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Gerson Zevi’s Land Art road trip is a month long trip through the American Southwest aiming to inspire and engage a group of 30 artists, creatives, and collectors. Beginning in Salt Lake City on September 12th, and traveling through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, the trip will visit some of the most important artistic and natural sites, collections, and experiences that can be found in America today. Stops include Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, Michael Heizer’s Double Negative, Walter de Maria’s The Lightning Field, and museums such as the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Judd Foundation, and the Menil Collection.

Participants will also be camping by the Grand Canyon and The White Sands Desert. The international group includes writers, photographers, painters, musicians, filmmakers, and a geologist. Matteo Zevi, co-founder of Gerson Zevi says, “Every year, small numbers of art lovers take road trips to discover one of America’s best kept secrets: the Land Art of the Southwest. Whether these journeys are accomplished by car or plane, nearly all the participants travel in small groups, and at a considerable cost.” Co-founder Alex Gerson adds, “As a result , these trips are small and unpublicized happenings, rarely shared or celebrated outside of the participating community. Our trip will be different in size, scope, and ambition.”

Alexander Gerson and Matteo Zevi, the founders of Gerson Zevi, met at Harvard, where they were involved with the undergraduate art scene and startup ventures. Zevi comes from a family of traditional European art dealers and collectors. Gerson managed undergraduate businesses as a student and minored in studio art, writing his senior thesis on film aesthetics.Their joint passion for art and business led them to a realization: young people just out of college and beyond want to buy art, but are too intimidated by traditional galleries or art fairs, and cannot find the right place to purchase high-quality and unique works online. In order to refine their concept, Gerson and Zevi have assembled an international team of young and dynamic curators, artists, and tastemakers.