dylan porter

Clay: do you think I could have those tapes back?

Tony: *pulls the tapes out from the back of his car* honestly I didn’t expect you to ask me this because I wasn’t trying to persuade you to take them back so they’re kinda not available right now maybe by the end of the week or

okay but hear me out: 13rw is becoming another pokémon go

seriously tho so many people I know are bonding over this

like me and my sister, we are complete opposites and ignore that we even live in the same house at times and yet she walked in on me watching zach’s tape and we had a heartfelt conversation about being kind to everyone without fault

kids are ignoring their usual “clicks” and reaching out to others and being friendly and kind and encouraging others to be kinder and are actually having OPEN DIALOGUE on taking care of each other

the whole show is based around the idea that suicide brings people together in a harsh way but now it’s bringing awareness to bullying and signs that people are hurting themselves and are planning to hurt themselves

seriously it’s a wake up call for so many people about what matters and I’m watching people come together and it’s just :,)

You can hear rumors. But you can’t know them
—  13 Reasons Why [tv show]
  • Kevin Porter: You can't love someone back to life.
  • Clay Jensen: You can try.
  • Me: Umm, sorry to be interrupting this highly emotional scene, but I was kinda wondering, if we try hard enough, could we love our favourite fictional characters to reality? Life is kinda lonely without them
13 Reasons Guys- FicBite 6

Hey everyone! So I’ve kinda been on hiatus for a while (sorry!) but that’s because these exams have been driving me crazy :) so, without further ado, here’s another installment of the FicBites series!

At a concert

Zach: best person ever to go with because he’s so tall, you can sit on his shoulders and get a 100% unobstructed view of the stage. He’s also super supportive and takes 367 pictures of your cute outfit, even after complaining about his phone’s storage being full.

Justin: you guys had to get the bus there but halfway there it breaks down and you realize you are never gonna get to the concert in time. You’re both upset initially, especially Justin bc he really wanted to make you happy, but you two end up finding a deserted path somewhere and just sitting down, looking at the stars and drinking cold Cokes, listening to the band’s songs on your phone. You don’t talk but it’s a comfortable silence, the kind where you’re entirely at home with each other (this one is by far my favorite!!)

Alex: only goes for super obscure indie band concert, calls everything else “commercialized pop”, really fun when you get there because you realize the music is actually good and because it’s so unknown the stage isn’t mobbed either, knows one of the singers because he used to have band with him in middle school and gets you backstage so you can just hang with them

Tyler: takes pictures the whole time and then tries to sneak backstage, claiming to be “an artist of the lens”. Needless to say gets kicked out ASAP

Marcus: pretends to be wayyyy more important than he is and tells backstage security that he’s really influential. they don’t care

Ryan: actually knows people and is chilling with the biggest people of the industry by the side because he’s just like that

Clay: is really cute because it’s his favorite band and he’s really excited :) wears band merch even through he feels like a dork, buys you both root beer which you drink while talking about deep philosophical stuff under the stars just listening to the music late at night

Jeff: Really sweet because he’s that Instagram boyfriend who takes really cute selfies with you and buys you rainbow cotton candy and lets you sit on his shoulders when you can’t see. Gives you his oversized denim jacket when you get cold and tells you you look really cute in it:

Montgomery: takes 5 billion selfies and walks around for a solid 50 minutes looking for good lighting. is disappointed that he couldn’t get with any models

Tony: you drive home in his car, get roadside waffles on the way, you fall asleep on the way so he covers you up with his jacket and just laughs