Humans... Too Easy to Fool (Part 3/3)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Words: 1,007

Warnings: slight smut

Part 1     Part 2


“I still don’t get why we can’t go downstairs.” I say anxiously as I lean on the windowsill.

“Because we didn’t have time to leave before he arrived, and he doesn’t need to know that we’re here.”

“What will that do to help us?” I ask as I start pacing around the room, “He’s slowly killing us while they take their time downstairs.” I say before opening the door to leave.

I ignore Stiles warnings as I climb down the stairs to join the group.

“I tried, she wouldn’t listen.” Stiles says in defense as he follows me.

I look directly at Void, strapped against the couch. His lips coil into a twisted smile as I feel myself getting weaker by the second. I look at Stiles and notice his feelings were mirroring mine. My knees give in, allowing me to hit the hard wood below me. I feel a bead of sweat fall from my forehead as I see Stiles fall next to me in a blur.

Voids menacing laugh echoes in my head as everything falls into blackness.

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Humans... Too Easy to Fool (Part 2/3)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Words: 1,060

Part 1


“Stiles!” I laugh as he crawls on top of me, “Your dad’s home,” I whisper in his ear as he places his lips on my neck. “We can at least move this to your room.” I offer, Stiles agreeing as he pulls me off the couch.

The unfamiliar smell of __________ wakes me. I sit up, groaning in pain as my head throbs.

“Ahh, and she finally wakes up.” Void Stiles says from the top of the cement stairs with his head tilted, standing from his crouching position slowly.

“Get away from me.” I warn as I try to stand, holding my head in agony.

“Silly girl, you don’t scare me.” He says as he walks down the stairs slowly.

My back hits the metal bars behind me, forcing me to stay where I am. He stops inches away from me, staring into my fearful eyes. Unable to face him, I turn my body around. His front side presses against my back, forcing me against the bars. I whimper in fear, closing my eyes in fear.

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