Imagine Liam seeing a guy being inappropriate towards you <3

The guy stood in front of you, blocking your way out of the classroom. “Hey baby girl. Wanna come over tonight?” What the actual fuck… Who is this guy? “Yeah I don’t think so. We have a lot of homework you know.” He smirks and steps closer to you. “You know you don’t always have to do your homework. You can try being bad just for one night.” he slides his hand down your arm. In the corner of your eye you see movement and soon the guy is out of your way and in front of Liam. “How about you fuck off before my fist hits your eye.” Liam’s back was rising and his muscles tense. “What’s wrong Dunbar? Have a thing for Y/N?” he jokes but obviously he has picked the wrong time for that. Liam’s fist connects with the guys cheek and it makes an unhealthy sound. “LIAM. Jesus. Just calm down okay!” You say and step closer and reach out your hand to touch his arm. His arm is full of muscles and your cheeks flush a little. You feel him relax as your hand closes around his arm. He turns around and you see his eyes shift from amber to blue. “Y/N… I’m sorry… I just don’t like him or the way he talks to you. He’s always looking at you with a smug smile and I hate that!” he starts getting angry again but you only tighten your grib on his arm. “I haven’t even noticed” you say with a new found confidence. 
You were going to tell him.
He looks at you surprise covering his face. “How can you not notice. It’s driving me crazy!” “Liam, I don’t notice because I’m always looking at you. I could not care less about what that guy is doing. I only care about what you’re doing.” He looks even more surprised now. “Wait… What do you mean? Do you like me back?” he stutters a little and that confirms the theory. Liam does like you. “I’ve liked you for a while now.” you look down shyly. You don’t see his face light up with a big grin but you can hear his smile in his voice. “Well then… Maybe we should go out sometime?” he sticks his hands in his pockets and shifts a little. “Yeah I would like that.” you look up at him again finally meeting his eyes. You share a look only for the two of you, and you feel the start of something new

A/N - sorry if there are grammar mistakes. English is not my first language <3 :)