dylan nahrwold

First off I just want to say THANK YOU to all my new followers and most specifically sc0rpio for showing me some love. I was out skating today with Dylan, trying to stay out of the rain and I wanted to shoot something for the Tubmlr fam. This wall was perfectly aligned with the rail and it was only a matter of time before someone hit it.

Dylan Nahrwold - Wallie Back Board

Dylan showed me this spot and I could only think of a small number of dudes who could pop over this behemoth. Everyone who knows Dylan knows he has pop! It came to no surprise at how easily he hopped over this thing. It took him 4 tries to land this and he got over it every single time. Keep your eyes peeled at the next high ollie contest hahah.

Dylan Nahrwold - Ollie

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I’ve spent the past year pouring 100% of my time into filming this video and it’s finally set to release! In two weeks I’m having a premiere in Fullerton, Ca. Please click the reblog button to support this humbled dreamer.

Thank you everyone!

Expect full parts from Jason Rivera, Dylan Nahrwold (pictured above Switch Flipping), Deven Williams, and myself. You can see the teaser among other footage on my youtube channel @jaycubisrad