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ALRIGHTY so here are the rest!! i have a majority of my beatles transparents up already so i just added on the new ones. i also added a bobby one that i missed. again don’t delete this caption as it links back to my blog and credit me if you use them. some of these are really terrible but there are some nice ones.


1. Like a Rolling Stone (single)  -  Bob Dylan

2. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (single)  -  The Rolling Stones

3. Imagine (single)  -  John Lennon 

4. What’s Going On (single)  -  Marvin Gaye

5.  Respect (single)  -  Aretha Franklin

6.  Good Vibrations (single)  -  The Beach Boys

7.  Johnny B. Goode (single)  -  Chuck Berry

8.  Hey Jude (single)  -  The Beatles

9.  Smells Like Teen Spirit (single) by Nirvana

10. What’d I Say? [Pt. 1] (single)  -   Ray Charles

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Williams College
  • Marvin*: Hi Dylan! I just wanted to ask from me and my roommate Leonardo* if the bitches at Williams are down to fuck on the first date...let me know
  • Dylan: hey Marvin*; there are no bitches at Williams, but there are tons of intelligent and kind female students here! it looks like that question wasn't necessary or even relevant, considering it looks like you're a student at Drexel, but i will advise that you don't speak that way at your own school, otherwise girls will justifiably disrespect you the way you disrespect them :)

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