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I’m Void, Baby - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 12,592

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Masturbation, Oral (male receiving), dirty talk, spanking, bits of drinking, sexy Void Dylan

Notes: I’m not allowed to say “Can you imagine” especially to @minhosmeanhoe​ because then we just talk about sexy things like this. You guys can thank her for giving me this idea and cranking through bits of the story for it.

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The Summer Fling (Chapter 9) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Salsa and Beer”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Warnings: Smut……….. I know. I don’t know where it came from.

Author’s Note: A few things, I really never thought I would write smut for this series. I am just as surprised as all of you. I tried to keep it less explicit than usual. That was my compromise with myself. What else… oh um, if you ever go to Burbank, go to Salsa And Beer. it is legitimately the best Mexican food i have ever fucking had. those flautahs… i have dreams about them. also, yea, uh, enjoy. there’s only about ten chapters left so relish it while you can.

Summary: Dylan talks with Posey about what happened the night after his first appearance at ComicCon, before returning to New York and having a night that he never expected and will never forget.

Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten

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Dylan handed his menu back to the waitress and smiled as she walked away. He then turned his attention back to his best friend sitting across from him, examining the lunch hour crowd around them in the busy Burbank restaurant. “Thanks for coming down here for lunch, man.”

Tyler turned his head as he heard Dylan’s voice and he smiled. “No problem, bro. I was just chilling today since all the Comic Con craziness from last week is finally over. How long do you have until you have to be back at the hotel for the rest of the American Assassin press?” He asked, leaning back as the waitress brought over their beers.

“They gave us like two hours, or something. We’ve got time.” Dylan clarified while smushing his slice of lime down the neck of his Corona.

“So what happened on Thursday night?” Tyler asked, getting straight to the point of why Dylan frantically texted him the other night asking if he could have lunch with him that Monday.

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Such A Flirt!

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Warnings: implication of sex, kissing

A/N: I thought this was a cute idea, so I went with it. Thank you for the support.

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The Gun Range

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3863

Author’s Note: My friend Sam had given me this idea and I absolutely loved it, so I wrote it. This is like so cute and I’m so in love with it and I hope you guys end up loving it as well! She ( @lovelydob ) had also proofread this for me as well!

I grabbed my laundry basket, phone in hand as I walked into the laundry room. I placed my phone on the dryer, glancing over at it as I waited for Dylan to call me. I opened the washing machine lid, throwing my clothes into it after I had put my detergent into it. I set the basket on the dryer, picking my phone up before heading into the kitchen.

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Me: I’m cool, i’m chill,, nothing to worry about here

My brain: It’s only 4 months until you go meet HU and go to the concert


Maybe i’m not so chill after all bye

Young Lovers

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A/N: This adorable lovely gentleman doesn’t get the attention he deserves! So here is some Dylan Sprayberry love coming your way! The story idea of the “Unspeakable Truth” is of my own imagination.. but anywho I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I do! Gif is not mine!

“So Teen Wolf is coming to an end after 6 long, heartbreaking, loving years. How do you guys feel about that?” The interview asked looking over at the cast of Teen Wolf smiling at the fans and each other “I feel sad, it sucks because I feel like I’ve grown up on this show. And I mean shit it doesn’t even feel like it’s been six years it feels like just yesterday me and O'Brien were laughing in the jeep at our first reel of bloopers.” Tyler Posey said laughing as him and Dylan O'Brien winked at each other “Yeah, I agree with Tyler. Coming to work everyday and being with a bunch of different characters who became family was a truly amazing memory, and yeah we’ve lost a lot of people but we’ve also gained so many amazing people as well.” Holland Roden said smiling.

“I’m the youngest one here, but I can say that my time on Teen Wolf was something I would never want to be taken from me because it was an amazing experience for me.” Dylan Sprayberry said which earned an ‘Awe’ from the audience causing him to smile “Now I have a few rumors and gossip pieces that were given to me before you all came out, but there’s one video that stood out of the rest.” The interviewer said directing everyone’s attention to the screen behind them.

On the screen was a video of Dylan Sprayberry shaking someone who was sleeping on a bed “(Y/N)! Get up, I demand your attention. Which one looks better babe?” Dylan said rolling the girl over as she playfully hit him “Babe you look too die for into ANYTHING you wear.” She said holding her arms upwards which allowed Dylan to hug her but she had a few ideas of her own as he pulled him down on top of her. “I hate you Sprayberry!” She said pushing Dylan off of her as they both laughed hysterically “You guys are so frickin’ cute. I ship it. #(Y/S/N).” Rhambo said turning the attention on his as he recorded the video “Dude? Seriously? You’re recording.” Sprayberry says getting up to now attack Rhambo which caused the video to end and the audience to roar in reaction.

“So who’s the girl in the video?” The interviewer says not missing a beat as everyone catches Dylan’s cheek turned a certain shade of pink “She’s a good friend of mine.” Was all he said before Khylin spoke up “Nah, she’s more like his wanna be girlfriend. Because he wants her to be but he’s a modern day Liam when it comes to telling her that.” Khylin said shrugging causing the audience to laugh “So how did you and mystery girl meet? We want to know all the details.” The interviewer said leaning on the edge of her seat as the Teen Wolf cast now surrounds Dylan as he begins to speak.

“I.. Well.. We met at a comic bookstore, she was looking through a couple of amazing comics and I couldn’t resist myself. So I started to talk to her and geek out about my favorite comics as she looked for them, she just listened to me, she didn’t stop me from nerding out in front of her, she didn’t say 'OMG you play Liam Dunbar! I love you.’ After she picked out a couple of comics me and her found a private place where she could read them and I sat there quietly waiting for her to finish to see her reactions and she didn’t find that creepy. At all.”

“So I began to freak out, like what if she thinks I’m crazy? What if she’s just doing this to get pictures? What if she’s just sitting there being beautiful but really is setting me up? But she finished the first comic and looked at me with wide eyes and all she said was 'Shit. You are good.’ And then laughed after that she introduced herself to me and I to her but she knew who I was, she just didn’t want to say anything about it cause I was 'disguised’ really I was just wearing a hat. So I asked her what gave it away, cause I had deepened my voice when I spoke to her and she told me 'Your sharp eyes.’ And then she walked out of the comic bookstore without any other word. I was so confused but I realized she left her phone of the table, so I grabbed it and ran after her but as I reached the corner we had bumped into each other and I had returned the phone and she smiled.”

“So I asked her if she was busy, she told me no and before I knew it we were sitting on a blanket at Santa Monica Beach watching the sunset, laughing and talking about everything.” Sprayberry said smiling as he looked at the screen that still had the video up.

“So will we see more of mystery girl?” The interviewer said smiling widely “Well I would assume so because she is the main lead of Jeff Davis new television show called 'The Unspeakable Truth’ that will be starting my mystery girl and Daniel Sharman!” Sprayberry said directing the interview in the direction that Jeff had told them about earlier.

“The Unspeakable Truth? What will this be about?” The interviewer asked now interested in something else that wasn’t about Dylan and (Y/N). “It’s about this girl whose entire family is cursed, they have a tree for each living person by their house and when the leaves begin to fall off that person will begin to rot away. So the main lead who is mystery girl keeps her secret from everyone close to her, which isn’t many people but then one day a new guy which is Daniel, comes and vows to make her life a living hell. That’s really all we can say but I can’t wait to see it on the small screen.” Holland said smiling as she shifted in her seat.

The audience began to clap but it slowly stopped when they saw the poster art for the show which unveiled Sprayberry’s mystery girl, from clapping to silence and now full on cheering. This is the reaction Jeff was hoping to get from the crowd, he smiled at the crowd feeling accomplished for the cast choice of his new show.

“So does that mean we’re going to see a jealous Sprayberry?” Posey said messing with Sprayberry’s hair “Nope, because Sharman knows that he may be kissing my girl on screen but off screen she’s all mine.” The worlds had just slipped out of his mouth and as the words had left his tongue the crowd went crazy, Dylan wide eyed and covering his mouth.

“Well shit Dylan, that’s a way to tell a girl that she’s your girlfriend.” Rhambo said laughing at Dylan’s reaction “Oh well, cat’s out of the bag now. (Y/N) you heard it hear first, you’re all mine babe.” Dylan said shrugging as he smirked and winked slightly.

“Now I have a question that may be on some of the fans minds, is this relationship just a publicity stunt for the show to get good ratings?” The interviewer asked not believing Sprayberry’s story as soon as the question was out the cast of Teen Wolf had facial expressions that read pure disgust.

“I met her way before Jeff even told us about the show. When I saw her on set with Sharman I was a bit pissed but then Jeff told me she was auditioning for the main part, but I didn’t tell him that I knew her because I didn’t want her to feel like the only reason she got the role is because I knew her. So I told Jeff that I confused her for someone else, and she didn’t tell me she was going to audition for the show until she landed the role. So no our relationship isn’t a publicity stunt and I would never treat our relationship as anything other than us being two people who love to be in each other’s company.” Dylan said fixing his hair smiling to himself, thinking of your opinion about this whole interview.

“You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen, Dylan Sprayberry is now officially off the market. And with that, this is Lady Jay signing off.” The interviewer said cuing for a cut. The Teen Wolf cast then began to thank everyone for coming and went backstage promptly to see what their surprise was, you and Daniel had been sitting on the couch watching the whole interview from behind the scenes, you were fidgeting your hands nervous on meeting the Teen Wolf cast but Daniel assured you that they were nice people and always welcomed others with open arms and as you heard the door click you felt you fear brush over you again.

“So Jeff what’s our surprise?” You heard Dylan Sprayberry say and his voice alone caused you to jump up and stand in front of the door “Well I guess you’re my boyfriend now, huh?” You said feeling him tackle you into a strong hug “Don’t act like you didn’t already know that.” He said kissing your cheek “Everyone this is (Y/N)(Y/L/N) and she will be the lead of my new show. Please be nice to her, this is her first time being surrounded by so many celebrities.” Jeff said as he closed the door behind him.

You were greeted with a lot of warm hellos and hugs, it was a lot for you to process but slowly it’d began to click that you were now in front of Teen Wolf, you had sat next to Dylan resting your head on his shoulder as you heard Posey and O'Brien tell everyone a funny story “I love you babe.” You heard Dylan whisper and he softly kissed you hair “I love you more.” You responded snuggling into him.

“Happy one year anniversary.” He said holding out a box in front of you, you slowly took the box opening it to see a beautiful silver charm bracelet with a couple of your favorite comic charms “Baby, I love it… but I didn’t get you anything..” you said looking down sadly feeling stupid for not getting him anything “I’m not expecting anything, but I felt it necessary to get you something that started our relationship.” He said kissing your forehead as he wrapped you tightly in his arms paying attention to Posey and O'Brien’s story.

“Happy one year of happiness Dylan.” You said softly smiling against his shoulder.


Pairing: Dylan x reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1344

Prompt: “Please, please, I’ll do anything just talk to me,” & “You don’t get to say anything after what you did.”

Author’s Note: This will probably break your heart. Some fluff, lots of angst. Thanks to @lovelydob for proofreading it for me, along with giving me this prompt. :)

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“Babe, are we doing anything tonight?” Dylan asks, coming into the kitchen in just his sweatpants. I lick my lips slightly, trying not to stare at his oh so wonderful body as I shake my head, leaning my elbows on the island.

“No, I don’t think so. Why babe? What’s going on?” I ask, walking towards him as he reaches his arm out, wrapping it around my lower back. I place my hands on his chest as he holds me close, pressing a kiss to my nose.

“Well some of my friends wanted to go out and you should come with me.” He tells me, placing a chaste kiss to my lips.

“Like, Posey and the cast? Or your other friends?” I ask carefully, playing with the fabric of Dylan’s shirt. His eyebrows furrow in curiousness, probably wondering why I asked him that.

“No, it’s my other friends, why?” He asks, rubbing my arms, looking at me intently.

“Um, it’s just, sometimes they’re not the nicest people. Especially when they’re drinking.” I mention looking down at our feet. Dylan lifts my chin up, placing another chaste kiss to my lips.

“I know. I’ll talk to them before they start, but I don’t want to go without you. With me leaving in a few weeks, I want to spend as much time as I can with you.” He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear.

“You’d do that?” I ask, surprised.

“Yeah, of course. I love you and I want you to be comfortable.” Dylan presses his lips to my forehead. “So? We’re going?” He asks, a large grin on his lips. I return the smile, nodding my head in agreement and he lifts me up, spinning me around. I squeal, wrapping my arms around his neck. I’m always surprised that he’s able to lift me. I have this one insecurity that always upsets me and Dylan knows this. I’m not the happiest with my body, and I’m afraid that tonight his friends will mention something about it.

We head upstairs to get ready for tonight. I begin to rummage around the closet, trying to find something to wear. I bite my lip while taking some of the dresses I own and placing them against my body and looking into the mirror. I sigh, thinking it looks awful as I throw it on the bed. Dylan comes out of the bathroom, in a pair of jeans, placing his flannel over his bare upper body.

“Baby? You okay? Why aren’t you dressed yet?” He asks, buttoning his flannel, sitting on the bed next to me.

“I just can’t find something that looks good on me. I think I might’ve gained a few pounds.” I frown, wiping a few tears from my eyes.

“You look good in everything babe. Wear my favorite red dress. For me?” He pleads. I chuckle as I get up, grabbing the short red dress from the hanger. I begin to put it on, and I can feel Dylan’s eyes on me. I blush and look up at him, I’m never used to him staring at my body. I adjust the dress before putting on a little eyeliner, mascara, and some red eyeshadow. I squirt Dylan’s favorite perfume onto my body before placing my black stilettos on. I walk downstairs, seeing Dylan checking his phone by the door and when he looks up at me, his mouth parts in amazement.

“Baby, you look absolutely stunning.” I smile at his compliment, my cheeks heating up.

“Thank you.” I whisper and Dylan grabs the keys, heading out the door with our fingers intertwined.

A few hours and a lot of drinks later…

I sit at the table the boys are at, stirring my water around with my straw, watching Dylan have fun with his friends. He hadn’t mention to them that they should be nice and I’m super worried that something might happen. I’m taking a sip of my water when one of his friends looks over at me before rolling his eyes in disgust and looking back over at Dylan.

“Dude, I thought you got rid of this girl. I mean c’mon, you can do so much better than her. Look at her, she’s not even skinny.” He tells Dylan. Dylan chuckles, shaking his head.

“I told her to lose weight but she doesn’t listen. All she does all day is sit on the couch, I’m kinda getting sick of it.” Tears begin to pool as I look at him with my lips parted. A tear sliding down my face when Dylan looks over at me. His eyes widen in surprise, not knowing I was there obviously. I get up from the seat, and throw the water in his face.

“Never talk to me again.” I tell him, sniffling as I wiped tears from my cheeks.

“Baby, wait.” Dylan begs, but I don’t listen and walk out of the club. I get into the car and drive back to the house. He fucking knew how I felt about the situation. I’ve told him plenty of times that I’ve been trying to lose weight. I park the car outside the house. I unlock the door and walk inside and head upstairs. I close the door and stand in front of the mirror, analyzing every flaw I can find. A sob escapes my lips as I fall to my knees, covering my mouth with my hand as I let everything out. I throw the mirror across the room, a piece of glass landing on my arm and piercing my skin. I hiss in pain, not caring at the moment and I sit against the edge of of the bed on the floor. I heard the front door slam shut and I get up and lock the bedroom door, not wanting to see Dylan at the moment. The doorknob shakes, Dylan pounding his fist against the door.

“Baby, please, open the door.” Dylan pleads, his voice cracking slightly. I don’t say anything, tears still streaming down my face as I stare at the bedroom door.

“Please, please, I’ll do anything just talk to me.” He begs, still trying to get the door open.

“You don’t get to say anything after what you did!” I yell, another sob escaping my lips as I’m pulling my hair in frustration.

“Okay, don’t talk, just listen. Look, I’m so sorry baby. I know I forgot to tell them to not say anything rude, but they have never said anything bad about you before tonight. I know I can’t take back what I said, especially when we had a talk about it before we left, but please. I love you so much and I don’t think I can lose you.” Dylan tells me through the door. I get up l and stand in front of the door, slowly raising my hand to it.

“I’m sorry Dylan, but I need space. Maybe it’s better if we take a break.” I quietly say, not knowing if he actually heard me.

“Baby, no. No, no, please. I won’t be able to live without you.” Dylan begs and I pack a bag before opening the door. I look up at him, seeing tears trailing down his flushed cheeks. His eyes saddening once he sees the state I’m in.

“You’ll be fine, but I gotta go.” I whisper, heading downstairs, opening the front door when a hand grabs my wrist. I turn around facing Dylan as his hand intertwines with mine.

“Will you come back?” He asks quietly, biting his lip softly. I shrug my shoulders, trying to hold my tears in as I look at the floor.

“I don’t know. Only time will tell.” I give him a sad smile and place a small kiss to his lips. I pull away, Dylan not wanting to let me go.

“Please, just remember that I love you so much and I regret everything I’ve done tonight.” He tells me and I give him a quick nod and walk out the door, missing him already.

Fling - Dylan O’Brien

“No, we can’t do girls night tomorrow, I have a meeting Sunday morning I’ll actually need sleep for.” You sigh into your phone. You and your girlfriends were supposed to have a girls night complete with face masks, the latest gossip and a sleepover tonight, but it looks like both your friends are ditching. 

“Tonight just won’t work for me.. I’m going out with that guy I told you about.” Your best friend tells your through the phone.

“The mailman?” You frown even though she can’t see.

“No, God no.” She replies with pure disgust in her voice. “Last week, he took me to some shady old bar. He wouldn’t keep his hands off of me, literally everyone inside was staring at me.”

“Did him anyways?” 

“Well, yes.” She confesses. “I mean, after that horrible date I deserved to have some fun.” 

“Sure.” You mutter, a small smile playing on your lips, not at all certain you approve of her choices. 

“Tonight I’m going out with Adrian, the guy I met at the movies. He’s taking me to a fancy restaurant, I’m gonna make him order some fancy champagne.” Your best friend continues. “Sorry to ditch you but champagne sounds lots better than ice cream and pizza at your place.”

“Great.” You mumble, looking down at your shopping cart filled with tubs of ice cream, microwave popcorn, oven French fries and just about every choice of face mask the store offers. “Wasn’t gonna have pizza.” You even got cashews, which seemed appropriate since you’re basically adults now.

“Whatever, point is, we have these Friday nights every month, it’s not that big of a deal if we skip it just this once.” 

It is a big deal actually. Friday nights have been a tradition since college, when you first parted your ways.You rarely see your friends anymore since everyone is so caught up at work or with school. Friday night once a month is the only time you have together, but apparently it means more to you than it does to your friends. “Have fun with Adrian.” 

“Will definitely do.” Your friend giggles before you end the phone call.
Continuing to roam the isles, you decide to keep the oven fries and the ice cream, then move onto the candy isle. Eating away your feelings won’t do any good, but it’s not like you have something better to do now.

“Uh sorry.” 

You look up into a pair of slightly familiar brown eyes. “Shit.” You mumble when you realize you rammed your cart into him. “I’m so sorry.” You quickly apologize to the guy you seem to run into every time you shop your groceries. Not quite as literally as tonight, though. 

“That’s okay. Hi.” He smiles, “If I knew I was gonna run into you, I would have dressed a little nicer.” He chuckles looking down at his sweats, which makes you laugh because you’re wearing a ratty old tee shirt that reaches your thighs with a legging that may or may not have a hole that seductively reveals your dotted underwear. 

The guy moves his gaze to your cart. “Did you get dumped, too?” 

“By my friends, yeah.” You nod and roll your eyes. “It’s fine, I’m just gonna go home and –“ You stop your ramblings. “You got dumped?” 

“Yeah.” He nods. That’s when you realize you never did catch his name, which, by default, makes this awkward now that you’ve cut the topic of heartbreak. Especially since you’ve talked plenty times before (never much deeper than ‘Stalking me now, huh?’, ‘Fancy spotting you here again.’, and ‘We should carpool, probably.’), it has been going on for at least two years now.

“You should have a look at this.” He says as he hands you a magazine.
You frown as you flip through the pages, not exactly sure what you’re looking for until you spot a pair of brown eyes exactly like the ones focussed on you.

“You’re in a magazine?” Quickly scanning the pages, you catch that his name is Dylan. Which he told you before, but totally slipped your mind. 

“Next page.” Dylan says. “You probably want to read that.” He points out the picture at the bottom of the page, which makes you frown even more because it’s a picture of you. 

“What is this?” 

“Read it.” Dylan says, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants. 

‘Dylan O’Brien… Teen Wolf actor… famous girlfriend Britt Robertson… cheating scandal.” 

“Oh no.” You mutter once it all adds up. “I’m so sorry, when did they even take those?” 

“Must have been last week. There’s about a dozen other articles out there, assuming you’re an actress as well.” Dylan sighs. “Britt’s freaking out. Remember that time she came in with me and the cashier just assumed we were shopping together.” 

You nod. “Right. Shit of course she would think this is a thing.” 

“It’s not just about this, though.” He shrugs. 

“I’m sorry.” 

“Not at all your fault.” Dylan shakes his head. “I’m sorry you’re all over everywhere right now.” 

“Yeah I kinda didn’t realize you’re an actor..” You mumble, quite embarrassed. 

Dylan laughs. “I know. I like that.” 

“I should have known.” 

“Now you’ve got something to do tonight,” he smiles. “There’s six seasons of Teen Wolf so you should be good for a while.” 

You laugh. “Yeah, thanks for the reference.” 

“Of course you could also go for a movie, just not one Britt and I are in together, that’s kind of awkward now.” He mutters. 

The both of you fall back into a comfortable pace, roaming the isles and filling up the cart. You don’t know how it happened that Dylan is now putting his groceries with yours, but neither one of you comment on it. 

He grabs hold of a few other magazines that feature the rumor, looking quite satisfied as he puts them in the cart. “We probably should get exchange these for - er - not melted ones.” Dylan chuckles as he puts the tubs of ice cream back in the freezer and switches them out for new ones. 

At the register Dylan takes it as his job to bag the items. When you go to pay he actually starts to laugh at you. “What? I throw a shitload of stuff into your cart and you wanna pay?” He raises his brows. 

“It’s fine.” You shrug. 

“Here’s my card.” He chuckles as he swipes it. “You’re too kind.” 

“I could have paid for that.” You say on your way out of the store. 

“You have like three things!” Dylan laughs again. 

“Still.” You shrug. 

“You deserve a free tub of ice cream on a Friday night.” He smiles as you walk out into the parking lot.

“Alright.” You roll your eyes, grinning. “Thanks.” 

Dylans smile fades away easily though as he notices someone flashing their camera. “Guess you’ll have an even bigger photo all over internet tomorrow.” He mutters. 

“Do they really follow you around everywhere?” You frown. 

“Since they figured out who hides behind the beard, yes.” 

“That’s horrible.” 

“That’s life.” Dylan shrugs. “Let’s give them something to talk about.” You shoot him a look of confusion, but before you can ask Dylan his lips are on yours. He’s got one hand on the small of your back, holding onto the shopping cart with the other. 

When you break apart there’s even more people flashing their cameras. Dylan smiles, quite accomplished with what he just did. “Now as for that movie, your place or mine?”

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“i missed something didn’t i?”
it was christmas eve and the kids were overly excited. all day you had been running around the house, preparing everything for when you had both yours and shawn’s families over tomorrow.

thankfully the kids stayed in the living room or their rooms all day watching christmas movies or else you would’ve been even more stressed out.

and to add to it all, shawn wasn’t going to be home until later. he was stuck in boston because of a storm and the earliest flight he could get was late at night. you were thankful he could at least make it home for christmas.

when you told the kids the situation, they insisted that you wait to eat and open presents until shawn gets home. you were fine with that considering you were just as eager to see your husband as the kids were.

“mom!” your 6 year old son alex walked into the living room where you sat, feeding your 5 month old daughter.

“you forgot to put your pyjamas on!” he exclaimed, handing you the unopened bag of red and white striped christmas pyjamas. when you went christmas shopping a few weeks ago, alex along with his siblings, insisted that this year you all wore matching pyjamas.

you took the bag from his hand, “thank you, i almost forgot. i’ll put them on when i’m done here.”

he nodded, walking out of the room to find his brother. it took a little extra convincing for your 13 year old dylan, to wear the pyjamas. but luckily you were able to succeed.

your daughter was already dressed in her white and red striped onesie, and she had a little pacifier with a reindeer on it.

once you finished feeding her and she had fallen asleep, you carried her upstairs with you so you could change into your pyjamas.

“boys,” you called, poking your head into the game room where they were. “let’s go watch a movie while we wait for dad.”

they happily followed you into the living room as the three of you tried to pick a movie to watch. the boys decided they both wanted to sit on the couch with you and their sister, so you were all snuggled up under one blanket.

they decided they wanted to watch elf, their all time favourite christmas movie. you chuckled as the opening started playing, knowing that they were going to be bored of it soon since they’ve seen elf a million times.

about halfway into the movie, alex was asleep on you and so was your daughter. dylan luckily had stayed awake, his phone keeping him busy.

“i missed something didn’t i?” someone chuckled behind you. dylan turned around excitedly, “dad!”

he got up as shawn pulled him in for a bone crushing hug, “i missed you bud.”

you woke up alex as gently as possible, “alex, baby, daddy’s home.”

as soon as he heard you say those two words, he woke up and ran to greet his dad.

you smiled as you watched your three boys, alex had joined the hug and you were pretty sure he wasn’t going to let shawn go anytime soon.

you handed your sleeping daughter to dylan, before running into shawn’s open arms and wrapping your legs around his torso.

“i missed you so much baby,” he said into your hair. you breathed in his familiar musky scent, trying to familiarize yourself with it again.

he set you down, smirking as he looked up at the ceiling.

“what?” you asked as he just continued to smirk.


you rolled your eyes, “shawn, the kids-”

“rules are rules y/n,” he said before smashing his lips onto yours as you let your hands tug at the baby hairs on his neck.

“mom! dad!” dylan groaned, “get a room or something! here take your child, you’ve got 3 you don’t need another one.”

you laughed as shawn took the baby, dylan was shaking his head as he went to sit back down.

“i guess i didn’t get the matching pjs memo?” shawn asked, scratching the back of his neck.

“oh don’t worry, i got you a pair too. they’re upstairs and you have to wear them.”

he nodded, taking the baby with him as he went to change into the candy cane looking pyjamas that alex had picked out.

you returned to your spot in between the boys, happy that your family was back together after so long.

Brash Hope Part 2

Summary:  You had a fling with Dean Winchester fifteen years ago.  Now he wants back into your life but, like all things, it’s complicated.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, OMC Dylan

Word Count: 3468

Warnings: smut (unprotected sex), fluff, ANGST (canon typical violence, death)

A/N: This is part two.  Get caught up HERE and I warn you MAJOR angst ahead.  I was anxious to attempt this one as it’s my first time writing angst.  Feedback is appreciated!

It never would have happened without these very wonderful, talented and amazing people:

@wheresthekillswitch my wonderful beta.  You add polish to my scribbles and I am forever grateful.

@arryn-nyxx your beautiful aesthetic captured what exactly what I hoped for in my story.

@pinknerdpanda thank you for sharing your angst expertise with me.

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Dean’s POV

I’m looking down at Y/N, her eyes and voice deadly serious as she touches my face.  I can’t help it; I lean into her hand as she speaks.  I’m shocked as the unbelievable words fall from her mouth.

I have a son?


Dean moves towards the house.

“No,” you put yourself in his path.  “He has no idea about you.  All he knows is that I was on my own when I had him.”

Dean looks down at you with eyes full of sorrow and a glimmer of hope, but he says nothing.

“You weren’t in the picture and it wasn’t like I could call you.”

“I know,” Dean says finding his voice.

Dean’s gaze is fixed on the porch.  On your son.  On his son.  After a long pause he looks down at you.

“Can I meet him?”

“Yes, but not tonight.  I have to talk to him about it first.  Then you can, ok?”


That night you tell Dylan about his father.  The tears and anger you’re expecting.  You still aren’t sure how Dylan is processing the revelation that he’s going to meet his father.  His initial anger quickly becomes curiosity; he has so many questions but you think it best to let Dean answer them. The next day you call Dean inviting him over for dinner. At five your doorbell rings and when you open the door there he stands with flowers in his hands and a nervous smile on his face.

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