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Didn’t Dylan have stuffed animals?

he did have stuffed animals, in a police interview, sue said that one day, dylan had come home visibly upset and went up to his room. he took out his trunk of stuffed animals from his closet and buried himself in them. but this incident happened in middle school (junior high). i’m unsure whether or not in high school he still had them, but i imagine he did, he probably stored them either in his closet or in the spare room.

imma throw some of my personal opinion in here, but i think the thought of dylan cuddling up with stuffed animals is the most adorable thing ever. also since he had severe depression he might have kept one stuffed animal next to his bed or on a shelf or something. i know thats what i do, just as a comfort thing.

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Dylan Klebold

when Dylan’s mother came forward about living in the aftermath of tragedy, she spoke about how sweet Dylan was when he was a little boy. one time, when she was feeling very sick, Dylan gave her a card. it had a drawing of a pegasus on it and read something along the lines of: ‘i hope my get well pegasus helps you feel better i love you’

Dylan Klebold shot people dead and injured many more alongside his friend Eric Harris, before committing suicide. Dylan was 17 years old and just weeks away from graduation.

how does one go from such caring innocence, to such senseless, evil violence and tragedy?

trace back the roots and it is getting picked on consistently by others in high school as well as severe mental health. severe mental health issues that were never even talked about nor disclosed by Dylan whilst he was actually alive. people in dire need of certain types of help will end up doing eccentric, abnormal and even tragic things if they go without that help. mental illness and conditions that go untreated will worsen. it’s not rocket science. it makes the Columbine tragedy even more tragic.

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Have you ever had the chance to speak with anyone who knew Eric personally? If so, were you able to form a better understanding of who he was by the information they gave you?

Yes. I have spoken to a few people who knew Eric. Ive spoken to Brooks, Randy Brown, and Tom Mauser to name a couple..

No, I wasnt able to really get a better understanding of who Eric was… because they are all biased. None of them cared much for Eric at all.

Caught Red Handed, 1999

February 1999

           Dylan, Brooks, Zach, and Jackson were skipping class and smoking near the senior parking lot. Dylan and Brooks were sitting down while Jackson and Zach stood nearby with their backs to the parking lot.

 Dylan had his head down and was trying to light another cigarette. The wind caused his curly hair to blow in all different directions. His baseball cap was the only thing keeping them from going everywhere.

“Don’t look,” Brooks warned as he saw a familiar red car pull up in a parking spot well within their line of sight. Dylan looked up just in time to see Eric and Ethan exiting the car. 

Brooks immediately turned his head and glared at Dylan, “What did I just say?”  Brooks sounded just like an angry parent. 

Dylan ignored Brooks as well as his body’s craving for nicotine and watched Ethan and Eric as they interacted with each other. He couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he could see their body language and facial expressions clearly. 

Ethan and Eric had no inclination that they had an audience.

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