dylan howard


the detroit red wings (x)

cannedtalent  asked:

For the hockey asks! 6, 7, 14, 16

6. Top three players on your favorite team?

  • Dylan Larkin, Henrik Zetterberg, and Jimmy Howard (I love you Jimmy can you start playing again oh…say tomorrow?)

7. Top three players NOT on your favorite team?

  • I can only pick three??? Jeez um…Tyler Seguin, Sidney Crosby and Mitch Marner (Connor McDavid and Geno Malkin are close behind these three tho)

14. Best eyes?

  • Uhhh, I’m not really an eyes person I guess, so I haven’t noticed but if I had to choose, I guess I’d go with Jamie Benn?

16. Best goaltender?

  • The best goaltender I have watched to-date has got to be Braden Holtby, hands down

Hockey Asks!