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BRAVO! That was such an amazing finale. I’m still so shook. I can’t decide if I wanna cry tears of sadness or joy. I’m sad that the series has come to and end but I’m so proud of these actors for their phenomenal performance especially Freddie, Max and Vera.
Ending: Norman finally meets Norma and they have an eternal (after-life) happy ending.
Dylan cries and cuddles Norman in his arms. Despite all the shady things Norman and Norma have put him through, this kid has a heart of Gold, he truly loved his family through thick and thin, this is why I always loved Dylan and always will. Just speechless. Beautiful ending. Dylan finally has stability with his future family. (Emma and his daughter)


Bates Motel fandom! 

With the show coming to that inevitable end tonight (i’m so depressed you have no idea) i’ve been thinking about doing a little something to keep the show alive, at least on tumblr.

Bates Motel appreciation posts (15 days). You can make gif sets, videos, graphics, art, etc. 

You can start whenever you want. Hope you all can take part of it. 
Please, don’t let the bates motel tag die :)

RE: Bates Motel. I always thought Norman and Dylan’s relationship was the most loving one on the show.

Norma/Norman was loving, but weird.

Norma/Dylan was loving, but dysfunctional and a bit distant.

But Norman and Dylan simply loved each other.  They both knew: Dylan was doing his baby brother a massive favor at the end. 

That show had a lot to say about the closeness of brothers. They were both in the same boat, in certain respects. That’s why they bonded. 

I’m too fucked up for words… That final showdown between the brothers truly made up for some of the wtf moments of this finale. It was so heartbreaking to see Dylan wanting to save his brother at all costs, even if it means risking his own life. I feel that this was Dylan’s way to make up for his own mistakes with Norma and Norman. As he himself said in season one to Norman “she’s ruined you” which is true in a sense. Norman will never be able to function properly because he doesn’t have Norma by his side. He won’t be able to be happy, he won’t be able to live in peace, he won’t be able to breathe. He won’t be able to live normally, no matter how much Norman himself would try, especially for Dylan, his brother whom he loves dearly. Dylan had always viewed Norma negative for this (well one of his many reasons that is) but as he was finally able to give himself a chance with Norma, he saw that she was not as bad as he viewed her as. Her past helped shape her into the person she became, and Dylan learned to accept this, even if his selfish side would sometimes take over. In his own way, he too was a mama’s boy just as much as Norman was, only difference is, Dylan was “sane” and “normal” about it, as an actual child would be. Dylan was the only person, who properly gave Norman the mercy he so needed in his life, not to mention a love that was rather pure. Sure, there is Soul Bates but as much as I love them to death, their love was also their demise.

I am just so glad that they ended this show properly, the only way it COULD end and it being tied to the character that ACTUALLY has a TRUE connection to BOTH Norman and Norma Bates.

I am in no way shape or form ready for Bates Motel to end tonight. I’m not much of a TV watcher but this show has me hooked from the day I started watching.
It was one of the few things that was a consistent part of college for me, to remind me that no matter how insane college life was, at least it wasn’t up there with, well, the murderous shenanigans of Norman Bates and friends.
Honestly, the fact that tonight is the series finale lines up so closely with the almost end of my college career could not be any more serendipitous and what not.
Gee, I know I’m sentimental and sappy but now I’m sappy and sentimental in a show with an ever piling body count. Farewell, Bates Motel on A&E. You were a good one.

The reason Bates Motel works as a TV show is that it is essentially about sad, messed up people trying to find their way out of a sad, messed up situation.  And you know what? They *are* all truly trying to get better. Even Norman is.

It’s just not enough in the end. We know it. 

That’s the horrific thing about this show. They all genuinely do their best and it means, well, nothing. 

These people were all screwed from the get-go. Defeated before they could ever start.  That’s why it’s all so sad.

Someone I know gave a shockingly great explanation as to why Bates Motel is, ultimately, a better, more darker work of art than Psycho.

“Hitchcock suckers you into feeling compassion for Norman Bates, but he is far from innocent and he’s always known that he’s fucking crackers.  He’s the one that murders his mother. And Norman is the one who absorbs her persona in order to absolve himself of the guilt of his act caused by his Oedipal desires.

At some point in the timeline of the movie and the novel. Norman must’ve been keenly aware of his deteriorating mental state, but he is also completely lacking in empathy so he doesn’t really care that he’s a sociopath. Bates Motel is more disturbing because you have a lot more information to work with.”

The ending of season 4 sold me on this idea: Norman knows fine well there is a problem. He’d just rather ignore it and stay in his little fantasy world.

It’s genuinely horrifying how crafty and sneaky he is with Romero in their last few scenes together. No one truly insane could be that smart and calculating, you know?