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If Ethan doesn’t try to kill himself now then what are the writer’s even doing

I can’t even imagine first watching his mother slowly die from cancer with no one there to support him, with no way of saving her even after becoming a doctor. Then discovering that he’s adopted and seeing his biological mother also slowly die and being quickly taken away before he’d even bonded with her. To then discover he has huntington’s disease and will probably die in the same way. Then falling in love with a girl his brother is dating and feeling heart broken every time he looked at them together. To then loose the only person he had left. Cal </3

I’ve heard Ethan is going to go down a dark path after this death and I wouldn’t be surprised if he pushes everyone away. I mean, life has not treated him kindly and he does not deserve any of the things that has happened to him. It’s enough to make anyone depressed. 

His relationship with Alicia has been rocky and now I don’t know if he’ll be able to look at Alicia the same. Alicia has been the cause of so much heart ache and pain and now she’s essentially the reason Ethan was not there when his brother needed him most. He put her before Cal and I think that’s going to drive a wedge through Ethan and Alicia’s relationship.

“Be More Cal” might lead Ethan to drink excessively, overdose or try and commit suicide because what does he have left and he might think it’s a better way to go then to have a slow and painful death alone with huntington’s disease. All he’s going to want is to see Cal again to tell him he’s okay and the only way he might think of to do that is by taking a bunch of pills and just fading away. :’(

Someone like Charlie or Dylan is going to make Ethan see sense in the long run and tell him that Cal wouldn’t have wanted this and just wanted Ethan to be safe and happy.

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can you do an imagine where you and dylan go hiking and he tells you he loves you?

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It’s mid-day, warm, beautiful, and quiet. He’d asked you to go hiking with him two days prior, as he leaned against the locker next to yours, a coy smile upon his lips. 

“A picnic, cigarettes, a beer for each of us?” He’d suggested. “I need to clear my head anyway.”

“And where, exactly, will this take place?” You’d asked, and shut your locker. He stood upright and nudged you gently as you walked past. 

“That trail by my house,” He said, simply. “Kinda up by the mountains.”

You’d agreed, excited to spend some much-needed time with him. You hadn’t spent much time together in the last two weeks, as work had started to pick up quite a bit and homework was starting to overload the rest of your free time. However, you were to go hiking on a Sunday, the one rare day you had off. You didn’t show it, but you were so excited to hang out.

His name was Dylan. He was quiet, tall, kinda cute, kinda dorky. Really sweet. You’d taken to becoming his friend during your junior year. You’d joined the musical for the first time, and he operated the sound board. He was very smart, you’d noticed right away. You’d ended up developing a crush on him, though you were too nervous to say anything. You didn’t think he’d ever feel the same about you.

Dylan offered to drive, and provided the beer. You provided the cigarettes, as he was 17 still and you were 18, and the sandwiches. 

He wasn’t really the hiking type. Truthfully, it was kind of funny to see him walking through this forest with you. The only times you’d seen him on a trail was when you drove to the rampart range with him and his friend Eric, and watched them shoot guns at target pins. 

He sighs wistfully as you weave through the trail, which is overgrown. It’s beautiful, though. You can see the city through the trees, down in the valley. The shade from the leaves above keep you cool and comfortable. 

He hasn’t said much. In fact, he’s rather nervous – you’re not sure why. You struggle to keep up with his long strides as he walks quickly ahead of you. 

“It’s gorgeous out here,” you say. He nods. 

“Yeah, I love it.” He smiles and looked back at you, quickly. “I don’t come out a lot.”

“I know,” you smirk. You stop and turn towards the city, peering down at the cars moving on the highway below, at the life bustling within the buildings. 

It was lovely. You both stood in contemplation as nature rose around you, encasing you within its beauty. You’d never had such a peaceful moment with him. The wind blew your hair gently, caressing your face. You turned and saw Dylan watching you, and he turned away quickly. 

“Hey,” you say, reaching out for his arm as he began down the trail once more. He stopped slowly, hesitant. He turns towards you, cheeks bright red. 

“You okay?” You say, suddenly nervous. It almost seemed as if you did something wrong, though you weren’t sure what it could have possibly been.

“Yeah, I’m…” he shook his head and wrenched his arm free. “It’s fine. Let’s just keep walking.”

“No,” you say, stubborn. “Something’s wrong. I’m not moving until you tell me what.”

“Just leave it!” Dylan shouted, rolling his eyes and turning away. “Can we just go? Please?”

You stood there, defiant. He stopped and dipped his head, now very clearly annoyed. His shoulders only slumped like that when he was irritated. 

“Dylan…” You start. “Did I do something? I’m sorry, I don’t–”

“Y/n,” he interrupts you. “I’m sorry. You know I’m not good at dealing this kind of…emotional shit, okay?”

“What did I do?” You move towards him, brow furrowed. You reach for his arm again, and this time he grabs your hand and holds it tight, watching your eyes intently. He searches you for a few moments, so nervous and hesitant. You aren’t sure what to feel. 

“I…” He bit his lip, and looked towards the city. It was silent, aside from the birds chirping lovely songs. He looked down. 

“I love you.”

He said it so quickly, so unexpectedly, you step back in shock. 

“What?” You say, incredulous. “Jesus, okay–”

“Yeah, whatever,” he threw his hands up. “I shouldn’t have fucking said anything. Fuck it. I’m done.”

“Dylan!” You cry, and chase after him as he begins to descend the trail quickly. 

“Dylan, stop!” You’re desperate, running after him, but he won’t stop. He needed to know the truth – you loved him too, and never expected him to love you back. You’d tortured yourself aimlessly since the first day you met him, desperately head-over-heels for such a wonderful soul. Finally, you grab his shoulder, and spin him around. 

“I love you, too,” you say, and kiss him confidently on the lips. He’s shocked, but softens, and his hands find their way to your lower back. He pulls you in tight. 

Just go away

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Requested by anonymous: Can you do an imagine where Dylan and y/n are having a really bad fight and he slaps her out of pure anger but immediately regrets it

WORDS: 252

WARNING: violence

A/N: -

Y/N P.O.V.


“Hey, I’m going to take a shower, ok?”

“No, wait.”

He looked at me. I pointed at the table.

“Oh, sorry, babe. I totally forgot our dinner.”

“Just the dinner?”

“Yeah. I’ll take a shower, and then we can spend a time together.”



“What day is today?”


“You forgot it.”

“I forgot what?”

“Our fucking anniversary!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just… I’m really tired, babe. I’ll take a shower, the we can do something, I promise.”

“No! You’re not going to take a shower. Not until you tell me how could you forget it!”

“Maybe because I’m working my ass off?”

“Oh, really? But you remembered your ex’s birthday!”

“Look, Y/N…”

“I always do everything for you, Dylan. I’m always doing things for us! How could you forget it! You’re a fucking asshole!”

He raises his hand and I feel my cheek burning. I put my hand on my cheek and he looks at me scared.

“Y-Y/N… I-I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t fucking touch me!”

“I’m sorry. Oh my god. I’m so sorry, babe.”

I feel my tears streaming down my cheeks and I ran to my room, I lock the door and I her Dylan trying to open it.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Please, open the door. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I love you. I’m sorry for everything. I would never hurt you. I’m sorry. Please, forgive me. Open the door, babe.”

“Leave me alone!”

“Y/N please, I-I’m so sorry.”

“Just go away, Dylan. Please.”

People saying that Stiles is a jerk for being with Malia if he still likes Lydia & that he’s disrespecting her makes me really angry? It’s been made clear since season one that Stiles has always always always had strong feelings for Lydia and they just grew stronger through out the seasons, but he’s lost hope that she will ever feel the same way so he’s probably trying to force himself to move on from her by being with someone else, what else is he supposed to do if he thinks he will never have a chance with his love, just stay single forever? But he obviously still likes Lydia- he loves her deeply and you can’t just make those feelings go away. Even Dylan O'Brien said:
“He is taken with Lydia. He loves Lydia.”

“He will always love Lydia, that’s not just a crush kind of thing. The way I look at that in the show is that this is the girl that he has had that in love with crush on since you were eight, but you know when your eight and you have that first crush, and then when your nine you have that next crush that new girl in the class, then as you get older your crushes last longer and longer kind of thing. I think he is one of those such hopeless romantic souls that he has literally set his sights on Lydia when he was eight years old and his love has only grown since. Like he is just head over heels, that is his girl. He even acknowledges the fact that she is bat sh** and even acknowledges that yeah she is horrible to me as well, but for some reason he just loves her.” - Dylan O’Brien. Stiles won’t ever get over Lydia & everyone knows that so I don’t think Stiles is a jerk because he still loves the girl he’s had feelings for since third grade and I don’t think Scott and Kira were disrespecting Stiles and Malia’s relationship. It’s common knowledge that Stiles loves and will always love Lydia.