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Since we're doing these presidential ask questions- what are your opinions on Welfare programs (including medicare/medicaid), and what would you do with them if you were president?

First off: Welfare “queens” don’t exist in any huge amount. If someone manages to cheat the system they will be charged with that and have to repay everything. But that doesn’t happen all that frequently. I’d change taxes to a fair tax that is balanced so that every income group is supporting their country as much as they can safely manage. If say a recession hits the payroll tax would be lowered to take some edge off of the working and middle classes. Inheritance would only be taxed after a certain level. If grandpa dies and leaves you $50,000 to pay for your college you shouldn’t lose a huge chunk of that. However if say grandpa leaves $1,000,000 behind to one person that should be quite taxable. Also to encourage people to leave money to charities accredited charities will give a small discount on the rate of taxation on other bequests. 

Medicare and Medicaid are highly important programs. However I’d probably slowly integrate them with the national health care program I’d avocate. Medicaid would still be a special program within that for the elderly. And Medicare might still exist as a special boost in health care for the really poor but the free national health care program should cover most of it.  

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also foreign policy

I think my foreign policy would be somewhere between Obama’s and Ron Paul’s. I’d never go full isolationist like Paul advocates but I’d do my best to get us out of places we have no real reason to be. A slow pull out of Afghanistan, leaving only a token force of highly trained, special ops counter-terrorism squads to only be used against actual militant terrorist groups. No single targets. No attacking targets when there’s a chance of more than 25% civilian casualties. Drones would follow a similar idea. No single target ops unless they’re Osama bin Laden level and no bombing with a chance of more than 10% civilian casualty possibility. 

Our attitude towards terrorism, both foreign and domestic, would change as well. Foreign terrorist DIRECTLY going after US targets (thus declaring their own war against us) would be taken out using those small counter-terrorism squads at the allowance of the countries they’re operating in. (Maybe those countries want to take care of their own terrorists? If they do fine.) Domestic terrorists would be handle by specially trained SWAT teams, however ACTUAL VIOLENCE would have had to be committed or we’d have to have significant evidence of a violent plot to send them in to arrest them. 

People that firebomb abortion clinics would be tried as domestic terrorists not “vandals”. People that shoot up Holocaust museums? Also domestic terrorists. 

The Death Penalty would be suspended (presidential stays of execution if need be, pretty sure that’s a thing) until the system could be proven to not be racist. 

I dunno I have lots of ideas. Ask me specific questions.

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if you were president, how would you deal with the economy?

My economic views are pretty demand side and socialistic. I’d take my cues from FDR’s social programs, the Scandanavian countries’ health and education, and Teddy Roosevelt’s trust busting. If we have a healthy, educated, and middle classed society they’ll be able to consume more than enough to stabilize us.