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Stoned On You

A/N: Hiii. This is a collaboration with me and @minhosmeanhoe . We figured out  that we’re the same person with the same dirty mind and this was the outcome. This is the longest and most smut I’m sure either of us has ever written in our lives and I hope you guys love reading as much as we loved writing it ! The song that goes with this fic is Stoned On You by Jaymes Young

Warnings: smut; smoking (weed), drinking, mentions of violence, hair pulling; I’m sure there is more but idk rn

Word Count: 12,529

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The Preacher’s Daughter

Author: @stilinski-jpeg

A/N: This collab is so funny because I literally had this idea and Camile was like “I’m already writing one.” Nia and Camile strike again. This is going to be a series, so buckle up babes it’s going to be a hell of a ride. I have to thank @minhosmeanhoe (Camile) for pushing me to do this when my motivation was lacking and always being there for me when I get stuck. She also proofread and edited this because she’s literally the best. Okay, without further ado.

Paring: ReaderxMitchfuckingRapp

Warnings: Is it a stilinski-jpeg/minhosmeanhoe fic without smut?? Otherwise, no warnings.

Word Count: 4682

Camile’s version: here

Song: Good Kid by Former Vandal

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manas do ceu espero que estejam tao xonadas nesses packs como eu(amor proprio eh tudo) a primeira header eh minha mas o resto nao!!!aquele beijo mamae ama vcs xx 

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