dykes and cats

Yr Fave is Problematic: Cats

Further excerpts from Cats (and their Dykes), the best book I have ever paid $7 for.   

It is not just a book of little cat memoirs and poems for you dead cat or your dead lover’s* cats.  It’s also full of essays discussing very serious controversies within the cat/dyke dyad and repeatedly asks the question: are cats problematic?

  • Are lesbians with cat allergies marginalized in our communities? What can be done to make lesbian spaces fully inclusive to those who are allergic to cats?
  • We claim to put lesbians first in our politics. But do we? How many of us put cats first and lesbians second? 
  • Is Lesbian Bed Death a real, and cat related phenomenon? After all, it’s awkward to have sex with three cats just starring at you the whole time. But they cry and scratch and howl when you lock them out of the bedroom and then, if you try to get away for one romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast where you and your lover can make love in peace, you come home and they’ve peed on everything. Better just to never have sex again.
  • Is petting a cat while having sex technically bestiality? 
  • How can we be vegetarians who respect all animal life while allowing our cats to torture and murder innocent vermin for fun?
  • On the other hand, isn’t keeping cats indoors and preventing them from hunting disturbingly similar to how patriarchy kept high status women imprisoned in the home, useless and decorative?
  • And isn’t spaying and neutering a form of reproductive control? I mean, it’s forced sterilization isn’t it?
  • Cuddling your cat when your cat doesn’t want to be cuddled is enacting coerced affection. Feeding your cat enforces dependence.  All of this is reminiscent of men’s domination of women.
  • Basically, dykes needs to ask ourselves:  Is our relationships with our cats oppressively homonormative? 

*this book consistently uses the word “lover”, becuase it was the 1980s, I guess, but it’s still hilarious to me


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