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Here, have some beautiful gifs of a dancing Dylan O'Brien.

How can anyone not love him? Srsly.

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okay but this scene was so gay


Here’s some commissions I’ve recently finished!

  • Penny from Amazing World of Gumball for Chris

  • recycledoj’s characters  Triss & Heather
  • a commissioner‘s characters Kita, Dylan, and Beans

If you’re interested in commissioning me, see my post about it!

The romanticisation of serial killers and mass murderers needs to stop. I understand a morbid fascination, but to talk about them as of what they did could ever be okay is completely unacceptable. People saying that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were ‘smol beans’ or ‘misunderstood’ need to fucking stop because they ruined lives and they murdered people, they took everything a person was and the potential that person (people) had and they killed it. Stop glorifying murder. Also teenage girls saying 'I miss Eric and Dyl’ (genuine post I saw) need to stop because 1) they died before you were born you fuck wit. 2) they weren’t nice people 3) they murdered a bunch of people what the fuck how can you forgive that.

(Also America why the fuck is it so easy to acquire a gun)