dylan O'Brien

The kissing booth was hot garbage that I wish to unsee, but To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before cleared my skin, boosted my intelligence, and cured my awkwardness.


Something like the alleyway scene, where it’s like a mini one-act play and you run the whole 18 pages of it, it’s so much easier to get lost in it. That’s why actors love doing theater so much, I guarantee you. It’s refreshing to be able to do something where you don’t have to be stopped every two seconds, and you can just play it out and it’s done.

Happy 27th Birthday, DYLAN O’BRIEN! (August 26, 1991)

Shawn Mendes: *exists*

Me: I stan one (1) white guy

Tom Holland: *exists too*

Me: I stan two (2) white guys

Nick Robinson: *exists x3*

Me: i stan three (3) goddamn white guys

K.j Apa: *eXiSTs

Me; becoming noticeably bothered: I stan three (3) and a half (½) white guys

Dylan O’Brien: *mEgA ExiStS*