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Here are all 12 pieces from my E! News exclusive illustration series!!!

I’m super happy with how each piece turned out and that each character has managed to stay themselves despite being thrown into new surroundings and costumes. (My inner feminist wouldn’t allow Merida or Mulan to have their weapons taken away lol) Pocahontas still loves animals, Cinderella is still dressing tiny creatures, Tiana is cooking, and Belle fell asleep reading!
I hope you enjoy the princesses you know and love, with a twist!

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“I’m not taking a picture with you." 

Stiles frowned, blinking the snow off his eye lashes, "why not?" 

"You’re hat is ridiculous.”

“Seriously? My hat?" 

Derek nodded, shoving his mouth under his jacket, "yes. Your hat." 

Stiles narrowed is eyes as they kept walking down the street, snow crunching beneath their boots. His hands worked quickly, set straight in front of him with his phone on and camera app open. He snapped a quick photo with Derek, smirking when he actually got it. 

"Gotcha! Plus my hat looks amazing in it,” Stiles grinned, slipping his phone in his pocket before linking their hands together. 

Derek was silent for a moment before saying, “…it’s an okay hat." 

"Aww you like my hat don’t you, sweetiewolf?" 

"Shut up.”

Caption by @nogitsunelichen



Disney Characters get into the Holiday Spirt in your favorite Christmas Movies!

I’m super excited to share these pieces! Head to E! (link above) to read the full article!

Beast tries on the pink nightmare from A Christmas Story. Alice is skeptical about meet a very suspicious Santa in Miracle on 34th Street. Ariel excitedly explores a new world as Elf. The Inside Out emotions  have a Charlie Brown Christmas. Joy is thrilled with the tree, disgust is less than thrilled and Sadness won a participation award for her decorations! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in White Christmas. The Monsters Inc. duo are stealing Christmas when confronted by “Cindy Loo-Boo” in The Grinch. Tiana and Naveen recreate Love Actually. Except something tells me things will work out better for these two. Toy Story characters, Woody and Buzz, emulate A Christmas Carol as glow-in-the-dark Buzz greets Woods in Barrel Of Monkeys chains, Rapunzel is the ultimate Home Alone Disney character as the thugs try to break in. Luckily she has plenty of paint cans for protection. Peter Pan welcome Wendy John and Michael aboard The Polar Express. The Frozen gang are giving Sven a magical Rudolph nose! The Big Hero 6 team recreate Frosty the Snowman with Baymax.

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Sterek AU:

It was cold. Freezing cold. The temparature was falling constantly every minute and the snowfall was getting stronger and stronger. He couldn’t feel his feet anymore and he was barly able to move anymore. He didn’t know how long he was wandering around since, he got lost.

The forest around him was coverd under a thick layer of snow and so dark, that he started to imagines things. Every now and then he thought he heard a noice. He stood still and listen. He prayed…Maybe they had send someone to find him. Maybe someone would come and rescure him. 

But there was nothing. He was alone. And if he wouldn’t find the way back soon, he would die outside here…alone. 

He had no energy left and he was so tired that he just wanted to sleep. Maybe he should just give up. 

But when he was about to close his eyes, he was…them. Red, glowing eyes were looking at him…