dylan norman


Can you believe this house is really torned down? 5 years this beautiful, well build set was right there and now its gone. It’ll never be there again and its almost like it has never been there now. All we just got for now are the memories the cast and crew could share with us. I cant even say how thankful I am for every single minute in this crazy, but awesome lovely fandom. I’m not going to say goodbye even its “the end of an era”. This house and all the memories are deep down in my heart and it will always be like that! ❤

The Many Men I’d like to Bed and Wed ;)

Someone had asked me my celebrity crushes and I gave them a few but how about we just lay it all out on the table in the current correct order.

1. Chris Evans

2. John O’Callaghan

3. Tom Holland

4. Sebastian Stan

5. Jai Courtney

6. Eddie Redmayne

7. Joel Kinnamon

8. Norman Reedus

9. Dylan O’Brien

10. Ezra Miller

11. Harry Styles

12. Machine Gun Kelly

13. Ian Bohen

14. Matthew Gray Gubler

15. Andrew Garfield 

16. Dave Franco

17. Zac Efron

18. Sam Claflin

19. Miles Teller

20. Theo James

You know what, let’s stop there! Who are your top 20 celebrity crushes?! I want to make sure I’m not the only one who’s crazy……