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Y/N Y/L/N’s boyfriend, Dylan Porter thought that it would be a great idea to mess around with the Ouija board in Y/N’s room. They got introduced to the Calum Hood; the spirit through the board. Calum can read everyone’s minds, a talent of his. He has the gift to know all of the secrets of everyone around him. Curiosity struck him when he saw Y/N, she intrigued him. She was someone he can’t read. He looked after her for her whole life. He was determined to know why she was someone he couldn’t read and why he felt normal whenever he was around her. What happens if a ghost falls in love with a human and what happens if a human falls in love with a ghost. Is it meant to be? Or would they just end up chasing rainbows?

Word Count: 1,322
Warnings: Language



“Holy fuck, what did I get myself into?” I whispered staring at the light cream ceiling of my room.

It was past ten and I decided to call Dylan but he won’t answer his phone I looked over the night stand and checked the time. Its 10:46 he’s probably asleep or doing some homework. I decided to prepare a hot bath to take my mind off things specifically the things that happened a few hours ago.

“Should I go with Twilight, Sex Bomb or Butterball?” I sighed rummaging through my entire collection of bath bombs before taking the sex bomb bath bomb and setting it aside. “Why do I even talk to myself? Maybe I am going crazy.” I mumbled before climbing onto the tub dropping the bath bomb; it started fizzing and made a pastel pink color. Relaxing myself on the ivory fiberglass I gathered some rose petals that I always set aside just in case. I snapped a picture for my instagram. I placed my phone on the small table that was just within my reach before sinking onto the tub until the water hit my neck. I decided to take a relaxing nap for at least an hour or less.

I felt someone nudge my shoulder waking me up from my sleep. I squint my eyes before hearing my ringtone echo throughout the whole room.

“Are you gonna answer that or not?” I heard an unfamiliar husky voice say snapping me from my relaxed state. Who the fuck is this and how did he get here? I shake my head remembering that my sister told me that she was having some friends over. “So, you gonna answer that or what?” He repeated coyly, with a smirk plastered on his face and his eyebrow cocked to the side. He walked towards the wall before staring at me. I was freaked out but I wasn’t gonna give in.

I maintained eye contact with the stranger as I sat up. I was reaching for my phone with one hand glancing at my phone before fixating my eyes at him again. It was Dylan’s mom she only called when it was an emergency. You wondered what could’ve gone wrong. “Yes? Hello Miss Porter. Uh no, Dylan’s not here with me. He told me you asked him to go home. I’ll try to call him. Bye good night Miss Porter.” I still kept my eye contact with the man that was in front of me. 

“What do you want and how the fuck did you get here?” I asked looking at him up and down studying his appearance. 

His back was firmly pressed against the wall and his hands were crossed in front of him. His jet black hair was separated with blonde streaks on his fringe. His hessonite colored eyes trailed towards the petals scattered around the pastel pink water. His jaw line was defined and his plump lips were forming into a smirk trailing his eyes on my body. I would be lying if I said that he didn’t look like a puppy because that was what he exactly looked like. He was cute but I was still confused. Why was he standing on my bathroom looking at me? Maybe Y/S/N told him to come here. Kudos to her though he’s pretty hot. JEsuS Y/N what are you saying you have a boyfriend. 

My thoughts were interrupted when he let out a cough. He smiled and I realized why I looked down at my body and realized that my chest was exposed. Oh right, this is just great. I’m butt naked. HORAY! My cheeks were flushed giving it a rosy color I wrapped your arms in front of my chest.

“I’ll let you get dressed” he said walking towards a bathrobe on his hand and his other hand covering his eyes. “Uhm I’ll stay here while you’re at it.” 

“Thanks. You better not kill me though stranger.” I chuckled taking the towel from his hand. He turned around and you slipped on the bathrobe. I went to my room to start getting dressed. I thought that it would be rude to let him stay there longer so I called him the second I was done changing. “Hey stranger I’m done changing, you can come out now.” I called out, after a few seconds he came out and scratched the back of his neck. I sat cross-legged on my bed before staring up at him.

“He’s cheating on you.” He whispered almost unsure of what he was saying. He had my phone on his hand and started calling Dylan. There was no response and he walked over to me before sitting on the empty space in front of me. “That’s why he’s not responding to your call.” He hesitantly added before handing the phone to me.

“Uhm, excuse me? But who do you think you are telling me things like this?” I spat. “That’s a huge lie. Plus how can you tell it’s not like you know him… or me.” I continued.

I didn’t want to believe it. My friends would always tell me that he probably is cheating on me but I just shrugged it off thinking that it was just rumors or my friends just trying to break us apart but after hearing this complete stranger tell me all these things just made it sound true. But fuck it; I didn’t even know who this guy was so why should I believe him. I looked up at the boy with anger and I see his face soften. I felt tears brimming on my eyes.

He awkwardly sat beside me placing an arm on my shoulder. “Hey, don’t cry.” He cooed, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “My name’s Calum.” He sighed. “You already know who I am. This might sound crazy to you but yeah. I’m the spirit or ghost or whatever the hell you want to call it you were talking to like hours ago.” He explained nervously scratching the back of his head.

My eyes widen at what he just said. How can this be possible? I’m dreaming or just going crazy. Oh my god. “Erm, are you sure you’re a ghost? You might just be drunk, you know.” I hinted. He took my phone and dialed an unknown number before handing it to me. I put in on loud speaker and he just nodded.

“Hello, who is this?” a grating voice greeted from the other line. Her voice sounded familiar and then it all clicked she was this obnoxious girl that always asked about your Dylan whenever you two sat beside each other at class.

“Hello, this is Calum. Dylan’s friend do you mind getting him on the phone for me?” Calum asked, intertwining his hands with mine.

“Babe your friend or something wants-“she yelled when she was suddenly cut off with a voice. “Tell him to piss off. I really need you right now babe.” You hear a voice similar to Dylan’s voice call out.

“Put this on loudspeaker so Dylan can hear.”  Calum commanded.

“Okay” the girl giggled before running, probably towards where Dylan was.

I took the phone with shaky hands hearing the girl giggle and her collide with something. “Hey listen here you shitty ass fucks. I know what you’ve been doing behind my back.” I spat. “And before you even consider telling me that you’re sorry or that it was a mistake you can forget about it because you and me are done you dick.” I continued with a shaky voice and pressing end.

I felt Calum’s strong arms wrap around me, rubbing my back. I stared into his eyes and he flashed me a smile. It made me feel safe. He carried me to the top of my bed. I held on to him until I fell asleep. 

“You’re gonna be okay. I’ll always be here for you.” He whispered.

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Why do you want this character?: Who doesn’t enjoy playing the nerd, well a very intelligent nerd and he’s very calculative in what he does. Anything can fascinate him and his main focus will go with what captures his eye. His bond with wesley and allison is great, all good friends and I like that he can break out of his shell around Allison, he can be a little shy. I think he has much depth in his character and i can add a bit of quirkiness, because it’s fun.

Para Sample:

The curve of his lips turned upward once he saw that shining blonde hair make his way towards him.


There were so many words that could describe the person she is, how she held herself. Since the day he met her, his life has shifted, it wasn’t just all simple minded. She helped expand his mind, observing, absorbing all information. He actually cared about himself, what she thought of him, how she saw him. Dylan admired her strength, the positive aspects of her being. She was intelligent, bright, easy to hold a conversation with—-but her eyes did not find his no, they were staring right past him to—-


He wasn’t surprised. They all have been friends for a very long time, and there was a growing friendship between Allison and Wesley, something he wish he could have shared with her. Maybe she had a thing for humans. This simple crush was in no way going to disappear but he had to make it disappear. Insecurity settled in and thought best not to pursue something that couldn’t ever be. He shook the thought from his head, they were suppose to meet Wesley up by the Library to study, but he stopped Allison before she passed him, using his powers silently to knock down her books.

“Dylan!” she said bending down to pick it up.

“Sorry, I had to find a way to talk to you before meeting up Wesley.” Dylan waved to Wesley letting him know he was helping Allison with her books.

“You couldn’t have texted? you know the normal thing.” Allison said grabbing her book.

“It”s getting harder, keeping things, especially from him. We’re practically surround by the supernatural, how long do you think we’ll be playing house for?” Dylan said actually worried for his friend.

“I—I..” she paused “I don’t know, we’ll tell him when it’s right” Allison glanced up at Wesley and smiled before looking back at Dylan “Just not now.”

He took a breath watching at how easily life could change at any moment, one minute they’re happy and the next—their world could come crashing down. They had to do what was best for the Coven, Dylan had to follow in the footsteps of his parents. At all costs.

       This was a war

                               where anything goes

                                                               no matter the casualties.

Walking towards Wesley, Dylan smiled as he took a seat, opening his book. Casually talking as if nothing was wrong—as if there was not a care in the world….

               Some things are better left unsaid —for your own good.