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Top Ten Characters I’d Kiss

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1. Stiles Stilinski

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2. Mitch Rapp

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3. Void Stiles

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4. Thomas 

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5. Stuart Twombly

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6. Trevor

7. Dave Hodgman

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8. The Guy

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9. Jimmy

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10. Peter

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New Girl

A/N: I am planning on making this a series so..yay! Here’s part one! hope you have lovely lives <3


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Being new to beacon hills high school is one thing but being the new girl as well as a supernatural in a completely unknown environment is something else. I am a siren, basically if I sing a certain song I can bend men to my will. Today was my first day at BHHS and I was nervous, I know one person here but I rarely talk to her anymore her name is Lydia and she’s my cousin. When I was younger Lydia and I used to be super close but then I moved we still talk but not as much I hope I can get close to her again. I open the doors and suddenly everyone’s eyes turn to me. I offer a small smile. I hated being the center of attention. I wandered around for a little bit when I heard an all too familiar squeal. It was Lydia.

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ιмagιne dylan singing тo yoυ❥


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