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music enjoyed by mass shooters:

pekka-eric auvinen:  KMFDM, rammstein, eisbrecher, nine inch nails, grendel, impaled nazarene, macabre, deathstars, the prodigy, combichrist, godsmack, slayer, children of bodom, alice cooper, sturmgeist, suicide commando, hatebreed, suffocation, terrorizer

eric harris: KMFDM, rammstein, nine inch nails, the future sound of london, pop will eat itself, the prodigy, fly, eat static, orbital, leæther strip, loreena mckennitt, lights of euphoria, electric hellfire club, funker vogt, die krupps,  nosferatu, front 242, u.f. orb., megadeth, the “demon knight” ost (1995)

dylan klebold: nine inch nails, KMFDM, rammstein, marilyn manson*, the chemical brothers, smashing pumpkins, the offspring, gravity kills, atari teenage riot, renegade soundwave, the “nowhere” soundtrack (1997), jonah sharp/spacetime continuum, the “vampires” soundtrack (1998)

adam lanza:  “he didn’t like contemporary music” but rather listened to classic rock from the 1950s,” -  nicholas martinez, a former classmate.

elliot rodger: taylor swift, the police, steve perry, naked eyes, whitney houston, phil collins, the pokémon anime soundtrack, drowning pool, rammstein, don henley, steve winwood, belinda carlisle, katrina & the waves, george michael, modern english

dylann roof: montana, celo & abdi, hannibal buress, bushido, olexesh, gucci mane, 2 chainz, rae sremmurd, favorite, bass sultan hengzt, rammstein, kool savas, lil wayne, kendrick lamar, xatar, haftbefehl, farid bang, nazar, king orgasmus one, audio88, rick ross, kurdo, david bowie, sean paul, 187 strassenbande, dr dre, joni mitchell, frank white, kanye west, speakerz knockerz, deichkind, nate57, DMX, K.I.Z., ed sheeran, paloma faith, zugezogen maskulin, j. cole, the kinks, genetikk

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Probation hearings on March 25 1998
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Probation hearings on March 25 1998

Judge: Where do you go to school?

Eric: Columbine High School 

Judge: And what grade are you in?

Eric: I’m a junior 

Judge: What grades do you get?

Eric: As and Bs, your Honor.

Judge: What’s your curfew?

Eric: Uh, 10:00 on weekends and 6:00 on weekdays 

Judge (to Eric’s dad) : Good for you,dad !

Judge: Now,this is the first time you went out and engaged in this kind of activity,isn’t it? 

Eric: Yes sir.

Judge: Now ,why don’t I believe that? 


Judge: What kind of grades do you get?

Dylan: C minus or  C plus ,B minus average.

Judge: What grades are you capable of? 

Dylan: I’m probably capable of A ,B plus average.


Hide and Go Seek

Stefanie Haney started earlier in the school year (’98), Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, and Brooks Brown had their differences.  

She knew this after having observed in several verbal altercations in the smokers pit.  However, after the Christmas vacation, (Jan ‘99), it appeared as if Brown, Klebold and Harris had settled their difference, and were then friends.

Stefanie said that she talked to Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris while they were all in the “smoker’s pit”.  

Stefanie told me that she had smoked marijuana with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris while they were in the “smoker’s pit”.  She said this was 1998, and said she has heard Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris talk about how they hated their parents.  Stafanie recalled that either Dylan Klebold or Eric Harris (unknown which one) had been overheard saying at one time, that their parents had taken his car away from him for getting into trouble and either Dylan Klebold or Eric Harris made a comment something to the effect of, “The will get theirs”.

She said that for a time, she knew Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, and Brooks Brown did not get along with each other, however, she did not know why.

She said she had seen them hide when they saw each approaching their location while at Columbine High School, because they did not want to see each other.

 She said she believes they had have since worked out their differences.