dyke crew

I just found out that the dumbass Chicago Dyke March crew apparently kicked people out for flying a pride flag with the star of David on it because they are so ignorant and uneducated and unwilling to hold conversation that they didn’t realize it’s a symbol for Jewish people broadly, not the fucking official symbol for just Israel and Zionists. So fuck dykes, butches, and Jewish people showing pride in their being LGBT and Jewish I guess? What a horrible group of organizers.

The scene where Mr. Dawes, Sr. (Dick Van Dyke) has trouble negotiating the step in the bank’s meeting room was not originally in the script for Mary Poppins. While viewing a make-up test for Dick Van Dyke in the projection room, Walt Disney saw Van Dyke entertaining crew members on the test film between between takes with some comic routines, among them the “stepping down” routine of an old man trying to step off a curb without hurting himself. The test film not only convinced Disney to cast Dick Van Dyke as Mr. Dawes, Sr., but Walt specifically requested that crew members “build a six-inch riser on the board room set so Dick can do that stepping-down routine”.