dylan klebolds diary

Dylan Klebold Diary Entry


sorry to everyone…

I just can’t take it..

all the thoughts…

to many…make my

head twist…

i must have happiness,

love, peace.


Ignorance is bliss

happiness is ambition

desolation is knowledge

pain is acceptance

despair is anger

denial is helpless

martyrism is hope for others

advantages taken are causes of martyrism

revenge is sorrow

death is a reprieve

life is a punishment

others’ achievements are tormentations

people are alike

i am different- Dylan

me is a god, a god of sadness

exiled to this eternal hell

the people i helped, abandon me

i am denied what i want,

to love & to be happy

being made a human

without the possibility of BEING human

the cruellest of all punishments

to some i am crazy

it is so clear, yet so foggy

everything’s connected, seperated

I am the only interpreter of this

Id rather have nothing than be nothing

some say godliness isn’t nothing

humanity is the something i long for

I just want something I can never have.

The story of my existence-Dylan

That Diary

My friend Y/N had invited me over to her house for a movie night. Her parents had left town for the week so I just decided to stay the week over there. It was Winter break and snow was falling and laying thick white sheets over the grass and dead tree limbs. I parked my car in the garage as Y/N opened it for me and it slowly shut behind me. I got out grabbing my bag for the week.

“Hey Y/N!”

“Hi Dylan, what’re you up to?”

“Yknow the usual. Driving in the snow to see my best friend!”

I engulfed my friend in a hug picking her up as she giggled hugging me back. I set her down and walked inside taking my boots off beforehand. I looked at the white walls covered with family photos. I set my bag down by the couch plopping down next to Y/N.

“What are we watching?”

“Dateline NBC”

“You’ve got to be fucking with Y/N”

She laughed pushing my shoulder slightly. “Go put your bag in my room and grab my NIN shirt it’s somewhere in my dresser.” I nodded standing up picking up my bag and making my way upstairs. I set my bag down by the bed and opened her bottom drawer and began rummaging around going drawer my drawer. I opened the top drawer and realized I had come to the underwear drawer.

“Oh man I really shouldn’t look.. but her shirt might be in this drawer.”

I made sure she wasn’t coming up and I began moving the different fabrics some were lace some silk and some normal cotton. I reached the bottom and I found a little black book I shut the door locking it and I sat on her bed holding it in my hands looking at it.

“This is not something friends do to other friends… but what if someone is bullying her.. or what if she’s having boy problems? Oh man.”

I opened it and began reading. Normal everyday stuff such as the smokers pit, classes, jocks, preps, nerds, and other stuff. I flipped and found a page titled ‘DYLAN KLEBOLD’. I began reading and felt my face heating up and my mouth go dry. I kept reading getting kind of excited about how raunchy this stuff was.

'Dear Diary, Dylan Klebold where to begin?? His thick blonde locks and that sweet smile. He’s so lanky and his feet are so big.. You know what they say about boys with bigger feet. I’ve had a crush on Dylan for so many years and he doesn’t seem to get the memo. I would love to be degraded by him and just be on my knees begging for his cock. I want him to go wild on me and make me not be able to walk for a whole week. Jeez just thinking about it makes me so wet. I don’t have the balls to tell him all this stuff.’

I grinned and set the diary back in its place covering it back up with the panties and checking to make sure I looked nice. I ran downstairs and sat by her and pretended to watch Dateline. I moved her hair from her neck kissing her neck softly. I felt her untense under my touch. She scooted close to me. I pulled her onto my lap sucking on the back of her neck leaving small purple love bites.

“Dylan I need you please..”

I let out a soft grunt of approval pulling her shirt off and undoing her bra. I dropped it to the floor turning her around to face me. I kissed her breasts softly squeezing them rubbing my callused thumbs over them. I slowly slid to my back pulling her pants off along with her underwear. I got up as she layed on the couch in a ready position. I grinned.

“Look at you. So eager for my touch letting me undress you with no hesitation.”

She nodded and I layed down between her legs licking her slit as she let out a soft moan. I buried my face between her legs eating her out as she tangled her fingers in my hair pulling slightly. In no less than 3 minutes she came but I kept going. I felt her leg begin to bounce slightly her moans growing louder until I pulled away.

I pulled my pants off along with my shirt then my boxers. I flipped her over so she was on her stomach. I slammed into her and she let out a scream of pleasure.

“Look at you Princess. So fucking wet just for me. Tell me who you’re wet for.”

“Y-You Dylan! I’m wet for you!”

I began to thrust into her hard and rough and fast. She was a moanig mess under me her makeup running down her face and I slapped her ass causing her moans to get louder. Not soon after she came with me coming soon after onto her back. I used my shirt to wipe it away.

We layed on the couch and she looked at me, “You read my diary didn’t you?” I chuckled and nodded and she laughed. I pulled a blanket over us and not long after dozed off on the couch. I never did find her NIN shirt.

tcpapi  asked:

26.. for the music asks thingy

Hey thank you for the ask!

26: A song that makes me want to fall in love

Not that I need much help with that but a favourite of mine that really makes me wanna fall in love with someone is Major Lazer - Be Together. I go out walking a lot and this is a song I can listen to pretty much on loop. It really amplifies that constant feeling I have of ‘I just want someone to give my love to’ or ‘How I learned to stop worrying and love Dylan Klebold’s diary’.