Dear Followers...

…what kind of music do you listen to?  

First 20 songs on shuffle on iTunes (Close it and reopen it to start fresh)

i doubt any of you will actually do this, but hopefully a few will. im bored and looking to expand my library some more.

01  Kid Ink - Low Key Poppin’

02  Yelawolf - Good to Go (Ft. Bun B)

03  MellowHype - Rico (Ft. Frank Ocean)

04  Chris Webby - Webster’s Revenge

05  The Weeknd - Rolling Stones & Cocaine Rocks 

06  Yelawolf - Animal (Ft. Fefe Dobson)

07  MellowHype - CopKiller (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt)

08  Mac Miller - Willie Dynamite

09  Young Jeezy - Lose My Mind (Ft. Plies)

10  Eminem - W.T.P.

11  KiD CuDi - All Along

12  KiD CuDi - Solo Dolo (Nightmare)

13  50 Cent - Build You Up

14  Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot

15  Drake - Marvins Room

16  Blue & Exile - So(ul) Amazin’

17  Young Buck - Walk With Me (Ft. Stat Quo)

18  Machine Gun Kelly - LTFU (One More Time)

19  Lil Wayne - Whip It

20  Gorilla Zoe - I Got It

The last photo of me….in 2011…altho that might be a lie, the ones with other ppl may have been before midnight.  but this is before the fun started, right after the inagural blunt to kick off the festivities.  Me, Cookie, & Felix.  I obviously looked the best =P hahahaha.  What a great 2011 it was, here’s to 2012

Introducing Bloo-Dreams-Clothing

This is my new spreadshirt shop.  Here i will design & sell (with the help of spreadshirt) my clothing designs to the public.  so stop on by, check it out, and if you like something, feel free to pick it up.  it helps me, and the clothing companies involved.  Thanks for stopping by!


This is what i did with my weekend.  8.5 grams of AK-47 Hash.  Me & Cookie took about 1.5-2 ounces of very dried AK-47 trimmings, and using our good amigo Gem Clear, we made alcohol extraction hash.  Thank god for rice cookers & stoned/drunk kids who are bored.  just wanted to share, hope you’re jealous. =)