dylan and his leather jacket

now or never || dylan o’brien au

word count: 11,502

warnings: cursing, fluff, and soul crushing angst (y’all can thank soph @sincerelystiles for that one)

author’s note: this is a 50′s era au and it is so long and i am genuinely so proud of this! thank you to my girls @sarcasticallystilinski @dumbass-stilinski @sincerelystiles @mf-despair-queen @sabrinas-wolves @thelittlestkitsune @dylan-ohbrien @ninja-stiles and @minhosmeanhoe for letting me constantly tease them with sneak peeks! enjoy! :)

paring: dylan o’brien / reader


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before midnight (dylan massett)

warnings: i talk about boobs a lot. also there’s a mention of the sex trade deal from season 1 

word count: 1.566

a/n: i took an au from this and changed it up a bit

story line: you see him smoking by his truck every night outside the motel and one night you accidentally leave the curtains open when changing 

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