a thing for nerds. It’s shame the two can’t come together in an easy way.

there’s a fire going out by wolfiery (asswords)

7,776  I  one shot


Stiles should make a list of what he’s blabbed and what heshouldn’t. Number one being how pathetically in love he is with his best friend.

He looks over to see Derek with a calculating expression and then feels the Camaro turning around suddenly.

“Whoa, are you trying to kill me?! Is this payback for that time I switched the bindings in your Physics book to your History book? Because that was just a friendly form of entertainment,” He clutches the armrest with a death grip and his body jerks forward when Derek makes an abrupt stop at the streetlight and Stiles will deny that he lets out a girlish squawk.

“That was you?”

Damage by evelett

10,459  I  4/?


WARNING: Tagged for major character death 

Rule number one of Beacon Hills High is don’t fuck with Derek Hale. Those who don’t follow the rule end up in the hospital. No joke. Last year Greenberg accidentally beaned Derek with a ball in lacrosse practice and the dude spent three months in a wheelchair. When you fail to follow rule number one see rule number two, ie. flee for your life you stupid bastard.

Starting At A, Not Ending Until Z by BrokenLight

12,044  I  5/?

Teen and Up

“Um, … My uncle… Yeah, my uncle is studying… astrology!” Derek said, almost smiling to himself at coming up with an answer to when Stiles had overheard his mom and uncle talking about going out on the full moon.

“So… um, he goes out to observe the moon… when the moon is full?” Derek continued with his explanation sounding almost as if he were asking Stiles.

Stiles may or may not have forgotten to mention to Derek that he not only knew about werewolves, but he wasn’t 100% human himself, then he may or may not have enjoyed watching him scramble to cover it up.


Or the one where Derek is a completely normal, average teenager, besides the fact he’s a werewolf, and Stiles is a normal, teenager who also happens to harbor some supernatural secrets.

The Lawn Ranger by Snowjob

18,226  I  3/4

Teen and Up

In which Derek is an adolescent werewolf with a penchant for chocolate bunnies, and instead of the dream summer of lazing around the house playing video games and nibbling on his hoarded supply of easter candy his mother makes him get a job.

In which Stiles is a showoff jock with a broken arm and an embarrassing crush who can no longer push the lawn mower around the yard.

AD MEMORIAM EORUM QUOS VALDE AMO ( In Memory of Those I Love) Part One -The Past by TheRowan

20,096  I  10/10  I  part 1 of 3 of this series

Teen and  Up

Before he became an Alpha, Derek Hale lived a quiet and secluded life. One day his mother reconnected with an old friend and she brought her child along. Derek and Stiles become an odd mixmatched pair of friends. And when tragedy strikes they find that having each other is a way to survive.

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon by secondstar

21,317  I  6/6


Being a teenager sucks. Being a werewolf teenager sucks even more. With a life full of holding back who he really is, not having any privacy whatsoever, and the seemingly sudden appearance of one Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale’s life just got a whole lot harder.

A Dork in Wolf’s Clothing by silver_etoile

36,904  I  one shot


Stiles doesn’t want to spend senior year the same way he’s spent all the rest of them - invisible - so he enlists Lydia’s help to change his fortune and make him popular. What he doesn’t expect are all the strings that come along with it. It doesn’t help that popular guys are so hot and Derek Hale is the hottest one of all.

Derek Hale and his grudge against the one and only Stiles Stilinski by orphan_account

36,957  I  10/?


Stiles is a freshman starting his first year at Beacon hills high which unfortunately is run by Derek Hale, Mr popular lacrosse captain who happens to just love making Stiles his next door neighbors life hell after Stiles accidentally dented his brand new black camaro while practicing lacrosse.

Like I said, some of these will be on the high school au tag, but some of these are new! I hope you like them!

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

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