dylan hates me


Stiles is Allison’s half-brother, on their Father’s side. Stiles was brought up by his Mother and Step-Father, until his Mum died and Noah supported him, Allison was brought up by the Argent family, away from Stiles. Even miles apart, they were inseparable and when reunited, it only got madder. (For @celestallison)

What was really going down outside the Jeep
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Stiles:</b> *is giving an incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking speech to Lydia about what she means to him and what he wants her to remember about him*<p/><b>Ghost Rider 1:</b> *waiting outside the Jeep* So, shouldn't we be taking him right now?<p/><b>Ghost Rider 2:</b> *also waiting outside Jeep* *looks through window and sees stydia talking* Not yet. This is the good part.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 1:</b> ???<p/><b>Ghost Rider 3:</b> *watching Stydia with heart eyes* They're so beautiful.<p/><b>Stiles:</b> Remember I love you.<p/><b>All 3 Ghost Riders:</b> *sigh*<p/><b>Ghost Rider 2:</b> Okay. Take him now.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 1:</b> That seems a little cruel man. He did just say he loves her.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 2:</b> Um, we're not the good guys.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 1:</b> Oh yeah lol. Rip him out the car.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 3:</b> *still has heart eyes* *rips Stiles out of the car* So beautiful.<p/><b>Stiles:</b> ???<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Dylan Klebold: September 11th, 1981 - April 20th, 1999

Although this day’s overshadowed by the terrible disaster of 2001, where so many people lost their lives and which undoubtedly changed the world, I’d like to wish Dylan a nice 35th birthday.

May you and the 14 others that died at 4/20 rest in peace and may your family remember the good times they had with you

(This is absolutely not meant to be disrespectful towards the victims on 9/11, although I know how awkward it seems to wish somebody a happy birthday on a day that’s mainly remembered for what happened in 2001. Of course I wish the lost lives of that day also to rest in peace and hope they are in a better place now)

You were sitting at a lunch table with a group of your friends. They weren’t really talking about anything you particularly liked. Just senseless and useless gossip when a familiar name rang your ears.
“So did you hear y/n? It’s going around that Dylan likes you.” She said this with a devious grin. Your bestfriend knew about your huge crush on Dylan. You shared French class with him and had the same block off but you were way to scared to even approach him. You heard him talk to Eric and his friends about how they hate the “popular” kids. You never really called your self popular. But you had to admit the people you hung out with sure said otherwise. You finally broke out of you thoughts and with a pink shade on your cheeks you spoke.
“Yea right. Dylan probably hates me. He sure hates you (your bestfriend’s name)”
“Sure he may hate me but he loooovessss you” She threw her head back in a dramatic fashion and started laughing her head off. You looked over to your right and noticed Dylan and his group of friends. You knew some of them like Eric, Nate and Brooks. You had Brooks in your debate class along with Rachel. Nate was pretty much the class clown and made you laugh a few times. Eric was just always with Dylan. You found yourself staring when you saw a group of guys in white hats start walking your way. But last minutes something else grabbed your attention. At first you were relieve that they weren’t coming to give their daily dose of sexist and sick excuse for “compliments” when you noticed they were walking towards dylan.
“Oh fuck” you muttered under your breath as you watched the scene start to unfold.
“Hey look Matt I found a few fags”
“Hey give Dylan a break he actually has a crush on something thats fuckable”
“Oh who ever could that be” the jock started looking your way winking. You just saw how red dylan was getting but yet he said nothing. Almost like he accepted defeat before he even tried to fight.
“Yo bro you do realize she is never going to want your gay ass right?”
Before you realized you started making your way towards Dylan’s table.
“Oh hey y/n we were just giving this freak advice on how to fuck off”
You completely ignored them and grabbed Dylan’s chin and sat on his lap before giving him a passionate kiss. At first he was too shock to kiss back but after a few seconds he kissed back. You grabbed his hand and intertwine your fingers into his.
“Are we still on for our date tonight?” You gave him the biggest smile just hoping he would say yes.