NEW VIDEO: “Queer Brunching: An LGBTQ+ Roundtable Chat- the Internet has been a spectacular place for queer people to find people just like them. To discuss some queer topics, I invited some of my favorite LGBTQ+ Internet stars over for brunch & giggly gossip. Safe spaces to have open dialogues make ALL of us better, and listening is just as important as sharing our perspectives.

hi i’m still kinda new to the hockey tumblr scene so feel free to like/reblog this post if you post about any of these things and ill check out your account and probably follow you. i’ll also be posting about these players/teams so if that interests you, keep an eye out :-)

•auston matthews
•carey price
•mitch marner
•william nylander
•dylan strome
•artemi panarin
•andrew shaw
•connor mcdavid
•trevor van riemsdyk
•andre burakovsky
•brendan gallagher
•carter hart
•DU hockey
•basically any rookie
•team canada
•& many more!!!

Fav British and Irish comedians

John Cleese, for his angry acting.

Stephen Fry, for his mild-mannered, intelligent wit, great voice and fantastic novels.

Eddie Izzard, for his energy, sarcasm and style.

Jo Brand because she is a hell of a strong character. Read her autobiography.

Dylan Moran, because he does not give a fuck. And he is great live.

Bill Bailey, because he is a clever musical genius. I had the luck to see him live.

Miranda Hart, with whom I relate to on almost spiritual level. Her book is also great and helped me a lot.

Richard Ayoade, who not only mastered his nerdy character stück but is also a brilliant writer.

David Mitchell, who caught my eye on panel shows and then in Peep Show. His autobiography is also worth reading. 

Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt, separate or together, these two gentleman showed a totally different world of comedy I instantly fell in love with.