dylan is amazeballs

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i knew he was shy, but i guess i forgot about anxiety and other stuff. he can be a good example for a lot of people though, which is great. because so many people (including myself) have anxiety and here he is, giving interviews and stuff even though it must be really hard for him. wow i just admire him so much. also don't say "come back anytime" because i will and you'll get tired of me :D

Dylan is amazing, I’m glad he does that for you because he really is an inspiration to a lot of people. I think over the years he’s gotten better at handling such things, so it doesn’t show as much, but he does love his fans and always gives us his best and I think he tries to give as many fanpics and interviews as possible even if he’s extremely busy. I am right there with you in admiring him (sosososo much, in all the ways, every way, i mean dyLAN). Come back anytime ;)