the way his body moves in this gif is so hot and i don’t know why

probably because he’s wearing actual pants that fit him and we get a lil booty silhouette

plus he’s got his patented ‘checkin out firecrotch’ look too like he’s huntin for the d which he prolly is i mean how much can they bang with that many gallaghers around

and i mean ian’s in his rotc pants and you just gotta know he’s got himself a nice lil ian-in-uniform fetish like the army’s shit but gallagher looks hot in his uniform so yolo

in summary this gif is fatal. thanks a lot dylanocryin

HIIII EVERYONE because i finally hit 1k i decided to make my first follow forever :) thank you all so much for making my dashboard so incredibly fun every single day! when i first made this blog back in august i never thought this many people would follow me and you honestly have no idea how happy it makes me that this many people find my blog worth following so THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART you guys are amazing i love you all very very much!!

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