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A/N: No. The title is not a misspelling.

Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Word Count: 5,859

Warnings: Smut, Unprotected Sex, Oral (M&F Receiving), Slight Dom!Dylan, Rough, Fluff, Awkwardness

A/N#2: You can thank @haveyoumetmeyet for this imagine. She played me into writing it. She’s smart like that. Also, big thanks to @redstringlovers for helping me with a few ideas on this. Where would I be without you guys? <3

   I smiled at Dylan from across the room, my drink firm in my hand. Dylan smiled back, lifting his beer in a toast as he winked at me. I hid my blush by taking another sip of my drink. Holland, who was standing in front of me, stepped to the side so she was blocking Dylan from my view. My eyes refocused on her.

   “Hello? Earth to Y/N,” Holland said.

   “Oh, sorry, Hol,” I chuckled nervously, ridding Dylan from my mind. “What were you saying?”

   “I asked what you were going to do now that Teen Wolf was over, but now I’m more interested in who got you so red.” Before I could say no, she looked back. Dylan, who’s eyes had still been on me, quickly darted back to Tyler Posey, continuing with the conversation like he hadn’t been staring elsewhere.

   I dreaded seeing Holland’s face when she turned back to me because I knew what she would say. For years, she’d been begging me to talk to Dylan about my feelings for him, but what was the point of that when the possibility of losing his friendship altogether seemed greater than the chances of him reciprocating my feelings? Holland wasn’t the only one who wanted me to tell him; Shelley and Tyler knew, but I made them vow secrecy if they valued my friendship.

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swipe right [smut]

A;N: Things and people you meet are not always what they seem. 

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .9,612

Listen to me.

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Submit To Me - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 15,061

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Public Teasing, Public Masturbation, Teasing in the car and in the bedroom, pleading, seduction, striping Dylan because he’s sexy as fuck, dry humping, thigh riding, hand jobs, face riding, handcuffs, blindfolds, 69 (aka oral male and female receiving), overstimulation, praising, orgasm denial, female riding male (regular and reverse cowgirl), whiny Dylan, mentions of dominant Dylan, A lot of submissive Dylan, BREATHY MOANS

Notes: I will make this short as I am writing this pool side from hell. I’m so sorry this took forever. I have no excuses. But hopefully it was worth it. I honestly don’t know if this is my best writing for what you guys wanted from this. I promise the next thing I write won’t take as long. 

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Let’s get one thing straight

I like this white man and him alone

Maybe this one as well

Probably should add this one to the list

Okay, okay. Last one (even if he’s half Caucasian)

Or maybe if I just add

But let’s not forget the first one

That is all……. For now

Dance With Me - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 2722

Warnings: Pure Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, More Filth

Notes: #SorryNotSorry

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Girls and gay guys what is with us liking the crazy killers

We like him

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And him

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And him

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Then we started to like his “twin”

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And we love him

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And him

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And him

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And him

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You what after looking at this list I understand myself now we all just need these babies

I now have some new ones to add

And him

Okay I can dead happy now

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Updated 29/08/2018 <3

The One with the Wet Clothes

Dylan O’Brien x Reader   Soulmate AU

(fanart made by @disbestiles)

Word Count: 2,698

Warnings: Fluff, Goofiness, General ‘First Time Meeting’ Awkwardness

A/N: I’m so in love with this story and where it goes, so I hope you enjoy it, too.

Part 1 (you are here), Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Epilogue

   I sighed quietly as the moon rose higher and higher in the sky, dragging with it the stars of the night. The chill in the winter air made me tug my blanket closer around me as I waited. Orion floated high in the sky, flashing me images of a brown-headed warrior with eyes like the stars coming to take me away. The belt was my favorite part to look at, specifically the center star, known as Alnilam.

   Ever since I was a child looking up at the sky with my father, that was the star my eye was drawn to. While he would be explaining every constellation in the littered sky, I was watching that star wink at me happily.

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I’m Void, Baby - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 12,592

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Masturbation, Oral (male receiving), dirty talk, spanking, bits of drinking, sexy Void Dylan

Notes: I’m not allowed to say “Can you imagine” especially to @minhosmeanhoe​ because then we just talk about sexy things like this. You guys can thank her for giving me this idea and cranking through bits of the story for it.

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The One with the Hands

Dyan O’Brien x Reader     Soulmate AU

Word Count: 3,494

Warnings: Fluff, Sexual Tension, Smut (M&F Masturbation), Inappropriate Comments

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 (you are here), Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Epilogue

   Dylan groaned for the fourth time in the hour, squirming on the couch next to me as he tried to continue playing the video game. It was one of the more popular first-person shooters that I still hadn’t bothered to learn the name of, despite me kicking his ass in every round. I killed his guy again, and, once again, his groan wasn’t of loss.

   I threw down my controller and looked at him. “Okay, what is it?”


   “Why do you keep groaning like that?”

   “Well, it’s just, my…” Dylan’s eyes flicked over to me and he shook his head gently. “It’s nothing.”

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Lucky Number 24 - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 5008

Warnings: Smut

Notes: Lacrosse Week Special for my favorite bby, Stiles. I can’t believe I just wrote this. I never intended for it to actually turn into that but I got to the point I wanted to, and kinda couldn’t stop from there.

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