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When Dylan wrote of looking for his love, was he thinking in terms of a soulmate or just a high school girlfriend?

Both. Since he was in high school himself, they’d be one in the same. But never ‘just’ for Dylan.

the camping trip | dylan & orion

🔼 and our muses will go camping

Dylan was waiting outside the Entrance Hall, regretting every single decision he had made in the last 48 hours - particularly the one where he agreed to go camping. Outside. In the forest. Outside.

He tilted his head when he heard footsteps coming his way and let out a breath, somehow knowing it was him without even looking. “You do realize I only agreed to this because you’re cute, right?” 

This time, Dylan did look up, peering at him over the top of his sunglasses as he leaned against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest. “Oh, no. You stop looking at me with that sunny, smiley Hufflepuff expression of yours. I think I’ve been drugged. Or I really am whipped. I’m leaning to the latter, so let’s go before my ego drops even more and I have a mental breakdown.” Dylan pouted in the direction of the forest. “Or get eaten.”