dylan klebolds diary


Strawberry-flavoured tea, Nine Inch Nails, fairy lights and my journal.
So far, on these two pages, there are scribblings in English, Hungarian and the bus tickets are printed in Serbian, including something in German and Macedonian is to go! :)
The triple barred cross necklace is completely handmade (I only need to paint it over w/ silver color so the marks of material bending and scratches made while cutting aren’t so visible anymore).
Also, look at my drawing of Dylan. :)

Video diaries ! Dylan fluff

“No Dylan I don’t wanna be filmed.” YN giggled, putting her hands over her face as Dylan attempted to direct the camera towards her. Out of all the home tapes that him and Eric had filmed, there wasn’t one of his girlfriend, Ellie, and so he decided to make one, or at least try. “Oh come on please.” He grinned, gently pulling her hands away from her face and making eye contact, still experiencing fire works from each touch. “But Dyl I’m ugly.” YN said softly despite her obviously sad tone as she turned away from the camera. Dylan sighed, hating the way she hated herself and put his hands around hers. “No you’re not.” He still wasn’t good at any of that cheesy stuff but he’d do anything to let YN love herself. Gently, he moved one of his hands onto her cheek as the other one had the camera strapped to his wrist. She shook her head and looked down, making his hand shift in position “yes I am.” “Shut up you’re fucking gorgeous.” Dylan smiled, his voice bold but his face pink from embarrassment. YN giggled and quickly launched onto her tip toes, pecking his lips and making him blush more. “You’re so cute.” She whispered and kissed him again, sneakily pulling the camera from the strap on his wrist “we filming a porno or nah?”. Her imitation of Eric made Dylan burst out laughing, ruining the awkward romantic moment but creating a comedic one. “I’m up for.” He grinned, making YN burst out laughing in cute clusters of snorts and shake her head. “Maybe another day.”