dylan eiland

Omg Omg Omg!

I just met Le Castle Vania!

So I’m at work right? (i work for a car rental place and i exit cars) And I’m having a pretty boring day…

So a car pulls up and the driver has this bleach blonde emo hair cut with lip percings and I think “…Man, this guy fucking looks like Le Castle Vania…”

And he asks me how to change the language on the GPS. It was in turkish lol.

So I try to help him out and I can’t get my mind off of if it as him or not.

So he tells me “Just do what you need to do and I’ll try and figure it out…”

And on the rental contracts they provide the name…and SURE ENOUGH it said Dylan Eiland and my heart dropped to my ass.

I didn’t know what to do!

Do I freak out?

Do I ask for a picture?

An autograph??

So my dumb ass just looked at him and asked “Alright, weird question…Are you a DJ?”

and he smirked and laughed and noded his head “yeah.”

And I said “Oh shit! I swear I was JUST listening to you. Me and my friends just saw you at Escape.”

And he just noded and smiled.

I did what i needed to do and I started shaking -.-

He figured out how to change the language so i reached out to push a restore button and he could tell my hands were shaking lol

I decided not to make a bigger fool of myself.



Got to meet one of my all time favorite DJs!

Life is good.