dylan marron is awesome


Worth your time.  


Maureen Johnson, Jeffery Cranor, Cecil Baldwin and Dylan Marron. All being precious. Nuff said. ))

–filmed and submitted by winnyao, thank you so much!!! 

ETA: since winnyao made them public, I’ll include the links to Youtube for future reference. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


Americans and sports. Who gets that whole culture? Not me. But this is a really cute video. 

“Whenever we’re not on tour, which is never these days, we go to Meg’s Mom’s for Superbowl parties, in which I eat melted cheese on things.” -Joseph Fink 

“I have a secret. I’m not wearing any pants. *makes ‘shh’ gesture*” -CECIL 

ETA: In case you didn’t know, Todd (seen in the beginning of the video) is Dylan’s fiance!

From the WTNV YouTube.

Alarming Videos Prove Hollywood Is A Long Way From Being Truly Diverse
For as long as Hollywood has existed, it has underrepresented people of color. Actor and sometime video editor Dylan Marron has found a way to show us just how bad it really is for performers of color

Dylan is on Huffington Post too! And they included some quotes from him from a Pop Mythology interview. Awesome!