dylan o'brien

I'm absolutely devastated about Dylan's departure from Teen Wolf, but I'm proud of him. As the humble actor he is, I don't think he expected to be doing this much and to be this well known and appreciated, but he is because he's earned it. He's an excellent actor. Teen Wolf played a huge role in his success but now he's moving onto bigger and better things and sharing his talent with the rest of the world. I'm happy for him.

There are a lot of questions going around about Dylan in 6B and Will Wallace answered some of them and didn’t confirm or deny it so that leaves the question open, but from what he said I doubt they will kill Stiles as he said they are trying to give the characters good endings. However I do think that Dylan won’t be there for either all or most of season 6B due to scheduling problems and contract issues, but what I hope is that they at least have him guest star in the finale briefly to tie up his storyline and him and Lydia’s

Teen Wolf: 10th Year Reunion

“Scott, Stiles, and Lydia return to Beacon Hills for their high school tenth year reunion only to run into danger. Scott plans to get his pack back together in order to defeat what’s threatening all of Beacon Hills before it’s too late.”

This is why Stiles won’t die, he has to be back for the revival. See ya guys in 10 years! 👋🏽