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Long Stiles Stilinski Imagine - 

It had been a couple of months since the sheriff had found me. Apparently it was illegal to live in a school, yet I had managed to pull it off some time. I had came from a small town called Daphswood where I had no family, lived in foster home with 6 other girls. I had done my research about my family and it’d turned out that my father wasn’t who he said to be. My “father” lied on my bieth certificate to keep me safe. My real father had apparently not known of my existence. So I did some research, and an interesting place called Beacon Hills showed up. It wasn’t exactly what I expected but it was one step closer to finding out the truth about my father. I had taken all the money I saved up since I was a kid to make it all the way here. 

That’s when I snuck into the high school and found this huge air vent where I made it my home. A few weeks later though, the police came to the school and found me. It was quiet embarrassing actually because that’s when the sheriff found me. He had asked what I was doing and why. I told him the truth, that I was new and that I didn’t go to school there. During the day I would spent my days in the forest of the back of the football field and come back when every student had left the building. He forced me to get out of the air vent and offered a place to stay, until I “accomplished” what I needed to. It was that day I had first met Stiles Stilinski. Little sarcastic, skinny, innocent, baby deer’d eyes Stiles. It was about 6 pm when sheriff drove me to his house. He told me that it had been a while they had a girl in the house. It made me smile for some odd reason. While he was showing me around the house, Stiles got out of his room, “Hey dad are you…” But he didn’t finish the sentence when he saw me. He looked surprised and taken back. He asked, “Who’s this?” His dad explained everything to him.

And now, a few months later. I’m not in school because I told Sheriff that I wouldn’t go until I had a stable job. Which sadly isn’t offered much in this small town. Stiles keeps waking up in the middle of the night screaming that I’ve gotten so used to it now. And am always ready for it now. 

It’s weird, I once passed by his door in the middle of the night and his father was with him. He sounded like he was in danger, as if it was the last breath he would take which scared me so much. Since then, I started to really care for him and it’s hard to sleep when you have your insomniac friend screaming in his sleep each night. It’s only gotten worst and the sheriff and I are ready to take him to the hospital but he refuses to go. 

It’s a Wednesday night, at about two am. I’m asleep until I hear Stiles scream. His dad’s working late and we we’re the only two in the house. I rush to his room and go straight to him. He’s shaken up and has this terrified look on his face. Usually it’s his dad who comes to see him. But now he’s not here. So I sit next to him on his bed while I hug him.

You: *whispers* “It’s just a dream Stiles.”

Stiles: *stutters* “STO-OP N-NO.”

You: “Stiles look at me.”

Stiles: *shaking* “Is this another dream?”

You: *caresses his arm while hugging him* “No this is real, it’s all real.”

Stiles: *mumbles* “That’s something someone would say in my dream.”

You: *let’s go of him and face him* “Ok how do you distinguish between a dream and reality?”

Stiles: “I don’t know, usually it depends on the person. Scott has an extra finger, Lydia ends up in my bed beside me.”

You: “And how about me?”

Stiles: “You’re very dark in my dreams. Don’t show much emotion and keep everything bottled up. You’re very cold towards me.”

You: “But look Stiles, I just hugged you and now I’m comforting you. That’s not being cold towards you right?”

Stiles: *looks at you delusional* “You can be tricking me.”

You: “Stiles look at me—- STILES LOOK AT ME.”

He stares right into my eyes while breathing heavily. I look at his eyes then his lips and go immediately for his lips. Stiles completely shocked has no idea how to react. His lips taste of chocolate and cinnamon and so warm. The touch of his lips sent shivers all over my body. I let him go before he has a chance to react properly.

Stiles: *gulps lightly* 

You: “See this is real, I’m real.”

He starts to calm down and inhale deep breaths. Slowly I see the look of madness in his eyes disappear. He stops hyperventilating and looks at me.

Stiles: “It’s getting worst each day.”

You: “Want me to call up Scott?”

Stiles: “Um no I think I’ll be ok.”

You: “Will you fall asleep now?”

Stiles: “Probably not.”

You: *teases him* “Well some of us need our beauty sleep around here.” 

Stiles: *chuckles* “So do you always sleep with just a long t-shirt on?”

I look down at myself and realize I didn’t have a chance to put pants on before coming into his room. 

You: “Yeah, sometimes I even go out naked, it’s a thing for me.”

Stiles: *smiles* 

You: “This is my dad’s shirt. He gave it to me before he left.”

Stiles: “Hey.”

He grabs my hand which takes me by surprise. His hands are surprisingly cold and my heart feels like it’s going to come out of my chest. I might actually puke because of how nervous I am. 

Stiles: *looks at you* “Don’t be sad. Your smile is actually really pretty.”

You: *smiles*

Stiles: “There it is.” *massages your hand with his thumb* “And don’t forget, me and Scott are always here to help.”

You: “Seriously?”

Stiles: “Well I don’t see why we wouldn’t. I mean since I can’t get any sleep it might help me cope with my insomnia.”

You: *smiles* “Yeah, I’d appreciate that.”

Stiles: “So that kiss…”

You: “Yeah you’re all better now right?”

Stiles: “I am, but why a kiss? You could have just knocked me out with a good fist.”

You: “Think about it.”

Stiles: “Ok, so punching me would have made me think I was in a dream. But then would you have punched me in the face if I said you were really nice with me in my dreams?”

You: “Probably. And it was nice getting my first kiss over with. I don’t see the—-.”

Stiles: “Wait that was your first kiss?”

You: “Well living your entire life in a foster home with 6 girls doesn’t give you many options unless you were a lesbian. And I’ve always been homeschooled so yeah.”

Stiles: “So… was it any good?”

You: *shrugs* “I imagined my first kiss a little more romantic. And didn’t think it would involve helping someone who’s seriously confused.” *winks*

Stiles: *looks at you* “Do you want to try it again?”

I nod my head without even thinking about it. He leans in and cups the right side of my neck with his palm. His lips press on mine and I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. He tilts his head and presses slightly harder. I feel myself tremble with his touch. Enjoying him, all of him, I wrap my legs around his waist and look down at him and stare at him for a few seconds. I smile while leaning to continue to kiss him. I feel an electric sensation when his hands trace my legs from my knees to my thighs. His hands then go up to my hips until the side of my breasts. That drives me crazy and can’t help but to take off my shirt. He takes a good look and plays with my hair before I press my lips against his once more. He takes off his own shirt and throws it on the side and leans in and kisses me much deeper. I feel him bite my bottom lip lightly which drives me insane. He grabs my left leg and pushes me forward while leaning closer to me. I can feel the heat coming from his chest and can feel his heart beat. Now I’m lying down on his bed. He slowly slides his tongue into my mouth and I can feel myself trembling from pleasure. He moves his mouth to my neck and starts lightly sucking it. It all feels so good. I moan lightly which makes him stop and slide his left hand on my left hip. His touch is so intense that I can feel myself trembling and I didn’t want it to stop. He leans down and keeps kissing me while he’s tracing the outline of my body until he gets to my breast. He then grabs my breast which  makes me gasp in his mouth. That’s when I hear someone.

Sheriff Stilinski: “[your name] where are you?”

Stiles jumps off me and quickly tosses my shirt and puts his shirt back on. His dad walks in as soon as Stiles jumps on his bed as I stand there awkwardly.

Sheriff: “Is everything alright?”

Stiles: “Yeah dad I was having a nightmare again. [your name] came to comfort me.”

You: “I remember you told me that you were staying late. And all I can hear was him screaming so I came in as soon as I can.”

Sheriff: “Why I appreciate that. But Stiles has school tomorrow and it’s almost 3 am. So Stiles you better go to sleep now. And [your name] you can go to your room now.”

You: “Yeah I will, just going to stay with him a little longer just to make sure he’s ok.”

Sheriff: “Sure just go to bed soon Stiles.”

He walks away and closes the door. I look at Stiles and all I see is that he’s grinning at me. He’s actually quiet attractive when he grins.

You: “What are you grinning at?”

Stiles: “Oh nothing.”

He gets off his bed and walks up to me. Standing in front of me, he puts my hair behind my ear. Then he grabs both my hands and leans in to kiss me lightly on my forehead.

Stiles: *whispers* “Goodnight [your name] and thanks again.”

You: “No problem.” 

There goes fucking Stiles Stilinski… ruining my fucking life.