dylan miner

These past few days I’ve been playing Diabolical/Pandora’s box and was struck by a few odd things about the hallucinogenic gas.
It mainly centres around the idea that the inhabitants have of the passing of time. For Example, Olsen states that both Sophia and the other founders of Dropstone moved away from Folsense only a few years ago. Equally, Dylan (the miner found in the Northern part of town) say that the mine closed down only a few years ago too. 
In the game, this is used to point out that the town is odd and really 50 years have passed since the accident that released the gas.
HOWEVER, some characters seem to be aware that this much time has passed, for example, the Photographer (Joseph)
I wonder whether this is a nod to the self-aware characters being dead, given that only older characters give out this information.
After all Clarice clearly states that she sees ghosts all the time