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Dylan Strome #3

Requested by Anon:  Can u do a dylan strome where u ask him if he’s always seen himself in nhl and he says he just wanted a normal life like having a corporate job and all and somewhere along the lines he casually (subtly) asks (?) U to marry him? Thanks dear!! Super in love with ur way of writing. Its rly realistic but not overly written too. Keep it up ![Thank you so so much!! I hope you enjoy this one. After writing this, I wished I had a Stromer too. hihi]

Word count:947

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“Dentist, really?” You asked, nudging him with your big toe, “I can’t imagine you as dentist.”

Dylan grinned, “that’s why I became a hockey player.”

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Could you do 25 about Dylan Larkin? And I hope you feel better!!! Hugs and kisses!!

thank you so much friend :’))

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“You can’t ride a bike?”

“Why are we whispering?”

“Well, it’s dark.”

“That literally has nothing to do with why we’re whispering.”

“True, I guess I’m just shocked.” Dylan explained, fumbling around in the closet. 

“That I can’t ride a bike?”


“So you whisper it?”


“Usually when people are shocked they- I dunno- say it louder than that.”

“Found you!” Your niece said as she swung open the closet door and pointed. 

“Oh no,” You pretended to be shocked. “You’re so good at this. Me and Dylan will go count, you hide.” 

Your niece nodded and ran away. You turned to Dylan. “I can’t believe you can’t ride a bike.” 

“Stop whispering!”

Lazy Day (Requested)

“Good morning, sleeping beauty! Or more like good afternoon.” You open your eyes to see a very energetic Dylan laying across from you. He looks like he’s been awake for a while, probably bored out of his mind with no one to talk to.

After letting out a big yawn, you stretch until you feel fully awake and capable of speaking. “Wow, I can’t believe I slept in so late. Why didn’t you wake me up? Didn’t we have plans to go out today?”

He smirks and says, “We did. But you look so cute when you’re asleep, I couldn’t wake you up.”

You smile at Dylan and give him a kiss on the cheek. “You’re too sweet to me. I needed to sleep in, thanks for not waking me.”

He scoots closer to you and wraps his arms around you in a tight embrace. “Well, I noticed how tired you were last night and you never sleep in so I thought it was only fair.”

Cuddling with him in bed feels so comfortable and you don’t want it to end any time soon. Even though you were supposed to go out today, you propose a new idea but saying, “I’m not really up for getting dressed right now and going outside anymore. What do you say we just chill here and have a lazy day to ourselves?”

Dylan nods his head. “Sure. This can be a day for just you and me. We can turn our phones off and just ignore the outside world, we don’t even have to leave the bed.”

You get excited by his agreement and say, “That sounds amazing! Lets put a movie on. You pick one while I go brush my teeth.” When you come out of the bathroom, you see the bed has been covered completely with food and random items. “What’s all this food for?”

You watch as Dylan comes back into the room with more food in his hands. He positions it at the end of the bed while simultaneously talking to you. “Well, you said you wanted to have a lazy day! This is so we don’t have to leave the bed. And I brought you some of your favorite books incase you get tired of looking at my face or the TV screen. Oh! and your laptop. I knew we said no contact with the outside world but I thought you might need to check tumblr or something. Did I overdo it?”

He gets back into bed and you place your hands on his face while kissing him to show your appreciation. You break away to say, “No! You’re amazing! I have never been so excited to eat junk food and lay in bed. I also could never get tired of looking at your face, just so you know.”

You both get back under the covers and assume your usual cuddling position. He kisses you again and responds, “Good, because I can’t wait to look at only yours for the next 24 hours.”

Hi, I’m Dylan and I’m the dumbass you should be dating. I hail from this really cold and icy place fondly referred to as “the mitten". I live off dunkin donuts coffee and bomb ass pizza most days, and have an unhealthy obession with alien conspiracy theories and the WWE. I love animals more than I love myself, and will do just about anything if you pay me. Yes, I’m one of those. I’m related to some people who do the music thing better than me, which is why I just make bands look good instead. My attention span is failing, so if this worked any kind of magic towards a conversation, you can reach me on aim @ mobbin.djo. Please send me photos of your pets so I can cry over how much I want to hug them.

The Maze Runner Preferences: How you met


I could hear the rattle of the box bringing up the newest victim to be trapped here for eternity as I sat cross legged at the edge of the opening. As soon as the doors were opened I peered inside to see an extremely good looking guy about my age staring up at me. An alarmed and overwhelmed look adorned his perfect features as he squinted his eyes trying to block out the sun which must’ve been blinding him after being in the dim box for such an extensive period of time.

The guys dragged him out and soon he was on his feet, staggering in a circle, surveying his surroundings as I also rose to my feet. His eyes eventually fell on me as I smiled at him reassuringly. Arguing consumed the Glade yet I heard nothing, I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from his gaze. After what seemed like hours, his gorgeous amber eyes eventually ripped away from mine in order to comprehend what he had just been thrown into.

After plenty of yelling and quarrelling from my fellow Gladers, everyone eventually dispersed and I watched as ‘Greenie’ slid down the rough face of a tree nearby, closing his eyes, obviously too overwhelmed to do much else. I crouched down next to him as he remained completely motionless, obviously unaware of my presence. “Hey”, I spoke up giggling as his eyes immediately slammed open and he bumped the back of his head on the tree which he was resting on. “Sorry”, I uttered pathetically still slightly laughing, “I’ve never been too good with introductions”.

“No problem”, he mumbled back in reply before asking, “Are you Chuckie?” I laughed again as I shook my head, sticking my hand out. “The names (Y/N)”

“Thomas”, he replied shaking my outstretched hand. Shivers ran down my spine at his touch as our eyes once again locked in an intense staring battle. “(Y/N) GET YOUR SHUCKING BUTT OVER HERE”, Newt screamed at me as my hand left Thomas’ whilst rapidly climbing to my feet. “See ya later Tom”, I smiled before running off to see what that bloody Newt wanted. I glanced back momentarily just in time to see a small smile fleet across his flawless face.


I sluggishly opened my eyes as I awoke on an undersized but comfy mattress. It would’ve been quite peaceful if it wasn’t for the hushed whispers echoing throughout the room. I strained to recall how I got there when I remembered waking up in a small metal box like thing and looking up to see a bunch of boys around my age staring down at me all shouting in bewildered voices that I was a girl; well that’s nice to know at least; and then I shot up, banging my head on the cool, hard, unforgiving metal wall behind me before falling unconscious again. I smiled slightly at my clumsiness before letting it drop as I realised I really still had no clue where I was.

I could somewhat distinguish one person ushering the rest out of the room after someone stated that I was waking up. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room I saw a guy sitting at the end of my bed and all of a sudden I panicked. I shot up and started crawling back until my back hit the wall behind me “W-who are you, where am I… who a-am I?” I stuttered hurriedly, my voice becoming more and more manic with every word I pronounced.

“Hey calm down”, the boy spoke as he reached out to place a reassuring hand on my shoulder yet I flinched at his touch, scared that he was responsible for whatever was going on. “I’m not goin’ to hurt you”, he reassured calmly retracting his hand slowly. It was so strange, for the first time since id been there I actually felt myself relaxing to some extent as if I had acclimated to his presence.

I sat there gazing at him as I tried to control my deep ragged breaths. I then noticed how truly stunning he was. His windswept blonde hair hung slightly in front of his gorgeous eyes which were locked on me as if he were studying me as well. Those eyes though! Those beautiful, striking, deep brown eyes which I would be happy to just get lost in at any minu- ‘Woah hold up’, I thought as I broke myself out of my love-struck daze. ‘I just met this guy and he could be my potential kidnapper and here I am drooling all over him’.

Once again my contemplations were interrupted when the boy extended his hand towards me, a slight smirk playing on his lips as he stated, “The name’s Newt”. I blushed as I grasped his hand and shook it slightly and uttered in a small voice the only thing I could remember about myself, “(Y/N)”.

Our hands separated and his smile only grew as he stood up. “Well (Y/N), you should probably get some more sleep before we introduce ya to the rest of the Gladers. Don’t want you faintin’ on us again, do we?” I shook my head lazily, not really knowing what he meant but agreeing with him nevertheless. My eyes once again fluttered closed after observing his figure walk out the room. Only one thing was on my mind in that moment as I plummeted into the realm of unconsciousness… Newt.


I woke to the sound of rattling and metal scraping against metal, but other than that it was deathly silent. I felt like I was being launched upwards so I opened my eyes only to find that I was engulfed in pitch black darkness. I attempted to push myself to my feet only to fall back down from the pressure of the incline not helped by the fact that my legs felt like jelly. I endeavoured once again but to no avail so I elected to just sitting down, my back pressed against the cool wall.

All of a sudden, whatever I was in came to a sudden stop and my head lurched forward from the jolt causing an intense pain to run up my neck which was followed by my head jerking back and hitting the hard, unforgiving wall from the force of the abrupt halt. I closed my eyes as I struggled to rub away the pain. A sudden glow appeared behind my eyelids so I opened my eyes only to be blinded by a glaring light forcing me to squint and look down in an attempt to block out some of the lights intensity.

Once I looked up again all I could make out were a bunch of blurry figures behind the white dots which covered my vision. I rubbed my eyes seeing my vision clear as my eyes darted from one person to the next, trying not to panic. The expressions on the boy’s faces ranged from confused to empathetic, to downright puzzled, which the latter I’m sure was also plastered to my face. My thoughts were shattered as a strong hand was placed in front of me. I took it as an invitation to grab on but I was unexpectedly heaved up to my feet. Either the person obviously didn’t realise how light I was or I was just too unprepared but I came flying up and landed on the guy’s solid chest.

His arms wrapped around my waist trying to stead me as I obliviously held onto his muscular biceps for support. His sturdy arms regrettably released my waist but his hands were subsequently placed on my shoulders as I looked up at ‘my hero’. “Whoa”, I breathed out as I stared at the guys face. He was gorgeous like inhumanly gorgeous like wow seriously gorgeo- I cut of my train of thought as I saw the slight smirk on the guys face and blushed realising he had heard what I said. I attempted to take a step back but my legs collapsed as a surge of dizziness swept over me like a tidal wave.

Once again the guy’s arms wrapped around me but this time he picked me up bridal style as he lifted me up and handed me to another guy outside of the little box thing we were in. He climbed out only to take me from the other guy as my eyelids became heavy and started to droop. “Just go to sleep-???” he paused as he realised he didn’t know my name. “(Y/N)”, I responded to the unasked question. I nodded my head about to let my eyes flutter close when I realised I didn’t know his name. “And you are??” I questioned. “Minho”, he automatically replied. I smiled slightly as I started to lose consciousness. “Minho… I like it”.


(I’m sorry I don’t know if he was one of the original Gladers or not but for the sake of this story let’s pretend he wasn’t)

I peered over the edge of the box trying to catch a glimpse of the new Greenie but was shoved back by our ‘leader’ Alby. He wasn’t much of a leader; more just a real pain in the backside if you ask me. “Oi! Watch it!” I yelled angrily, absolutely loathing the fact that he assumed he was better than everyone else, especially me. He glared at me as I copied him before he turned back to the box and ordered some people to help the poor shank out.

I noticed that someone had stepped on my shoelace causing it to come undone so I squatted down tying it back up, this time in a double knot before climbing to my feet again. Once I was up straight I noticed the green bean standing right in front of me. He was a peculiar looking one to be completely honest. Not that I’m saying he was bad looking, just… unique. But I had to give it to him. His eyebrow game was strong. I snapped out of my eyebrow analysis and gave him a smile as he said, “Alby told me that you had to show me around”.

“Of course he did. Follow me”, I replied knowing that Alby was familiar with my hate for showing the new kids around, but for once I didn’t really mind. This shank seemed reasonably nice. “The name’s (Y/N) by the way. How ‘bout you Greenie?” I inquired as we started the tour around the Glade. “Gally”, he answered as I nodded my head in response.

Throughout the tour I realised that this Gally kid was actually pretty cool not to mention his body was pretty smokin’ too. “So where do I sleep?” he questioned breaking me out of my thoughts. “You can sleep with me”, I replied immediately aa he raised one of his mighty fine eyebrows “I-I meant like y-y’know you can sleep where I s-sleep like n-near me and stuff!” He chuckled at my pathetic answer as I blushed and started walking off to where we would settle down from the night.

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"with all the Scott wants to bite stiles bullshit, do you think it's a possibility they go the rejection route with the bite? That would be an awful end for a character as amazing for stiles," So, many people say that JD would deny Dylan a death scene because JD is petty and doesn't want Dylan to have a powerful exit. And other people say that JD will give Dylan a death scene because JD is petty and wants Stiles to die. What is it now? Make up your mind fandom if killing Stiles is good or bad.

Why?  Lol, this show doesn’t. 

Little Moments-REQUESTED

“You’re going to go out with me right?”

“Dylan I don’t even know you!”

“Well that’s the point of you going on a date with me. Duh,” he mocks adding a fake hair flip.

“Give me one good reason why I should go on a date with you.”

“Because you’re going to fall in love with me.”

“Oh, I’m just going to fall in love with you? Nothing in return-”

“I’m already in love with you so calm down.”

You smirk. You’re still skeptical, positive he’s just saying anything to make you go out with him. But you can see your friends behind Dylan, pleading for you to say yes to him.

“Oh what the hell. Sure.”

“Yeah?” Dylan asks, his face lighting up.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah." 

"What would you think of moving in together?”

“Moving in together?” you repeat.


“Well who’s place would we be moving into?”

Dylan’s face crinkles up, “I was thinking we’d find one together.”

“Oh,” you perk up a little. “Well…yeah. Yeah, we could do that.”

Dylan laughs, “Hate the idea of moving into my place that much?”

“I hate the idea of you messing up my place,” you tease.

“I love the simple moments with you. I love just hanging out and watching TV or a movie with you. I love just cuddling with you. I love you lying next to me in bed. I love when you wake up and your hair is a mess. Don’t get me wrong, I love when you put on that little black dress and get all dolled up for us to go out on some romantic date. You’re a babe either way. But I love that we can do nothing and be content. I love you. So, Y/F/N, will you please marry me,” Dylan asks, getting on one knee.

The tears are falling from your face, you want to be sarcastic and jokingly tell him no-something you’d do any other day- but it’s already too late. Your head is already nodding yes and he’s already putting the ring on your finger.

He lifts you up, twirls you around, and places a giddy kiss on your lips.

“I love you Dyl.”

“Dylan. This is our honeymoon. Strip down,” you demand.

“You first.”

“Same time?”

And with just a nod and a devilish smirk you jump into bed together.

“What do you say about having a baby?”

This doesn’t really come as a shock to you. Dylan has been hinting at it for awhile.

“Hmm…” you pretend to mull it over. “That’s an interesting idea…”

“Oh come on, you want to try. I know you. We’re ready.”

You smile, “I know, I was just picking.”

“So, we’re going to try?”

“We’re going to stop trying not to. I don’t want to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen right away.”

“I understand,” he pauses, “do you wanna not try right now?”

“Of course.”

“Dylan! Dylan!” you squeal.

“What babe?” Dylan rushes into the bathroom.

“We’re pregnant! We’re going to have a baby!”

“We’re what?!”

“Pregnant!” Dylan wraps you up in a kiss, his excitement easily translated.

“We’re going to be parents!” he exclaims.

“She’s beautiful,” you whisper.

“You both are.”

“She has a little upturned nose like her daddy." 

"She has her mother’s looks.”

“And her daddy’s long fingers-”

“Sorry hun, but I think I might love this precious little thing a little more than you…”

“Fair enough, I know I love her more than you,” you grin, giving your handsome, loving husband a kiss.


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Thomas: Um..Hey Y/N! *kisses you*
Y/N: Hi Thomas! Why do you look so nervous?
Thomas: Funny story, there is a good chance that your sister knows about us.
Y/N: How sure are you of that?
Teresa: THOMAS!!
Thomas: I’d say I’m 100% sure.
Teresa: *walks in* When the hell did this happen?!
Y/N: Teresa! Calm down!
Teresa: You are not dating him! We hardly know anything about him, or anyone in this glade!
Thomas: I love her!
Teresa: What?
Y/N: What?
Thomas: I love her, I can’t live without her. She is the only thing keeping me alive in this glade.
Teresa: *sighs* Fine, but break my sister’s heart and I break your face Thomas.
Thomas: Understandable.

do you see his cute little nose why is everything about him so cute


This is hilarious! One of the best scences of Scream Queens so far. LOL

“Shondell why you got a knife in your throat?!” 
*Stops screaming to push Shondell’s body out of the car* 

I just can’t stop laughing watching these scene. 

But the good part that I and most of the people would do the same thing she did if you saw a body next to you. 


You looked up to the Golden Gate Bridge. Some friends and you drove all the way to San Francisco, your last stop on your little tour. One of your friends was Dylan. He was good friends with the boyfriend of your best friend, that’s why you knew him. You talked a few times but never really get to know each other. 

He got your attention when you saw him sitting on a bench by himself, so you walked over to him. “Hey, you’re alright?” 

He look up to you, while you were smiling at him. “Yeah sure” he answered. 

You sat down next to him. “Doesn’t sound so. Something bothering you?” 

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately…” 

Your eyes looked up and down on him. You had to admit that he was fine. Actually more than that, he was handsome, clever and funny. You caught yourself, wishing that you two would’ve talked some more. 

“Do you wanna talk about it?” 

Dylan looked at you, first time grinning since you got here. “I don’t know” He sounded shy. 

“Too embarrassing?” you laughed. 

“Um… maybe, I don’t know. What would you say if a guy tells you that he kind of really likes you like being in love with you but you don’t actually know each other?” he asked. 

“I think I would give it a try. I mean there’s always time to go on a date and get to know each other” 

Silence but only for a few seconds. 

“Would you go on a date with me, Y/N, because I think I really, really like you” 

Your jaw opened, ready to say something but you were speechless. You would never thought that Dylan would likes you. “I screw up, right?” 

“No!” you said “I just never expected you to like me” 

“But I do, so..?” 

You smiled “I would love to go on date with you” 

“Thank god” he laughed.

#30: “It’s not what it looks like...” Jackson x Liam x Reader

“Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you a drabble”

Word count: 542

Note: I don’t even know why I wrote this in third person! Tell me if you guys prefer first person stories so I  won’t write any more stories this way! xx

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I Could Be Spider-Man

You wake up from a nap to see you’ve received 3 missed calls from Dylan. He doesn’t usually continue to call you unless something serious is happening, so you call him back right away.

Dylan picks up on the first ring and you hear him say, “Oh my god. OH MY GOD!”

“Well hello to you too! What’s wrong?! Are you okay?”

“Well, I may or may not be okay. I’m sort of freaking out right now!” He’s speaking so fast that it’s hard to tell what he’s saying.

“Why?! Good freaking out or bad?!”

Dylan responds with, “Good!” And you let out a relieved sigh.

“Well tell me what’s going on so I can freak out too!”

“All these websites online are saying Logan Lerman and I are being considered to play the new Spider-Man!”

“WHAT?! Are you serious?!”

“Yes! Nothing is official right now but it’s just so amazing to even think it could happen. I could be Spider-Man!” You can’t see his face but you can tell just by the sound of his voice that he’s jumping around wherever he is with a huge goofy smile on his face.

You feel nothing but excitement in this moment. “Babe you would be so good for that part!!! And you love Spider-Man! Are they going to get in touch with you?”

“I think eventually they will, but it’s too soon for anything to happen. I think I’m Fangirling right now. Is that what’s happening?”

You let out a chuckle at how unbelievably clueless your boyfriend was on internet slang and tell him, “You could say you’re Fangirling over Spider-Man, yes.”

“But should I be? I mean I may not even get it. Logan should, he’s such a cool dude.” You can tell he is starting to doubt everything he just said earlier. This was typical Dylan being too hard on himself and his acting abilities.

“Dylan, are you crazy? You deserve this role! You’ve been obsessed with spiderman since forever! And you’re a better actor than any of these young guys out right now, including Logan!”

He laughs a little bit and says, “Your opinion is a bit biased since you’re my girlfriend, but thanks Y/N. I just don’t want to get my hopes up. I mean it’s not set to happen until like 2017.”

“And by 2017 you’ll have done so many amazing movies and tv shows that prove you’ll make a badass Spider-Man and the directors will be so amazed they’ll have to give you the job.”

“You always know what to say in these situations. I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have you to calm me down when I’m freaked.” It feels good to know you’re appreciated and you believed every good thing you said about Dylan.

“What can I say, I’m the Mary Jane to your Spider-Man.”

Let me tell you a story: back in good ol’ 2007 I had this ENORMOUS crush on the Sprouse twins and therefore the wall near my bed was COVERED in posters from various magazines. Literally, you couldn’t tell the color of the wall because there was no space left between the posters.They were held up by small thumbtacks because I didn’t know poster tack existed at the time and I always had the fear that a thumb tack was going to fall out of the wall and stab me in my sleep. I kept them in the wall, though, because I refused to have the twins leave my side. Fuck that shit, I loved them. Anyways, one night, my fear was realized when I felt a stinging feeling in my palm and my first thought was “ouch, must be one o’ them pins” so i picked up the thumb tack and turn on the light to find a fUCKING BEE IN MY HAND and I LOST MY SHIT I THREW THAT FUCKER ON THE GROUND AND CRIED next to my dear Sprouse-Spouses and didn’t sleep for the rest of the night

Okay, but that adorable little glimpse of an “old Stiles” grin that made an appearance for the first time in forever just then, after Lydia said that? That was a perfect example of why Dylan’s such a good actor. 

Just one brief look, but you could see in it not only his relief that Lydia’s okay, but also that he did something good, that he was actually able to make a difference and balance out some of that scale of guilt he’s been dealing with so long, just like his dad said. :’) 

I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eyes… that happens to be wet. 

Kiss the Devil

Request: Could you please do a Thomas imagine based on the song kiss the devil please?

Note: I finally made it! Sorry, it turned out to be quite short but I hope you like it :)


“Thomas,” Newt’s hand rested on my shoulder. “She isn’t good for you.” “Yes she is,” I disagreed clearly annoyed. 

Why was it so difficult for them to leave me alone? Chuck had told me I looked like 16 and in my opinion 16 was an age where you were able to decide all by yourself. 

“Listen, shank.” “You’re stabbing me in the back too, Minho?” My eyes widened in disbelieve. “I’m sorry, Thomas. But Newt is right. She drags you down. Your running in the last few days was one big disaster. Remember yesterday? We barely made it back because of you.” 

“That was one time. Everybody has bad days sometimes. Alby, what do you think? And don’t tell me you share their opinions,” seeking for help I looked over at Alby who quietly watched our discussion. He shrugged his shoulders. “I prefer to stay out of this.” 

“See, it’s two against one. You stay away from her, Tommy,” Newt’s words sounded final. “How am I supposed to do this? She lives here. Her room is basically next to mine.” 

“During daytime you’re out in the Maze and during night time we’ll have an eye on you. Agree?” “Yes.” “No.” 

“Sorry, Thomas,” Minho shortly brushed my arm as he followed Newt and Alby out of the meeting room. 

“Shuck,” I cursed under my breath and shoved the chair I was sitting on a few minutes ago. “Shuck!” 

Can’t they see I was in love with her? The girl whose eyes were darker than the night sky and shinier than the stars? The girl who seemed to hate daytime? Who lived for the moon? 

“Shuck,” I mumbled one last time before running out of the meetings room and straight to the deadheads where one of my favourite places was located. The silence helped me to clear my mind. I sorted my thoughts and finally decided to not give in that easily. 

They didn’t know her like I did. Right? They only see the bad in her. Right? They are talking about her like she was the devil herself. Right! 

“Man,” I thought, sighing deeply. “She really got a hold on me.” 

“Thomas!” Gally’s voice echoed through the forest. “Shucking greenie! Move your ass over here.” “What do you want?” I stood up. 

“Minho’s searching for you. You should meet him in the map-room,” he rolled his eyes. Sorry I wasted another three minutes of your precious time, Gally. I bit my tongue. “I’m on my way. Thanks.”


My stomach growled. Finally, after two hours of staring at the maps and looking for hints, I left the room and made my way over to Frypan’s kitchen. Minho had gone on ahead. 

The tables were already full but thanks to Newt I got a seat. (Y/N) was nowhere to be seen. “Anything new?” He asked with his mouth full of food. “No,” my answer was cut short. “Tommy, I know you’re still mad but that won’t change a thing. Trust me.” “I do but this time you’re wrong, Newt.” “Just look at her. Dark eyes even darker hair, pale face. She acts innocent but she isn’t. It’s like she got ‘evil’ written across her forehead.” 

Suddenly I wasn’t hungry anymore. I just wanted to burry myself under my blanket and kiss the day goodbye. Ironically, together with her. But as already said, it was like as if the earth had swallowed her up… and spit out again. 

She stood right in front of my hammock. With Minho. Arguing over something. “Stay away from him.” He rose his forefinger and pointed at her. 

“No! What is your shucking problem?” “You are my shucking problem. I don’t want to see you anywhere near him!” “You aren’t my father. You can’t tell me anything,” boastfully she crossed her arms over her chest. 

“You distract him, (Y/N)! Only with his help we can find a way out but if you keep on straying around him nothing is going to come of it.” “I don’t care if we make it out of this hellhole or not. I just want to be with him. Why can’t anyone accept that?” 

“I’m wondering too,” I guessed now was the best moment to enter the conversation. “Tom?” She turned around, a surprised look on her face. 

“I got this, Minho,” with a quick wave of my hand I signalized him to leave. After grumbling things like “Shuck-face” “evilly” or “fine with me” he walked away. 

“I hate him,” (Y/N) breathed out once he got out of sight. 

“We had a meeting today about this exact topic,” I informed her and sat down. She followed suit quietly. 

“Did he touch you?” She shook her head no. “Just screamed.” “If he ever does something like that again I want you to tell me, understand?” To emphasize my words, I grabbed her hands. “That’s cute of you, Tom but I can handle him myself. I don’t need to be saved by someone. I’m a big girl.” A small smile crept onto her face. 

“Oh uhm… sorry,” I mumbled slightly embarrassed. There it was. My odd and awkward self. Just one time I wanted to mark the protective and caring boyfriend but as usually it backfired. 

“I heard the things they say about me,” she broke the short silence that hung over us. “I mean, they have a point. Only girl, strange on the outside, strange on the inside.” “You’re not strange,” I interrupted and put a strand of her black hair behind her ear. 

“But I have to admit, as unlikely as it may sound, I quite like my new nickname. Devil.” If a warm, sunny summer day had a sound and I had to describe it I would definitely say (Y/N)’s laugh. Wow cheesy, Thomas. I couldn’t help but join her laughing. “Well, from now on I’ll call you Devil then.” “Good that,” she used my shoulder as a supporter to not fall over. 

“I wonder how it’ll feel to kiss the devil,” I thought while considering her profile. 

Immediately she stopped rocking back and forth. Her smile slowly faded. “What did you say?” Oh shuck. “Uhm I-I said n-nothing,” heat rose to my cheeks. What an embarrassing moment. Well done, Thomas. 

“Yes, you mumbled something. What was it?” “Nothing. At least it wasn’t important.” “Thomas,” her tone didn’t acquiesce any contradictions. 

“Fine,” I let out the breath I was holding for the last couple of seconds. “I was wondering how it would feel to kiss the devil… uhm I mean you. To kiss you.” 

Contra my expectations she didn’t run away screaming but began to grin. “Kiss the devil? Well, try it.” “What?” “Try it.” “You want me to kiss you?” I asked again just to make sure she really meant it. 

“God, you’re such an idiot,” playfully rolling her eyes, she cupped my cheeks and pulled me closer to her. 

The feeling was overwhelming. It felt like heaven. Better than I ever imagined. All too soon her grip loosened and her lips left mine. My eyes stayed shut for another moment. “Wow.” 

“Yeah, wow,” she whispered while rubbing her redden cheeks. 

My eyelids opened fluttering. “I just kissed the devil.”

teen wolf paleyfest15 highlights

— jeff said that crystal was the first one to read for allison and every time a following girl read, he would say to the codirector “not as good as crystal, not as good as crystal”

—jeff is talking about how lydia and stiles are SUPER SUPER different from how he originally envisioned them, because holland and dylan have brought so much life and depth to them than he ever initially thought

—jeff just said “these actors…they’re bringing so many skills and talents. it’s why they keep getting snatched away from me for movies and tv shows…damn you cw…”

—holland originally went in for allison and didn’t get a callback, and then like a month later she got called for lydia and she didn’t think she was going to get it because the original character desc just talked about being a runway model lookalike and when she was waiting to go in and read, it was literally like all models and stuff, but then she booked it and she’s become much more three dimensional

—“i love lydia’s character and there are some really great surprises for her this season, one of the openings is all about lydia and it’s a lot of fun” — jeff
jeff is saying he literally can’t watch the scene of allison die, and he’s angry that the networks keep using those clips over and over again because he misses allison and crystal so much and crystal just hugged him. tyler just said quietly “hey, you can always bring dead people back in beacon hills” and jeff kept talking. and jeff just confirmed that it was crystal who wanted to say i love you.

—jeff said that hoechlin recently shot an indie movie and he loved it and it scared him because it was new and jeff said “are you asking me to move on?” and jeff is saying that the network said that they’ll let him go but that he won’t be finalized because he wants him to come back lol and he just said basically what was said on the twitter that this isn’t the last of derek hale

—“season five is all about senior year and the fear of losing your friends after graduation. it’s a season of mysteries, there is a lot of action, a lot of horror, and we’re constantly challenged about doing bigger and better and i think what’s nice about this season is everyone is kind of a seasoned pro. a lot of new stuff from liam and kira. there is a big refocus on stiles and scott and their friendship. the real romance of the show is the bromance.” — jeff

—someone asked about the stydia detective agency and jeff said “i love the two of them together. there is a fun episode where the two of them go to eichen house to interview someone for information”

—jeff is saying that in between takes, all the guys do 40 push ups when they are doing shirtless scenes and that he’s making impossible standards for men and then a guy in the audience yells “YEAH, THANKS FOR THAT!”

—“we’re shooting episode 64, which is amazing to me that a show called teen wolf has lasted this long, but it’s exciting to put them in new situations. every season we try to think ‘okay how do we make these characters grow? how do we challenge them as actors?’ and these actors keep getting better and better. it’s amazing to see how much dylan and tyler have grown having seen them as teenagers. 3b is my favorite season where dylan got to be the bad guy, i was watching that and when he said ‘you can’t kill me, i’m a thousand years old!’, it’s phenomenal! i still get chills! but when you see that, you want to write more. i have the best writers, they’re all working really hard to come up with what we want to see these characters do. we come at it as fans ourselves about what we want to see. whenever we’re banging our heads on the wall in the writers room, we try to treat ourselves as fans first and find out what they want to see” - jeff

—do we ever learn stiles real name? “uhh the writing room knows the first letter. and they’re trying to get it out of me. but i’m still deciding if i want the last episode of the show to see it written down somewhere.” — jeff “i think it should be something totally normal that for some reason stiles doesn’t like it. like bob.” — dobrien “it’s actually so weird i have to remember how to spell it.” — jeff

—is daniel sharman coming back? “i talked to daniel the other day, we’re not sure. -smirk-“ — jeff

—does danny come back? “we’ll see. i don’t like to make too many promises, because i end up on the phone with an agent yelling at me saying i said someone would come back.” — jeff

—charlie carver just showed up and crashed the panel in the audience to ask a question and the audience started screaming haha “danny wanted me to ask a question…i just wanna know if we can all hang out?”
does lydia find love in season five? “well, she only has five scripts so far…” 

— jeff and then a ton of audience members yelled IT NEEDS TO BE STILES and holland goes “i’m too scared to say anything because my boss is right there…i’m in the grip of fear so i’m not gonna say anything” and jeff said “you’ll have to watch and see, she may not end up with the person you think she does at first.”

—does stiles ever take his shirt off in the series? “i have long left that up to mr. obrien to decide. and then we realized that it’s too late now, so we just turned it into a running joke that we will never see him shirtless.” — jeff

He wasn’t happy. Oh no who would be when you saw your boyfriend on a date with a girl, even if it was fake? He didn’t know why he came but he was pouting a lot. He didn’t want to be at this dumb thing and Seong’s father kept forcing the two of them to spend more time together. So seeing him at this dance made him glower. Because they looked good together and he huffed. Even though Hyo was desperately trying to remind him they weren’t together. It made him gloomy as he looked at his clothes and back at the other girl’s clothes. She looked so put together and polished and he looked like a normal college student. They looked good together and it made Dylan feel worse. “That’s it!” Hyo pouted as he blinked before he felt himself being pulled through the crowd playing with his choker nervously. “Seong!” She called out as she ran over to him brightly dragging Dylan a long. He didn’t like how close the two of them were standing or how she was reaching for Seong’s hand. “Hello I’m Hyoyeon and this is Dylan!” She smiled at the other but Dylan could tell it was a bit fake. Playing with the choker once more out of habit as he bit his lip. “Hello.” He mumbled out. (@fckxillusion)