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Am I the only one Who tries to embrace Dylan O'Brien even more now since the accident? This pic was taken just last week, and it makes me happy to see Dylan smiling and looking healthy ❤ God bless his beautiful soul


Requested by urbnprncss. I hope that this was what you wanted it to be and that you like it 

Having divorced parents sucked, and it sucked even more that they lived in completely different states.  Your mom had kept the house in Mystic Falls, the place that you had grown up in, while your dad moved out to Beacon Hills and got a house there.  They divorced a few years ago, leaving your life in limbo between the two towns.  During the year you stayed with your mom, since you had already established a life there.  During the summers you were shipped over to your dads.  It was almost like you lived two different lives.  Lives that combined when you threw a birthday party and invited your friends from both towns.

So far everyone was getting along seamlessly.  Caroline and Lydia were talking each others ears off, Derek and Damon were up to god knows what, and Kira, Scott, Jeremy, Stiles, Elena and Liam seemed to be getting along pretty well.  Smiling at your success you joined into the small group to see what they were talking about, earning the attention of Liam and Jeremy.

“Happy Birthday, Y/N.”  Liam told you for about the fiftieth time that night.  You couldn’t help but laugh and smile good-naturedly at him.

“Thank you, Liam.”  You smiled, bumping his shoulder with your own.

“Hey, Y/N.  I got you a present.  Here, open it.”  Jeremy interrupted, thrusting a bag towards you with a smile plastered on his face.  You took the bag from him and opened it, unwrapping the paper to reveal the new Batman video game that ha come out just a few days before hand.

“Jeremy this is awesome!  You shouldn’t have!”  You exclaimed, basically tackling him to the ground.

“You’re welcome.”  He laughed, hugging you tightly as he stumbled to stay upright.

“Y/N we should play this tonight!”  Liam spoke up when you finally pulled away from Jeremy to examine the game once more.

“I’m in.  I’ve been itching to play it myself since I bought it for you.”  Jeremy added, flashing a grin at Liam over your head.

“I thought that you all had to go back to Mystic Falls tonight.” Liam said, sounding a little disheartened to your ears, which made you frown.

“No, they’re staying for the night and leaving tomorrow afternoon.” You answered before Jeremy had a chance too.

“Y/N!”  Lydia and Caroline shouted to you in unison, erupting into a fit of giggles.  “Come here.”  Lydia added, motioning for you to quickly come over to them.

“I’ll be right back.”  You apologized to the guys before ducking over to Caroline and Lydia.  Both girls were focused on the boys you were leaving, talking to themselves and then laughing once again.  “What are you two up to?”  You asked, raising an eyebrow as you came to a stop in front of the two girls.

“How are Jeremy and Liam treating you?”  Caroline asked, a knowing smile dancing across her face.

“They’re good.”  You replied, a little bit confused by her question.  “I thought that they would have been getting along a lot better than they are, though.”  You frowned slightly.  “Why?”

“They like you, duh.”  Lydia hissed, smiling as you turned your head to watch Jeremy and Liam talking to each other. You could tell that they were both a little uptight.  Nowhere near how you thought they would act with each other.

“What do you mean?”  You asked, turning back to Caroline and Lydia.  Both girls rolled their eyes before huffing quietly.

“It’s obvious.  They like you, and right now they’re having a ‘whose dick is bigger’ contest.” Caroline stated, her grin becoming even wider, if that was even possible.  “So, who do you like?”  She asked eagerly.

You frowned at her question, thinking it over before subtly glancing back over at Jeremy and Liam once more.  “I don’t know.”  You finally answered, turning back to Lydia with wide eyes.  “What do I do?”

“Just act normal.  You’re going to have to pick one of them eventually.  But enjoy this while it lasts.”  Lydia advised before grasping your shoulders, turning you around, and giving you a gentle shove forward.  “Now go flirt.”  She directed, smiling like a proud parent as you deafly walked back to Jeremy and Liam, mind working overtime to decide just what you were going to do with this new information.