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Mcflyeon’s Top Male models and body builders

Attila Toth

Attila Toth

Bryant Wood

Zander Hodgson 

Calum Von Moger 

Matt Newman 


Danny Kaganovich 

Connor Rudelhoff 

Connor Strongman

Dylan Mckenna, David Laid and Qwin Vitale 

Quinn Biddle 

Nick Sandell 

Austin Scoggin 

Michael Dean 

Daniel Peyer

Chase Ketron

Josh Burkard

Tanner Chidester 

Stephan Michaels 

Alex Valley 

Trevor Van Uden 

Ryan Sage 

Jeff Seid 

Brandon Flihan

Brett Maverick Lange

Elliot Robinson 

Derek Duszynski 

Alex Sewall

Dmitry Averyanov

Ryan Casey 

Brian Lewis 

Matthew Noszka

Byron Chandler

Ross Cook

Charlie Kennedy

Danny Walker 

Cameron McElroy

Cody Deal 

Honourable Mentions: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Murphy, Joseph Sayers, Hugo Matthew, Luke Holbrook, Zack Horton

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prompt #13, #14, #31 (Theo Raeken)

13.“you’re a surviror, it’s written all over your body.” 14.“I will love you unconditionally.” 31.“sometimes i’m not angry, i’m hurt, and there’s a big difference. Requested by @aimee-a-teenwolf

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just a little warning it gets a little smutty so if you don’t like that I’m sorry lol I didn’t intend for it to be until I wrote it out.

"her conditional is terminal.” That was the last thing I heard before I died.

That’s right, I died. But I didn’t stay dead. I was brought back to life by Theo Raeken. He was working with Scott McCall trying to save me when the Dread Doctors killed me. I knew though that Theo had a more sinister plan in mind. I wasn’t as naïve or stupid as Corey, Hayden, Josh, and Tracy. Theo knew that too. Maybe that was why he treated me differently than the other four. He knew I was the stronger than them too. I was a werewolf coyote hybrid. There was always a tension between me and Theo. Almost as if it was a power struggle.

“y/n we need to talk.” Theo said opening his door and gesturing for me to come in his room.

I walked in slowly, keeping my eyes on him.

“yes master?” I said rolling my eyes causing Theo to smirk.

“I am your alpha you know that right?” He asked closing the door and standing in front of it so I was trapped in.

“my alpha? you’re not even a real werewolf. This isn’t even a real pack.” I scoffed.

“yes you’re alpha. You’re not a real werewolf either baby and I’m still stronger.” Theo said coming up to me and grabbing me by the neck, pressing me against the wall.

He let go of my neck and pressed me against the wall with his own body. I was struggling to get out of his grip.

“you drive me crazy, you know that?” Theo said bringing a hand to cup my cheek.

“welcome to my world.” I snapped back.

“I can see that there’s some unresolved tension here baby so lets resolve it right now shall we?”

Theo threw me on his bed and was on top of me within seconds. I didn’t know what I was doing exactly but I kissed him back. I didn’t protest either as Theo reached his hands up under my shirt and pulled it off.

“how does that feel?” Theo asked kissing under my bra and down my stomach.

I let out a moan putting my hands in his hair. I wanted him. I shouldn’t want him but I did. Theo unbuttoned my pants sliding them off.

“are you going to tell me why you’ve been protesting me?” Theo asked kissing along the top of my lace panties.

I was breathing heavily trying to control my moans.

“I don’t want to die again.” I admitted between breaths.

“you’re not going to die baby. You’re a survivor, it’s written all over your body.” Theo said unhooking my bra.

Theo put his lips back on mine kissing me slowly, teasing me. I reached my hands up putting them under his shirt. Theo grabbed my arms pinning them above my head.

“I’m not done talking baby.” Theo said kissing down my jawline to my neck.

I let a little growl growing frustrated at his teasing.

“why are you so angry all the time?” He asked using one of his hand that was pinning my arms down to take off his shirt.

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Theo looked like he was sculpted by gods.

“I could ask you the same thing.” I said struggling to get my arms free.

“we’re not talking about me baby.” Theo said letting go of my hands so they could roam his body.

“sometimes i’m not angry, i’m hurt and there’s a big difference.” I said panting at how turned on I was.

“now why would you be hurt?” Theo asked standing up and taking off his shorts.

“I can’t read your mind but I know you don’t care about us.” I said grabbing his hand and bringing his lips back down to mine.

“that’s where you’re wrong baby. Them I don’t care about, but you, you have something I want.” Theo said taking off my panties now.

“and what’s that?” I asked smirking reaching my hands and slipping them in his boxers.

“you, I want you. I’ve tried to stay away, I’ve tried to fight these feelings but I can’t do it. You drive me crazy because I will love you unconditionally even though you test my patience.” Theo said slipping out of his boxers.

He hovered over me bringing his lips back on to mine. This was the night I lost my virginity to Theo Raeken.

prompt from:https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161065686187/teen-wolf-imagine-prompts

lol this totally went in a different direction than I thought it was going to. I’m sorry for this lol.

When you’re so obsessed with something like a book or TV show and you love and ship the characters and you love the cast and you know so much about them. Then that feeling when you realise you’re slipping away from the fandom, when you loose interest even though you don’t want to, that feeling after a few months or years looking back in the fandom and missing it because the cast/characters were like your friends and the fandom was amazing and everything about it was great and just wow, you miss it so much.