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I can't believe you actually did it, Dylan...

San Diego Comic Con Panel

“Next question!” The host of the film’s SDCC panel says into the microphone. A teenage girl stands up.

“My question is for Y/n. Since this is your first movie I was wondering….Do you still get starstruck? Do you have any celebrity crushes?”

“Yes, I do sometimes. Fortunately I haven’t had any personal interaction with any of my crushes….except one of them. He’s one of Dylan’s good friends….and….That’s all I will say about that. Hahaha!”

“Wait! You have a crush on one of my friends? Which one? Y/n, which of my friends do you want to get with girl? Hmmmm????” Dylan O'Brien playfully teased his co-star, wrapping his arm over her shoulder and lightly ruffling her hair.

A strand of her hair falls in front of her eyes and Y/n blows it away. With blushing cheeks she says, “I’m not telling you. Next question?”

In Dylan’s car, hanging out on a day off from set.

“Tell me. Tell me….Tell me, tell me….Tell me, woman!” Dylan insists, turning off the radio every time Y/n tries to ignore him.

“Dylan I said no! It’s not that big of a deal. You have charming friends. Why do you care so much about knowing?” Y/n countered as she turned up a Panic! At the Disco song.

Instead of turning off, Dylan just turns the volume on low. “I care because they are my friends. You are my friend. If you and one of my other friends would be happy together, I would fully support it…..and tease the shit out of you two.

"Dylan, it’s just….I’m embarrassed. What if they don’t like me back? I don’t want things to be awkward.

"Y/n, that’s why you tell me first. I’ll make sure things are good before you tell or don’t tell the guy. You have to take a chance.

"Fine. I’ll tell you if and only if you can get your close friends in a police line, complete with numbers above their heads. You and I would stand on the other side of the one-way glass and I would simply say the number that corresponds with the guy. Figure that one out.”

Dylan smirks at Y/n and says, “Challenge accepted.”

A Surprise

“Dylan, where are you taking me?” Y/n follows closely behind Dylan as he guides her blindfolded self into a police station. He takes off her blindfold. He takes her to a hallway outside a lineup room, where his friends stood, smiling.

Dylan takes off her blindfold. “Now you have to tell me.” He watches as Y/n shakes her head in disbelief.

“I can’t believe you actually did it, Dylan….” Y/n laughs, then him in the eyes. “I am a woman of my word, so I guess I do have to tell you now.” She looks at the guys and takes a deep breath. “Number 4.”

“(chose one of Dylan’s friends - ex. TPose, Hoechlin, Cody Christian, Dylan Sprayberry, etc.). Y/n, you like him?!” Dylan reacts with excitement.

“Yes. But not a word. To anyone.” Y/n opens the door. “You guys can come out here now.” When Dylan’s friends are standing with Y/n and Dylan she says, “I don’t know how this goofball convinced you all to do this, but thank you. You are all really good friends. Now if all you gentlemen, even you O'Brien, will excuse me….I have to visit the ladies’ room. I drank too much water.”

“I guess you could say your thirst is real?” Dylan O'Brien called out after her. As he is laughing she nails him on the back of his head with her water bottle.

When Y/n comes back all of the guys have left. Even Dylan….all except (the guy you chose). “He told you, didn’t he?” Y/n blushes and walks over to him.

“Yes. Don’t worry. He is still a very trustworthy friend. He just knew that telling this secret would be better for you than keeping it,” (that guy) replies. He stands almost nose to nose with Y/n.

“Why is that?” Y/n asked, her breath hitching a little due his close proximity.

(That guy) touches his forehead to Y/n’s. “Because I had told him before that I really like you.” With that last sentence, (that guy) leans in and kisses Y/n softly, placing his strong arms around her, holding her close.

“Yeahhh, buddy!” Dylan peeks his head inside the door. Y/n breaks the kiss to turn her head and playfully glare at him. “Okay, okay. I’m going. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

The End.

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