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Girl From The North Country
Bob Dylan
Girl From The North Country

I’m a-wonderin’ if she remembers me at all
Many times I’ve often prayed
In the darkness of my night
In the brightness of my day

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  • Mookie Betts
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  • Detroit Red Wings logo + skyline
  • Washington Nationals & Anthony Rendon
  • Auston Matthews + pig nose emoji
  • Cornell University/Big Red

Dylan Sprayberry X Reader 

Word Count: 619

Requested: @dylanlover24

Request: Could u do a comic con oneshot for Dylan Sprayberry and a one where Dylan O'Brien and tyler heochlin are their so like the 2015 comic con where the reader is the youngest of the teen wolf cast and her and Dylan like each other and tpose and Dylan O'Brien and the rest of the cast tease them about it until Dylan asks the reader out thanks and the reader is British as well please thanks x

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(C/N)  Character Name

You were on the Teen Wolf panel at Comic-con and you sat in between Tyler P and Dylan S, you were so nervous but you had been friends with Dylan S before you’d managed to bag this awesome part. It actually all Dylan S he called me and said that he wanted to meet me somewhere and after we had lunch he brought me on set and for some reason after seeing us together Jeff thought it was a good idea to get me to play the part of Liam’s friend who came back to Beacon Hills after a couple of months of traveling.
“So (Y/N).”
“Hello.” You smiled.
“Hi, so you’re new.”
“I am.” You nodded.
“How have you found it?”
“Interesting question, in what sense.”
“How have you settled in?”
“I met everyone before I was actually hired so I settled in pretty easy.” You answered.
“How come?”
“Well! When I was younger I did schooling in England and came to visit my Aunt in America when I visited in the holidays I’d see Dylan” you indicated the Dylan sitting next to you. “So when I’d come over during the summer I ended up spending a lot of time with Dylan. So when I came over last summer it was the end of schooling for me in England and Dylan brought me on set and for some reason, Jeff wanted this crazy friendship on TV.”
“Not only that but Dylan really needs to ask her out.” Dylan O whispered into the microphone and the crowd erupted into cheers.
“What’s this? Love on set?”
“You” You pointed a Dylan O “dead!” Everyone on the panel laughed and you glared.
“Jeff what made you so adamant to put these two on camera?”
“Well when we saw them they had the friendship that Stiles and Scott had, as we all know Scott and Stiles’s friendship has changed and to be honest I was missing writing things for that type of a relationship and when they were on set it reminded me of what Scott and Stiles were like and how Dylan and Tyler are now. I mean it’s been great thinking of the things that Stiles used to do and have (C/N) getting Liam into the trouble that Stiles used to get Scott into.”
“Tyler, Dylan is is nostalgic watching them in scenes?”
“When I watched them in some scenes it was like watch season one all over again the only difference is they get in a lot less trouble for it because the sheriff knows what’s going on now/.” Tyler P explained.
“Not only that but there was never this unspoken attraction…” Dylan O smirked.
“Jeff does Stiles and (C/N) ever have a fight.”
“No why?” Jeff asked.
“Because Dylan and (Y/N) are about to.” You glared.
“We wouldn’t have to say anything if someone had the guts to ask you out!” Tyler H smiled.
“Hey don’t pick on him he’s cute!” You defended.
“See she practically admitted that she’d date you!” Holland joined.
“I’m going to kill you all in your sleep.” You mumbled.

After the panel Dylan S pulled you to the side “look I need to ask you something” he said.
“Shoot!” You smiled.
“Um would you be interested in going on a date with me?” he asked.
“I would definitely be interested but is that an offer?” You asked.
“That was an offer for next week?” he asked.
“Sure.” You nodded.
“Finally!” Dylan O sighed.
“Just because we’re the youngest doesn’t mean that we need to be watched!” You mumbled.
“Why you wanna kiss him?” Dylan O asked smirking.
“Leave!” You laughed pushing him towards the exit of the room.

*Part 2* *Part 3*

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